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Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa 15 – Motivated by Momma


Welcome to Social Media Saturday episode number 14.


Happy Mother’s day!

Ha haaaaa!!!!!! 

Thank you Moms world wide.

My heart goes out to all the orphans of the world.

I was hit hard by this image that was shared with me on Google+ by Aum Sky Exits


Some times I have to say social media really portrays a harsh image of humans on Earth if you know what I mean.

If an alien came here from another planet they would have to think, “Wow these people are freaking maniacs.”

Then there are days that I feel good from people doing the right thing.

Like Charles Ramsey the super star internet Hero who shocked the world this past week by rescuing kidnapped children and redefining what keeping it real means at the same damn time.


Here are the head lines for the past 7 Days:


Chris Matyszczyk  Principal suspends teen for Instagramming her mug shot CNET’

Chris Guillebeau  What to do when the unconventional opinion is wrong.

I talked about this on Friday’s podcast.  Chris has this fluoride thing absolutely wrong.

I know.

I’m a truck driver.  Sodium Fluoride is a hazardous material.  Drinking hazardous materials are hazardous to your health Chris.


Rebecca Klein -  Wesley Teague, Kansas Student, Suspended After Tweeting About High School’s Sports Program

 This is where social media becomes group think.  People are now being punished for doing something that didn’t even exist 10 years ago that’s just stupid.  How long before people will get fined or arrested for cheating on their video games?


Thank you Yes I Know That for this awesome share.

This is what free enterprise is all about.

Hustle at all cost no matter what.






Alexis Kleinman - The First 3D-Printed Gun Has Been Fired (VIDEO)

Gregory Ferenstein - State Department Demands 3-D Gun Blueprints Be Removed

I also talked about this on the podcast.  What is the sense of making a computer file illegal?

What’s next banning pictures of guns?


Elaine Radford - Cameron D’Ambrosio Teen Terror Rapper Held On Million Dollar Bond [Video] - inquisitr.com

Another example of social media being used as a governor for free speech.

Not only will you lose your job or get suspended from saying something stupid on social media, now you go to jail too.

Remember kids, you’re supposed to have the freedom of speech in a free society.

We know, the prison businesses make their money from locking people up.
Emily Price - Now You Can Comment on Facebook Posts Directly From Bing - Mashable

This is why I think Microsoft will buy Facebook.  It makes sense on both sides.  Microsoft needs a premium social media presence and $FB needs a bailout.


Agence France-Presse - Facebook trusted contacts can now help unlock accounts

Does this mean your friends can unlock your Facebook account somehow? 
Jessica Guynn - Mark Zuckerberg’s Fwd.us draws fire from some in tech industry - LATIMES

Now you see why I talk about politics.

What am I’m supposed to do sit back and do what Marky Z says? No.

I think this is just another distraction from the fact that Facebook screwed investors on their $38 IPO that Jim Cramer said we should all buy.

Amanda Terkel - Mark Zuckerberg’s Group Loses High-Profile Backers Elon Musk, David Sacks - HuffPo

Why do you think people are protesting Zuck the politician and are now leaving FB?



Andreas Proschofsky – This is a rant about the public relation methods of FACEBOOK




#SoMeSa Tips

Dominic Rushe - Senate passes internet sales tax bill amid opposition from conservatives.


James Altucher - How To Go From $0 To $1,000,000 In Two Years.



Twitter tip shared by Ileane:



NANCY DITOMASO - How Social Networks Drive Black Unemployment





ARI HERZOG - 10 Tips to Be Productive on Twitter

Jeff Bullas - The 10 Commandments of Twitter



The top web search term for the last seven days was Amanda Berry.

Amanda Berry is one of the girls that Charles Ramsey helped rescue.

I have to say this story is absolutely surreal.

Everybody I know is saying, “How in the hell did this little girl stay in that house for so long?” 

Do you remember the story of the girl that chewed through the duct tape and escaped back in the day?

It just makes you think. Why didn’t they leave?

Well, psychologists will tell you about Stockholm syndrome where victims become empathetic with their own attackers.

Just like the catholic priests. It’s crazy.


I’m just glad they are free.


The top searched news terms was also Amanda Berry.

It’s crazy.

On the same day in Amanda Berry’s life one man worked hard in order to cause her harm and another man was wiling to help her at a moments notice.

I’m just glad they’re back with their family today.



The number one image searched for the last seven days was also Amanda Berry.

Just shows how important it is to put a face with a name.



The top searched product for the last seven days was Fitbit Flex. 

This is a new product in the health and wellness category.

It just shows in the spring people are still thinking about getting in shape.


As you might expect the top searched keyword for the last days was Charles Ramsey.

This had to be the most REAL and HILARIOUS interview of all times.

I’m inspired by your heroism Charles.


You can change the world like Charles Ramsey just help out this kid from California.

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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2 comments on “Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa 15 – Motivated by Momma
  1. Daryl says:

    Thanks for the roundup Darnell!

    BTW I disagree – I do NOT think Microsoft are going to buy Facebook. For at least two reasons

    1. It’s expensive – Facebook is worth anywhere between $40 – $70 BILLION dollars – that’s a huge investment, even for Microsoft.

    2. Other companies won’t allow it – I can’t see Google idly standing by.

    3. There’s still a lot of money to be made by Facebook – Despite all the hoopla about Facebook’s imminent demise, there are still over 800 million active accounts. This gives facebook massive leverage that it can use to expand into a number of landscapes apart from the “social media” scene.

    While the “teens” are no longer as into facebook, it is currently being ingrained into the 25-49 market segment, who are far less volatile and also spend more money than the younger segment.

    If facebook begins the transition into corporate business somehow, the returns could be HUGE.
    Daryl recently posted…What Bacon Can Teach You About MarketingMy Profile

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