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What I learned from Rob Cubbon the founder RobCubbon.com

This week I’m pleased to feature Rob Cubbon the founder RobCubbon.com in an exclusive Q&A discussion.

This is the Twenty fourth edition of the what I learned interview series.



Here are some stats about his main blog:



Domain Registration Date – 2005-08-07

Alexa Rank – 83,632

Twitter Followers – 2,555

YouTube Subscribers – 1,032

Google+ Circles – 2,763



I originally discovered Rob’s site researching blogs for the 2014 #IBCT.

Initially I was impressed with the results of one of his passive income reports, I remembered thinking WOW this guy is killing it.  Then, as I looked through his site and I kept finding more and more impressive and informative articles.

I knew right away that I had to add him to the list of blogs to watch for in the #IBCT; however, I made the decision to reach out to him for this discussion when I saw that he was intent on helping people.

I know many of the good people who follow this blog would give anything to be self-sufficient and have the ability to provide for themselves and their family through their hard work on the internet.

So, I’m happy that Rob was willing to share some knowledge today and I hope that it motivates and inspires you.

With that said, let’s go to the interview.



This fall will mark the nine year anniversary of your domain robcubbon.com. Based on all that has changed in nearly a decade can you share any adjustments that you plan to make in your strategy over the next 9 months and can you share a prediction for the internet marketing/blogging industry, 9 years from now?



Wow, it’s been nearly 9 years? I can’t believe it! Over the next 9 months I’m going to be focused on making more products – more Kindle books and more Udemy courses. I’ll probably set up a membership area of my site for exclusive video courses, discussion groups and access to me. And I also want to start doing Google Hangouts and webinars.

I would predict that in nine years’ time it be harder to get your message and content out there due to increased competition. However I would also predict that the people who put out the best, most helpful, free content will be the most successful – as is the case now.


You literally wrote the book on Running A Web Design Business From Home but I can tell from your very impressive income reports that you’re putting more emphasis these days on passive income with affiliate marketing. Am I correct in my observation and if so, can you explain why this is important?


Yes, you are very much correct that I have been concentrating more and more on the passive income side. In business, it is always good to diversify your income streams. And my passive income consists of several income streams: not only different product types but also affiliate sales and, to much lesser extent, advertising sales.

Web design and graphic design is, to a greater or lesser extent, a matter of swapping hours for dollars whereas passive income is more easily scalable. I do love web design and graphic design and I do genuinely like my clients, however I can envisage a time when I would want to do less and less of it.

Also, passive income really interests me. I am building a brand and a following – I find this process fascinating and I wish to explore it further. When you start your own business you to look outside yourself and consider yourself differently – this is how I came to passive income.



You also wrote the book on How To Get Clients which is a constant concern for freelancers. Can you share one of the biggest mistakes that people are still making today in their attempts to land new clients?


I can think of one obvious mistake. I receive emails that aren’t addressed to me personally from people offering their services.

These people are making a huge mistake. They obviously aren’t targeting the people they’re sending these emails to, they won’t get much response from them and the people who do respond are probably not working worth working with anyway.

It’s far better to start blogging about the specific areas that you are good at – then the right clients will come to you.

I noticed your blog and products are published by your business. Can you share one of the major reasons why creating your own business entity is important?


It’s certainly important to create a financial business entity with its own bank accounts and taxation system and keep it separate from your personal bank accounts and taxation system.

But there is another intangible benefit that, for me, is even more important. Viewing myself as a business – rather than as a freelancer who swaps hours for dollars – prompted me to think of more creative and better ways to make money and help people. A business owner employs others and creates processes in order to better serve the customers. This could potentially improve the business owner’s life, the customers’ lives and the lives of those he or she employs. None of this would happen if you don’t create a business entity for yourself.

Now that you have found success online can you share what motivated you to keep going when it seemed like nothing was working back in the day?


It’s nice to be referred to as a success. My claim to “success” is that the business is still running after all these years and I still enjoy running it.

Before I started my blog and my business I was extremely unmotivated. I must have spent at least 10 years freelancing in London offices getting paid hourly to do mind-numbingly boring typesetting work. I was lucky that I saw some benefits from blogging early on which encouraged me and kept me motivated. After seeing these benefits only a fool would’ve stopped. So, not being a complete idiot, I continued blogging and working on my site.

Don’t watch TV, don’t drink alcohol too much, don’t take drugs, exercise, eat healthily, meditate, read and be as good as you can to other people – those are my best tips for staying motivated.





What is your favorite social media platform – for fun.





What is your favorite social media platform – FOR SALES and conversion


YouTube (Twitter, Facebook close behind)


What is your favorite smart phone Iphone/ Android/other?


Android. You’re asking me this question at the wrong moment. I’m just about to buy a new phone and it depends on the movie quality. I’m thinking something like Samsung S4 or HTC1.





What I learned from Rob Cubbon the founder RobCubbon.com


#1 – You  have to sacrifice.

Sometimes, the things you like can stop you from getting the things that you really really want.

You may love to stay up to date with your favorite shows on television but it’s impossible to be focused on two things at one time so if you are serious about finding success then it’s time to say bye bye to your TV or put it on Ebay and say BUY BUY! Ha haaaaaaaa!


#2 – Think long term.

I think that Rob sets an excellent example for freelancers who are always between promoting themselves, pitching for new clients, and working on client work.  You hardly ever have time to look up and see the BIG PICTURE because you’re too busy putting out fires.

I learned from Rob to make sure you self publish products because ultimately time is the most valuable resource of all.  You only have a finite amount of it on this planet.   Passive income is the only way to produce MORE income without having to do MORE WORK.


#3 – Help People

Today is my birthday and I am super motivated to hook you up so I’m giving away 1 copy of my two favorite Rob Cubbon’s books:


All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Subscribe.  I’ll send you an email.
  2. Reply to any one of my emails with your opinion on how I can improve the site.

That’s it.

Once I receive you’re email you’re name will be entered in the drawing and I will announce the winner this week.



I want to thank Rob Cubbon for taking the time to do this interview.

I’m sure you could have walked down and hang out somewhere with a great view of the River Thames and enjoyed a cold one but instead you shared knowledge and I appreciate it.



That’s it for this episode.

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4 comments on “What I learned from Rob Cubbon the founder RobCubbon.com
  1. Rob Cubbon says:

    Hello Vijesh, good to see you here.

    Hello Darnell, thanks so much for having me on YourOnline.biz and for all your kind words. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by you.

    Believe me, I wouldn’t be enjoying a cold one by the river Thames this time of year – more like drinking hot co-co at home by the fire. But, maybe in the summer. :)

    Thanks again, Darnell, I’ll share this out tomorrow.
    Rob Cubbon recently posted…Free Web Design Questionnaire (Online Form and Document Download)My Profile

    • What’s up Rob,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience I’m definitely re-encouraged if that’s a word on all that’s possible and I’m sure I’m not alone I look forward to reading your books outstanding titles man keep em coming.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…In two yearsMy Profile

  2. vijesh says:

    Hi Darnell,
    Many many happy returns of the day. It has been so long since you have posted interviews. Rob Cubbon is an excellent blogger who is in my watch list past few days…
    Thanks for posting this interview…

    Congrats Rob, good to hear that you have completed 9 years with robcubbon.com
    vijesh recently posted…Fix these missing elements before you publish your eBookMy Profile

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