Do you need help with Social Media?

Need help in the Social Media department?

Aren’t you tired of spending so much money on Pay Per Click ads?


Imagine getting clicks back to your website for FREE?

That’s what happens when you get high quality targeted visitors from social media.

Every click is like money in the bank.


I launched a campaign in the spring on Twitter that generated brand new high quality targeted website visitors:

  • Average visit duration increased by over 87%
  • Bounce Rate improved by nearly 20%
  • Traffic increased by over 3%
  • Pages per visit increased by over 11%


During the same time period I noticed:

  1. Email subscribers increased.
  2. Social media followers and shares increased.
  3. Traffic from search engines increased.


After reviewing the results I realized the rules have changed, again:

  • The best way to get free traffic is through social media.
  • The best way to get attention on social media is with FRESH high quality content.



In order to rank #1 for highly competitive search terms in 2013 you need three things:

1. A website that consistently publishes high quality search engine optimized content.

2. Back links to your website from established high quality websites. (example: Links from a featured guest posts on sites like iBlogZone.)

3. Social media relevance.  Search engines tend to feature websites on page one who have links shared by multiple users on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


In order to confirm the very impressive results that I received from my first guest post on iblogzone I wanted to see what would happen if I published another article using the same process.

This article resulted in 140 shares after only a few days of publishing it.

The pages per visit increased by 33% and the average visit duration DOUBLED to over five minutes.

I was very impressed with the results as this confirmed what I originally suspected:




Let’s face it.  

Sharing links all day on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ won’t get you anywhere.

As a matter of fact it will probably get you blocked by most people.

The same goes for the Lance Armstrong technique, trying to cheat the system will not get you very far in the end.

What you need is a content marketing strategy that leverages social media.


Here’s how I can help you:

1.  Upgrade your website to the WordPress 3.0 standard using a search engine and mobile optimized design theme that you select.

WHY?  Because this is the new standard, no one will look at your old static HTML website anymore, people are mobile.


2.  Create high quality content for your website.

WHY?  Because you can’t trick the system to be successful long term.  In order to be the best it starts with having the best, content.


3.  Promote your website on social media [See below]:

WHY?  Because you can’t beat your competition by ignoring them. Get with the times or go the way of the wagon wheel dealer.



  1. Share your link as a featured sponsored share to my personal 1000+ Twitter, Google+, and Facebook followers.
  2. Share your link to over 100,000 Twitter followers.
  3. Share your link to over 200,000 Facebook users.
    All for only $50


BUY 3 and get the whole WEEK FREE.


Buy 3 social media promo combos and get the entire week included free.

=> This gives you 5 days of promotion for the price of 3.  

For only $150 you get the full package of social media promotion for a full business week, 5 days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

This saves you $100


puts your link in front of over 1.5 million ACTIVE social media users.

Crush your competition.


*Terms and conditions

If you’re ready to order a social media promo combo or if you have any questions please comment below and I’ll respond within 24 hours

Your information will not be made public.




Yes I will professionally set up your website or blog:

Yes, I will write for your blog click here for more info.

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