What I learned from Pradeep Kumar the founder of HellBoundBloggers.com

Exclusive Interview with Pradeep Kumar the founder of HellBoundBloggers.com

This week I’m pleased to feature Pradeep Kumar the founder of HellBoundBloggers.com in a guest post by Aakash Rohilla.

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This is the eighteenth edition of the interview series:



Here’s some stats about his main blog:


  • Domain Registered:  Jan-2009

  • Alexa Traffic rank: 18,424 

  • Twitter followers: 5,391

  • Facebook likes: 6,908

  • Google+ circles: 519


There are many Bloggers out there, some are big and some are small but blogging is not about big or small, it’s about passion.

Today, we have Pradeep Kumar who is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Slashsquare.

Slashsquare is an Indian Web Consulting Media and Blog Network. Slashsquare is fully owned by Pradeep Kumar.

As far as I know, Slashsquare has three blogs in the network. Hellbound Bloggers (HBB), HostLater and MoviesDrop. Blogs named GameThem and DeviceBAR are coming soon.

It is a pleasure to interview Pradeep Kumar on YourOnline.BIZ.

He is one the few people who are making thousands of dollars without Google Adsense, this is one of the strongest reasons, I am interviewing Pradeep Kumar on YourOnline.BIZ.


Q:- Can you please tell a little about yourself to our readers.


Hi, this is S.Pradeep Kumar. I’m a tech blogger, movie freak, proud Indian and Atheist.

I have been a passionate blogger since my school days, I started HellBound Bloggers (HBB) to experience the real taste in Blogging and I was happy with the way things were moving. I started two more blogs – MoviesDrop and HostLater.

Now these blogs are under our “Slashsquare” blog network.


Q:- When, How and Why you started Blogging? Tell us the story in a short paragraph.


When? I need to go back to my school days, my keen interest in reading novels, and writing stuffs helped me to make comfortable in Blogging. I always loved writing something, let it be random thoughts somewhere or even exam papers.

How? I started my first blog on Blogger.com and later I synced it with a custom domain name. Then we moved to WordPress (self-hosted) platform, a great changeover.

Why? I always loved to share my thoughts, I wanted a platform badly to enhance my thoughts and get further exposure.


Q:- When you started Blogging, you were a student. Does it affected your studies?


It affected me very much in fact. I didn’t have that much of experience in Time Management, so it was pretty difficult. I contributed more to the field I loved and that was a disaster in my academic life.


Q:- Do you believe that one can earn a living via Blogging?


Yes, he/she can earn in Blogging, but starting to blog only with the intention of earning money will lead them nowhere. Once they start to blog they’ll realize this, money should be the last thing you should expect from your blog.


Q:- Who was your inspiration when you started? How you keep yourself motivated?


MillionClues.com was the first blog I remember reading online, and I should say I was motivated by the content and interaction on that blog. Arun Basil Lal was helpful during my initial blogging days.

To keep myself motivated, I avoid criticism and keep remembering the good things I achieved during my Blogging days. I try my best to avoid the money factor as a success criteria as well.


Q:- Which premium Blogging tools you are using? Like- MailChimp, WordPress Themes, FeedBlitz.


I’m using several premium tools for experimenting on my demo blogs, tools like Magic Submitter, Ninja Security, etc. For my main blogs I use premium plugins like WP Touch Pro, some random plugins from Code Canyon, and also our theme’s framework is a premium one – Swift Themes it is.


Q:- Your Blog HellBound Bloggers has more than 600 registered Guest Authors. Does it make you lazy towards HellBound Bloggers. Because you have other blogs and Guest Authors are regularly submitting Guest Posts.


That’s a hard truth unfortunately.

I have been very lazy these days, I usually blog without any specific strategy and moreover I swift between Education and Blogging.

I also started to write so much of paid/sponsored reviews on HBB, I’m waiting for a better revamp of HBB and I’ll do it within 2 months maximum. HBB is my first and favorite blog, but some personal issues bothered me from proceeding further.


Q:- Where do you see Blogging in upcoming years? Because every young boy/girl is Blogging now-a-days.


Blogging is evergreen and it is a good thing each and every one started to blog.

Competition makes Blogging creative.

The future of Blogging is not a question mark, just like Journalism, Blogging is also evergreen, its form could be changed from one way or another, say Video Blogging or Infographics kind of thing.

If you check out “The Oatmeal”, they have completely changed the way one provide valuable information. They present knowledge in the form of pictures especially in the form of cartoons and animations.


Q:- How much time you spend Online in a day?


That actually depends on the work load mate. I spend most of my time online, I usually learn stuffs online and do some blogging (SEO, SMO, etc) experiments. I spend almost 10 hours online.



Q:- Which is your dream gadget?


Dream Gadget. :D Apart from a smartphone with smart battery, I always wanted to own a great DSLR. I love photography and film making, a DSLR could help me in several ways. Waiting for a good time to purchase one, heard some rumors about some awesome upcoming models from Canon and Nikon, need to check them.


Q:- Which Phone you use right now? And what other Mobile Phones you have used in past?


I’m using Apple iPhone 5 right now. This is my first iPhone and iOS device. Earlier I used Samsung Galaxy S3. It was a great decision and move from Android to iOS. iOS is much smoother than Android.

Q:- List some other gadgets you currently own.


I’m not a gadgets freak, but since they simplify our life I started to have a taste for them. Apple MacBook Pro and Apple iPhone are the frequently used gadgets. Also since I’m a movie freak, I have some external hard disks to store them.

I’m a simple gadget freak. :D


Thanks a lot Pradeep for your time. Readers will get some inspiration from you and your success.


That’s it for this episode.

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  1. Very useful post thanks…………..When the feature is activated on your smartphone, you will notice a new three-tab layout featuring Calls, Chats and Contacts.

  2. I know Pradeep from a long time. He is very passionate and helping natured. He always helped me when i had doubts regarding blogging.
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  3. Eric Evans says:


    Great interview! I am a new blogger and I am also following Pradeep Kumar. Thank you for sharing this.


  4. Amazing interview… I have been following Pradeep kumar for quite sometime and he is an inspiration for all newbie bloggers.

    Thanks for taking this interview with him …
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  5. Very lovely interview with Pradeep Kumar. Thanks for sharing.
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