Exclusive Interview featuring Siddarth PK the founder of TechBii.com

Exclusive Interview featuring Siddarth PK the founder of TechBii.com

This week I’m pleased to feature Siddarth the founder of TechBii.com in the first ever guest post for Your Online Biz by George.

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This is the seventeenth edition of the What I learned interview series:




I am pleased to bring before Siddarth close friend and founder of TechBii.com.



· Domain Registered:  January 2013

· Alexa Traffic rank: 35,207

· Facebook likes/ recommendations: 1339

· Google+ circles: 255

· Twitter followers: 226


Sid is one of those rare guys who won’t just give up.He started Techbii in January 2013 and in five months he took his blog from 0 page views per day to 15k page views per day, earns at least $1000 each month from his blog alone and is a top notch Android developer.

Incredible, right! I will tell you something that’s even more incredible. Tell me what do you consider to be the most basic thing that you need to have to have a blog. I think besides an internet connection it would be a PC right. Sid does not use a PC and manages his entire blog from his Galaxy S4. It’s not that he can’t afford one but because the college where he studies, touted as India’s top most tech school, the IITs do not allow a laptop or PC in the dorm. But that was not sufficient to stop him.

Sid writes his posts on his phone, develops apps on it, and he says that the most difficult thing to do is approve comments??

To give him solidarity the whole interview was done on mobiles, me on mobile Sid on Mobile.

Ok.. let’s chow chow




How did you increase your traffic to an exponential level? I guess  you did not go about guest posting which is a rage these days or even commenting because it requires filling up so many forms. So what was  the secret ingredient?


As we all know, traffic is the backbone of every blog and we can’t sustain in blogging without maintaining or increasing our traffic. For this, I mainly use the one and only magical fact, SEO.

It plays off very well for me and organic traffic brings over 80% of my traffic. But understanding and applying Search engine optimisation tactics is not at all an easy task. It requires lots of experiments, experience and knowledge of basic methodologies regarding search engines. I can’t define SEO in few words because it’s all about experiments.

From my experience, playing with your keywords is the best way to understand how search engine ranking works. There are lots of SEO  plugins out there and it’s a common misconception that simply installing those plugins would help you to rank well in search engines. You have to learn the basics first in order to perform well in the SERPs and then make the most with that tools. And I haven’t done guest posting so far.

It’s mainly because of the  shortage of time. But it doesn’t mean I won’t do it in the future. The same answer applies to your question regarding blog commenting.


So it means that one can succeed even without relying on all those techniques like guest posting or even blog commenting.

I don’t say that they are without their benefits but I assure you that the first thing that you need to bother about is YOUR BLOG. Everything else is secondary. Instead of commenting and posting on other blogs, and generating content for them, build content for your own site. It will work wonders. I had rather say perfect one strategy than daubing with all and getting done nothing.


Do you think that blogging daily/consistently was one of the biggest reasons for your success?

I will have to agree with that. In the tech niche you have to always be ready with what’s next, that’s what people expect from you. I made sure of the fact that no matter what happened I would blog consistently. When you blog in this manner, you develop an audience that knows that the site is going to give them something good on a regular basis. This is the reason people return to my site.

I don’t guest post, comment or even build links. My blog defies every principle of SEO  and stands only because people love it. SEO is old, it should be called PHO- people heart optimization.

Secondly  most of my posts are DIY which is unheard of in tech blogs. Only blogging blogs are sort of DIY. Because it shows people how to do certain stuff they come back, nobody gets the full thing at one go. They ask doubts and they also send it to their friends.

Solid keyword research and blogging on a consistent basis has made me what I am today.


Great, I have seen you using facebook to the hilt. They say that there’s edge rank and the more you interact with people the more importance facebook places on your post for them.

I’m an avid Facebook user and often exploit it for social traffic. EdgeRank is comparatively a new term among webmasters but it has high importance when it comes to blogging. EdgeRank determines how top your posts should go (viral) in the feed and if you could achieve a fine rank, more users will engage to your posts and hence high social impact.

Remember, social interaction is also a factor which affects SERPs and Google has already started giving importance on this. I keep abreast of all SEO news and I feel that some years from now the whole ranking thing will go social, if people like it you are a winner else your work goes down the drain. So,Facebook is a goldmine of targeted traffic. Learn how to grab huge  traffic from it, that’s the key.

I see other guys using hootsuite and auto posters but being on a mobile device I can’t do any of that, but I make sure that whenever I post I tag friends who are bloggers. That sends them a notification and then a discussion starts, and more people join in. Most marketers miss this and that is the reason they do not get fruits from their marketing efforts.

They miss the soul in social media. You have got to be social. More than the traffic the connections that I make, and the fact that more people see me through these discussions amazes me.


How have giveaways helped you and is hosting giveaways easy?

It takes a lot of courage. In the initial months I was afraid because I thought to myself, will anyone participate?

But, giveaways are the best way to multiply your traffic in a short span of time. But choosing the right product is the important factor which you should always consider. Kick starting a giveaway contest is easy, but promoting and getting attention are the toughest parts. Also, there are lots of fake giveaways where they claim to give expensive gadgets like smart phones.

If your blog is a new one, start  with small products and increase the prize value gradually. It’s the best way to build your credibility among other bloggers. I have already hosted 4 giveaways and the fifth one is currently undergoing. However, convincing the sponsor is the hard part but if you have enough traffic  and have already run some contests, it will be easy for you. Be   honest  while choosing winners and try to respond to each and every comments
in the contest.

For the second part I will share an example with you. A while ago I announced on my page that I would be doing a web hosting giveaway from Hostgator and then there were people asking me how and why and how much I spent. I answered, “ All I did was ask Hostgator sales team”.

Simple isn’t it? All you need to do is ask. The same goes for SEO Pressor giveaway. I shot Daniel an email and to say the truth I was inspired to do that because of your post on hosting giveaways.

And one more thing, even though I do have SEO Pressor being on mobile I am unable to use it. I’d say you don’t need even that for success.







Adsense is one of the stupidest ways to make an income online because google, you know always does crazy things. But unlike other tech bloggers you did something different. Can you detail?


Yes I know what you are hinting at. I get almost 15k pageviews per day and with networks like Ad Sense I realised that you hit a plateau somewhere. Now I don’t think that my traffic is going to grow exponentially unless I post like crazy which I cannot do and with this traffic the earnings will stay around $400 a month. I needed to diversify.

George, the mobile I use now is an Android phone and it’s my life. I was always into forums in order to find out how I could add more features and functionalities to it.

I stumbled upon Cyanogenmod, a forum for android developers. What these guys do is make scripts, apps and offer features not found in the official Android based firmwares of vendors of  Android cell phones.  I started participating in those forums and within a short time became a developer. Now these guys have a huge huge following, they have 2,20,000 followers on Google Plus alone.

So I thought that these guys are kinda rich, why not ask them whether they would be interested in paid reviews. I asked, I got it. They pay me $100 per review and a month that gets only 10 paid reviews from them is a bad month for me.

It doesn’t end with that. I am now employed by them and they pay me a salary too, $400 per month. I also get additional payment for the scripts that I write.

Not only that, with all the reviews and updates that I blog about I consistently get requests from people who want to root their phones and I get paid for that too.

Bitter truth, not much time to get all things done.



Do you know of any other bloggers who have adopted this strategy?


None that I know of…

Well it’s funny to see that there are so many tech blogs out there that could post about the scripts and the fun things that Android forums do but they are so worried about pleasing the Google AdSense team that most of them give up after getting disapproved from them. I expect others to follow your example.


Author bio:

My name is George and I post SEO tutorials on my blog. Other times I enjoy kicking some Penguin asses.





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36 comments on “Exclusive Interview featuring Siddarth PK the founder of TechBii.com
  1. Sachin says:

    It’s hell awesome story. I have my laptop, internet connection and cloudways hosting which is not affordable for newbie bloggers but still, I am not able to grow my blog.

    Thanks man for this interview!!

  2. Enter Here says:

    I really enjoy these SEO interviews. Keep up the good work and if you need website design work in dallas check us out anytime.

  3. Bradley Shaw says:

    Really enjoyed the article. I am always interested in SEO and Google.

  4. Sreeharsh K says:

    Sid is really an inspiration for all the budding bloggers, great interview.
    Sreeharsh K recently posted…Reliance Jio Offers: Buy One Get One for Prime UsersMy Profile

  5. I can only imagine how someone could manage his blog from a mobile device.

    I only reply to comments and do do some certain things on my blog with my phone.

    Writing a post and Publishing it with my phone is usually difficult or rather impossible.

    You doing that with some success It’s really a challenge.

    This got to show that hard work and consistence pays.

    Your story energizes me. I’m still planning on quitting my job to face my blog full-time.
    Promise Excel recently posted…The Absolute Truth About Having A Dream And Setting GoalsMy Profile

  6. What a post! $1,000 per month is quite a motivation.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Alfrick Opidi recently posted…The legit guide on improving your Google rankings and escape the swordMy Profile

  7. Sohail says:

    Surprisingly, it’s quite difficult to manage whole blog by mobile device. I practice same method on freelancewritingexpert.com ,but I believe that it’s vital success to grow daily visitors upto 15,000 within short span of time. However, some experts believe, it could have been not possible without constant hard work, dedication and use of knowledge. I won’t say, it’s impossible, but it’s also not some easy sweet cake to eat.
    Sohail recently posted…Life Inspiring Lessons: How Inspirational Quotes Change LivesMy Profile

  8. Gio says:

    Lol.PHO- people heart optimization. And not SEO-Well said…Hard work pays–good for him..His statement is on point, and I did pick something…
    Gio recently posted…6 Pros And 3 Cons Of Studying AbroadMy Profile

  9. Dana Miller says:

    Great story Darnell!! It just goes to show that hard work and consistency really pays off.
    Dana Miller recently posted…Dream Poll: Who would win? Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Pernell Whitaker?My Profile

  10. Jo says:

    Hey Darnell! This is a very inspiring story indeed! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. And you know what, I’m going to share this with my friends in Facebook and Google+. I hope you’ll post something like this again in the future.

    Best Regards!

  11. Charles says:

    Just so you know, India’s IIT would run any American tech college into the ground, which is one of the reasons why you outsource tech to us.


  12. shohan says:

    this is the nice post . it’s also good for learning . i am really impressed . it’s helpful all of us. thank you .
    shohan recently posted…থাই বিরোধীদলের নেতৃত্ব নির্বাচন বৈঠক।My Profile

  13. Yulia says:

    Great interview. I feel like I’ve heard about Sidharth before, did you mention him in any of your posts or podcasts, Darnell?
    Yulia recently posted…Watch Unicef Negotiate the Release of Child SoldiersMy Profile (dofollow)

  14. Chadrack says:

    This is the most inspiring post I have read in months! What touched me most is that I’m also a believer in driving traffic with search engines instead of just posting comments that are nothing but slap my back I slap your back kind of a thing.
    Chadrack recently posted…Jetpack By WordPress.com: A WordPress Plugin Engineered To Make Blogging Enjoyable!My Profile

  15. frank joseph says:

    This is an amazing interview, and a success indeed. it is surprising how one can make some cool money within a few months of blogging! some people take years to earn their first dollar.
    frank joseph recently posted…15 Scam Free Ways To Make Money Online (without spending a single dime)My Profile

  16. Start slow and be persistent with your posts. Post daily if you can and you will start getting trickles of traffic that grow into a flood.

  17. Mujahid Ali says:

    I wish i could get this much traffic im really jealous send me some traffic peeps!

  18. Dan Dollars says:

    What an inspiring story. 15k views a day and achieved in less than 7 months without the usual guest posting headache. I love it.

    Wish I could replicate that in my site, which currently have 200-300 unique views daily.

    Thanks George for the interview
    Dan Dollars recently posted…The Miracle Working Power of Smile: 8 Things That Happen When You SmileMy Profile

  19. Karin says:

    Inspiring story!

    I had one of my websites rank no. 1 for a keyword that has 10,000 exact searches. I built a few links, but mostly, all I did was write content that people love. So I agree that linkbuilding isn’t always necessary. Granted, my website is in a very good niche and most of my competitors are clueless about SEO, even on-page optimisation… But still awesome :)

    I also get 10-20 new Facebook likes a day through a content locker where I have put two public domain e-books for people to download if they like my Facebook page. Social is really important, and this way I know that if my rankings should ever drop, I still have my followers.

  20. Mahesh says:

    This is such an inspiring story for newbie blogger who always run their mind for something new thanks George.

  21. Darnell,

    This is such a very inspiring post. I also want to experience what Siddarth had experienced. From 0 page views per day to 15k page views per day; that’s incredible! I also agree with him. Instead of commenting and posting on other blogs, and generating content for them, build content for your own site.

    Charles Crawford recently posted…10 Strategies for Dental MarketingMy Profile (dofollow)

  22. Sanket says:

    Nice Interview.Sid is also my friend and I really appreciate building a blog with 3.5” Galaxy mini is tough as now he has Galaxy S4 he didn’t had earlier :)
    Sanket recently posted…Best 50 WordPress Plugins 2013.My Profile

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