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Man uses technology to control other people?

Its officially a new era.  People are using technology to control other people.  Have you heard the story of this genius in Philadelphia named Chris who decided he would buy a cell phone jammer because he didn’t like the conversations of other people on a public bus.

Think about that for a second.  Some dude goes into a public place and decides for himself who is allowed to use their phone and who is not?  That is amazing.  What is the next step from this?  What would you do if you were trying to use your phone in public and couldn’t because someone near you decided that you could not use your phone around them?  What would you do about it?  What do you think people will eventually start doing if they realized they are being jammed by some idiot?

What ‘s your reaction to this story?  Do you think its acceptable that people can  use technology in order to control someone else?  Do you think this guy has a right to jam cell phones of other people?  Do you think he should have just stuck some plugs in his ears and minded his business?  What would you do if your cell phone got jammed?

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