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Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa – ep. 7 – nil erkoçlar

nil erkoçlar


Welcome to Social Media Saturday episode number 7.


The smirk on Social Media Sam’s™ face comes from the number one trending web search over the last 7 days ‘nil erkoçlar‘.

If you haven’t heard about this story, nil erkoçlar is a Turkish model, born a female and then had a sex change operation to become a male.

‘She’ changed her name to Rüzgar.

Me, I’m old school.

I think people have lost their freaking minds.


I want you to listen to me very carefully:

There is only ONE way to be a girl:

Be born one.

There is nothing a women can ever do to become a MAN.

Stop kidding yourself folks.



Why do you think the number one Web Search term for the last seven days was nil erkoçlar

  • Shock value.  I think people are still interested in the carnival “bearded lady” spectacle value of these types of stories.  Lets face it hot headlines get attention.
  • Sign of the times.  It’s like watching a train wreck or a race car crash like that big one this year at Daytona, shout out to Danicka Patrick.


The number one Image Search for the last seven days was melissa king.

If you haven’t heard about this story melissa king was the beauty contestant that got called out for being a down low porn star.

Just like my grandmother used to say what’s done in the dark comes to the light, #OldSchoolKnowledge.

My reaction?  It’s hilarious.  If she’s smart maybe she can Kim Kardashian it?

The number one News Search term for the last seven days was oscars 2013.

If you’re someone like me and didn’t watch the award show Copyblogger had the best Oscar coverage.

Personally I wait until my friends and family recommend the best movies, then I buy the DVDs.

I’m one of those types of people who’s like, the popcorn’s cheaper at my house.

It’s an easy decision really:

Spend $30 going to see the movie once or spend $25 and own the high quality DVD that I heard some people have been able to sell copies of to make money offline.


The number one Product Search of the last seven days was ‘metallic sequin dress‘.

However, when I started writing this post it was ‘chiffon gown’, why do you think it changed so quickly? I guess people want the metallic styles?

Why do you think so many people are searching for dresses anyway?

It must be love in the air, wedding and prom season.

What a beautiful thing.


#SoMeSa is more than just Social Media Analysis.

It’s also about sharing the best tips of the week to help you grow your online business using social media.


SoMeSa Tip #1 – Google+:


SoMeSa Tip #2 – Twitter:

Twitter news: 64 % of U.S. advertisers will increase their spend on paid advertising on social media sites in 2013.

Top twitter tips from 2013 week# 9:


SoMeSa Tip #3 – Facebook:



Now it’s over to you:

What types of Social Media Analysis tools have you been using?  What have you found to be effective and which would you recommend people avoid?

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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2 comments on “Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa – ep. 7 – nil erkoçlar
  1. Hi Darnell,

    Wow! I missed a lot of those stories. They show why it’s so easy to get distracted on Twitter and how we have to work hard to stay focused.

    Thank you for sharing my Twitter tips post. I really appreciate it – you’re doing great things here and on Twitter with your hashtag :)
    Annabel Candy, Successful Blogging recently posted…5 Twitter Marketing Strategies Every Business Owner Should UseMy Profile

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