Seopressor vs Yoast what is the best SEO plugin?

What is the BEST SEO Plugin for WordPress? Seopressor vs Yoast Comparison

Seopressor vs Yoast

The Seopressor vs Yoast Comparison you’ve been waiting for. (No, this has nothing to do with French Toast.)

If you are serious about growing your online business you know how important search engine traffic is to your success.

There are only 4 types of traffic that you can receive online:





The only source of traffic that shows up everyday without requiring you to do anything new is Search.

That’s why this source is so popular for website owners.

Even though most bloggers have no clue how much traffic they’ll get after ranking number one for their search term.

…But that’s another issue. 


In order to obtain search engine traffic there is really only two steps:

1. Choose your keyword.

2. Optimize your content using your keyword.

Step #2 is the most difficult for most people.

  • The good news is if you do this step right you will get tons of search engine traffic.
  • The bad news is if you do it wrong you’ll waste your time and become frustrated at SEO.


This is where the plugins for WordPress SEO plugins enter the scene.

The most popular #1 recommended SEO plugin for WP is Yoast SEO built by  Joost de Valk.

I’ve been using this plugin for over a year and I have been recommending it to everyone.

However, I haven’t been exactly crushing it in terms of search traffic either.  

When I noticed this review by Ms. Ilene and I decided to take a closer look at SEOpressor.

I’m glad I did I was very surprised at what I found when I compared SEOpressor vs Yoast.

Here’s the first part of my video comparison review: Seopressor vs Yoast 

Here’s part two of my video comparison review: Seopressor vs Yoast 

As you can see from these informal comparison videos SEOpressor offers options that Yoast simply can’t match.

  • Both posts were completely optimized using Yoast first.
  • Both posts missed HUGE opportunities to optimize for SEO according to SEOpressor.

Why Seopressor vs Yoast only? Why not compare other SEO plugins?

I study the best bloggers in the world and I notice what they recommend and use themselves.

When I see someone with a website in the top 10,000 on the internet saying that they used this plugin to obtain insane search traffic I listen very cloesly.

Most bloggers have been recommending either the All in One SEO Pack or SEO by Yoast but so many more recommend Yoast that I decided to use it for this comparison.

I don’t think the All in One SEO Pack plugin is better than Yoast by the way.

I have used it in the past and as a matter of fact I found better results with Yoast than I did with it that’s why I changed over a year ago.

I used to really like to use Yoast.

It’s easy to use and you get the green light indicator pretty quickly telling you that you’re all set for SEO, but I don’t want GREEN LIGHTS I want search traffic.


Why I’m switching to SEOPressor?

  1. It’s Practical.  If the suggestions made by SEOpressor were very spammy or illogical then I wouldn’t want to use this plugin.  The fact that the suggestions are practical and sensible is what I like the most, and the fact that you can target 3 keywords.
  2. It’s easy.  It really is easy to use if you have been using Yoast.  The meta field information is the same you just enter it in a different place.  The cool thing is SEOPressor will work with Yoast so you don’t have to uninstall it if you don’t want to.   In my test SEOPressor read the meta fields I entered in Yoast with no problem.
  3. Price is right.  If you want professional results you’ll need a professional tool.  It’s as simple as that.  The best landscapers use the best lawnmowers.  If you want professional SEO results then you need a professional TOOL.   SEOPressor is priced right for small business owners and solopreneurs. This is why I recommend you buy it.


In summary I believe the point of SEO is to simply describe your content to the search engines so they can find it easier.

SEOpressor does a much better job of this than Yoast.


Seopressor vs Yoast

Now it’s over to you?

What do you think is the best SEO plugin for wordpress?

DO you agree with my comparison of Seopressor vs Yoast?

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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24 comments on “What is the BEST SEO Plugin for WordPress? Seopressor vs Yoast Comparison
  1. It’s true that Yoast SEO built is important and popular for WordPress SEO Plugin. This is useful for content optimize. Thanks and keep continue your informative sharing.

  2. Saba says:

    Nice article :) thanks a lot
    but yoast seo is the best plugin in my opinion

  3. Seopressorv5 is best….i am using it for more than 4 and seeing a great organic traffic….
    Pawan Diwakar recently posted…2 Off site SEO factors are enough to rank better on GoogleMy Profile

  4. According to me, Yost SEO is the best plugin for checking Seo score

  5. Abhay says:

    Thanks Bro. Currently I am using wordpress seo by yoast but now going to change with seo pressor.
    Abhay recently posted…Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes for BloggersMy Profile

    • What’s up Abhay, Thanks for the feedback. In summary I found that SEOpressor allows more granularity in describing your posts to the search engines. This additional detail provides Google and Yahoo with more information about your page/site which can only help your SEO rankings.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…In two yearsMy Profile

  6. This a an in depth analysis of botah plugin. I have aquestion if i use sepressor do i need to optimize my yoast as well for each post or just seopressor optimizatio is enough.
    Muhammad Shoiab recently posted…Smartphone Buyers Guide – Things You Must Consider While BuyingMy Profile

  7. Cyj says:

    Great review…of a paid product.

    I appreciate the post though, and you have put your point across very well.

    One thing you did not make clear to your readers is this: “a green light on Yoast SEO does NOT mean it is ready to go”. It just means that it has met the “minimum” requirements.

    A lot of people just see a green light in Yoast, and rush off. No. You should also be looking at the “page analysis” panel. Many times, even when you see a green light, this page analysis panel will have plenty of opportunities for further optimization.

    In my opinion, the idea is to optimize pages/posts in “stages”. The concept of a 100% optimized site is far fetched, and the idea that on-page optimization is a straight line, and can be described by “lights” or some arbitrary “percentage” on a plugin, is one that I don’t buy at all.

    SEO is about strategy and application, not really plugins.

    I like SEOPressor, no doubt. Same as Yoast SEO or All In One. But comparing SEOPressor to Yoast SEO is like comparing apples to oranges. They operate completely differently.

    What would be more helpful to your readers is a thorough analysis on how you arrived at your decision that SEOPressor is a better plugin, especially when both of them have a different approach to SEO?
    Cyj recently posted…Post to Google+ Pages Direct From BufferMy Profile

  8. SAJID says:

    Darnell do you really think SEOPressor is worth the money they ask for a plugin. I mean when Yoast -(I think its the most wonderful tool) is FREE why would anyone go for a huge price of $47 for a plugin.lol
    SAJID recently posted…Primary Cloud Deployment ModelsMy Profile

    • What’s up Sajid,

      Basically all a SEO plugin can do is help you describe your post for search engines. SEOpressor just does a better job of it than Yoast.

      Put it like this. Yoast is like the coarse side of the microscope SEOpressor is like the fine. There are details that you can get from SEOpressor that Yoast doesn’t offer check out the video comparison for what I mean.

      Is it worth the money? If you are serious about targeting a keyword then sure it is. $47 one time to make $4 or $7 more dollars per day due to higher search traffic?, hmmmm seems like a good deal to me.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…The Secret to Landing MORE Freelance Writing GigsMy Profile

  9. I like Yoast’s plugin. It doesn’t spread spams instead it provides options which are based on white hat SEO. Seopressor looks a bit black hat to me.
    Chankey Pathak recently posted…How to manual update Nexus 7 with official Android 4.3 JWR66V OTAMy Profile

  10. pieter says:

    Thanks for a nice video really a nice way to sort out the dilemma picking between two

  11. I also use both plguins…SEO by YOAST and SEOPressor…

    Let me just say that first of all Yoast is quite anoying guy when it comes to support! He does not answer questions about editing his plguin and further more, he does not know how to take positive critics…

    So, I’ll ask here if anyone knows how to remove doubled meta description, since both plugins insert one into post (that’s a higher priority issue in SEO terms – BING)

    What I’d like to do is disable YOAST meta description from being added into post…completly disable it but keep other functions.

    Thank you for great compare and hope someone will kindly assist with this
    Slovenia Slovenija recently posted…GorjanciMy Profile

    • Very interesting Slovenia,

      That’s why I try to focus on objective analysis.

      The seopressor plugin simply has more options.

      When YOAST says a post is ready to go SEOpressor still finds opportunities.

      This can make a big difference in traffic.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…It’s all about YOUMy Profile

  12. shakir says:

    Can i use yaost and seoprossor at the same time in a blog?I want to use yoast to set meta title and meta description and i want use seoprossor for lsi keywords and rich snippet.So can i use both at the same time?

  13. Had never seen a comparison of these two before. Would agree that if your blogging time is worth money, it makes sense to get the best tools. Thanks, Darnell.
    Astro Gremlin recently posted…Sample Product ReviewMy Profile

  14. Umer Rock says:

    Plugin Seems Good. :-) i love seo by yoast, it is free and good plugin for all blogs.
    Umer Rock recently posted…When will Come Next Google Pagerank Update DateMy Profile

  15. mitz says:

    Hey Darnell
    Your videos are awesome! No Joke! Great idea to compare the two plugins! :)
    mitz recently posted…SEO Keyword Goal – Attract Customers NOT VisitorsMy Profile

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