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Reader Question: How to Choose What to Blog about?



I found this little guy when I was on the way home one day he was just hanging out in the middle of the street.

I had to stop and pick him up and take him back to the lake nearby.


He was not cooked in the pot with the stew and spices and served over rice with beans and potatoes while his shell sat on the ant mound being cleaned out by fire ants as I’ve heard is done by people in Florida, Jamaica, and many other places. (Comment below do you eat turtle? Do know people that do? It’s ok you can admit it here I won’t tell no body ha haaaaaaaaa!)


Speaking of turtles the process of finding success online can be as slow as these chilled out little dudes are known to be even though from the video above this one is pretty freak’n quick if you ask me.

The cause of this slowness in many cases is choosing a topic to blog about, and I have to say this makes sense.

The way the mind works it must visualize what it needs to do THEN it can do it.  So, I can understand why many people would be frustrated and anxious about blogging especially at the begging because you’re all wound up to do something but you just don’t know WHAT?

Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

It’s hilarious and I’m glad to help you figure it out.

Before I go on to this weeks reader question make sure you subscribe and I’ll answer your question too I want you to be successful AND I’ll help you. 


A NEW subscriber from this month wrote in the following two questions:


QUESTION #1 – Should a blog be about one specific topic? Or can more than one topic be included?

For instance, if this week I wanted to post about special needs parenting, and next week post about christian topics, and the next week post about women’s issues, would this be confusing or too much?

Should each individual topic be an individual blog dedicated to each particular topic (i.e. a blog for special needs parenting, a separate blog devoted to christian living, and still a separate blog devoted to women’s issues)?

This is exactly why I created the #IBCT so that you can see for yourself “how it’s done when it’s done right”. 

If you’re going to do ANYTHING you may as well give it your best effort and try to be the best EVER at it; that’s why I encourage you to learn from the BEST in the world.

Personally it’s my goal to build a blog that ranks #1 on the #IBCT - Neil Patel don’t sleep I’m coming for you brother! Ha haaaaaaa! 

So when you’re curious about how many topics to cover remember to browse the top blogs in the world and see how far they wander off from their central “theme” or topic.

With that said. 

I spend a ton of time researching and reading these blogs as I am inspired by the best bloggers in the world and I’ll tell you one thing that I definitely noticed about them:


If their blog is about how to make a living writing then they publish articles about how to make a living writing. They name their site the same thing and they keep everything that they create for the most part in the context of this “idea”.

Yes, sometimes they rail or rant on some issues for some reason or another because something strikes a nerve or whatever but the vast majority of their posts stay on the same central theme.

Also, they cover the related sub categories and sub sections of their main topic thoroughly and they do it BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE like Zac Johnson told me.

  • Think of it like a store in the mall.  A store decides that it’s going to sell athletic shoes and apparel.  They don’t sometimes bring in tuxedos and home furnishing items do they?  There is a reason for this IT WOULD’NT WORK.
  • Think of it like a restaurant.  You wouldn’t go to a place to eat that claimed to specialize in Italian, Mexican, and Chinese cuisine would you?  Wouldn’t you much rather go to a restaurant that specialized in just one these delicious cuisines?

Blogging in the digital publishing industry operates very much the same way.  The “food” or content is most desirable by consumers when it’s served up by specific genre or category.

Like a magazine you only pick up one once you’re sure that it’s only going to cover certain issues and not a whole bunch of random concepts.


Here’s what I would do if I were you:

If I wasn’t absolutely sure on what I wanted to blog about or how to find a niche or topic that would actually make money I would get training from a pro.



So that you’ll have the confidence of knowing what considerations to weigh when choosing your topic.

I can tell you from personal experience that learning the hard way could cost you several months or more of your time which weighs heavily on your frustration level as you look at how much time you spend “blogging” compared to the meager results you’re seeing.

In contrast starting out with a logical plan will pay off in confidence and peace of mind in the beginning and even more lasting benefits in the end, like more traffic and more money.

In short if you want to get there faster and you’re not sure what to do don’t “wing it” get help.



QUESTION #2 – If the blogs are separate, how in the world would you manage separate blogs without driving yourself crazy?


Get one blog successful first and write on your other blogs in the background like a “hobby” for a while.

If you’re passionate about issues other than your “main blog” and you know you need to express your views then go ahead and blog in the “background” on a secondary blog.   

However, until you find success to a point on your main blog don’t spend too much time on any secondary site or you will “lose your marbles” as they say and slow your own success trying to do too much.

Trust me getting one blog to the point where you are attracting subscribers and making some money is plenty of  work you’ll have your hands more than full with ONE site.

ALSO, it’s important from a strategical, practical, and developmental point of view because you need to learn how to find success online before you “open your second location” if you will.

For Example.  If you were a restaurant chain would it make sense to open your second location across town before your first store really caught on and found success?

No, it wouldn’t.


You don’t have anything successful to “duplicate” YET so in fact you would be making a small problem larger.

You are one person, asking your only resource to create high quality content and promote on two or three websites is a VERY tall order.

I can tell you from my personal observations that bloggers who try to divide themselves too thin eventually find that they should have just focused on their primary site.  Think I’m joking? Matthew Inman the creator of the very popular site “The Oatmeal”.  

He created “BearFood” a few years ago as a spin off. Well, after some time he realized that it’s a TON of work just to run ONE site so as you can see bearfood.com has been put on hiatus for over a year.

Also, don’t forget it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon, the turtle knows these things, the hare apparently said “aint no body got time fo dat”, that’s why he lost the race


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