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Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa 16 – It’s about Trust. [VIDEO]



Welcome to Social Media Saturday episode number sixteen.


Are you an honest business owner?


Do you deal fairly with people or do you look for ways to scam your customers out of money?


This was one of my favorite shares from the last week thanks +Nick Carl


Money is a function of value.

The more value that exists the more money there is to be made.

TRUST is like the key that opens the vault to this value and money.

If you want someone to give you money the first thing you need to understand is they must trust you first.

The image above is hilarious but it’s a perfect example of an effective tactic to build trust.

Why not have some fun with it?

The truth is people prefer to do business with other people they like.

Customers know they can call anyone in town for service they know they can probably save a few dollars with a coupon from somewhere too.


When we buy something we all want to deal with people that we trust AND like.

The experience and INTERACTION is part of the deal as much as the product or service we’re buying.

It’s like shopping on Amazon versus iTunes.

I love how easy Amazon makes their shopping experience I really don’t know how it could be improved.

iTunes on the other hand wants you to do things THEIR way.  Amazon seems to do what YOU want.

Which do you think I prefer to shop with?

Even though I’m annoyed  by the fact that I can’t pay on Amazon with PayPal I still shop with them when I buy stuff why?

I trust Amazon will deliver whatever I order and if I have any problems they will make it right and I LIKE THEM.

The moral of the story is if you want to earn more money this season for your business find new ways to build trust with your customers and get them to like you.

Oh yeah, and have some fun with it too.



#SoMeSa News


10% of Facebook users are fake as a $3 bill.
EMMA INNES for the dailymail.co.uk

Last week Daryl made a comment where he disagreed with my prediction that Microsoft would buy Facebook. I think if they don’t somebody’s going to lose a whole hellava lot of money.  The stock is priced at $26.25 at the time of this post. Will it rebound past $38 before the end of 2013?  You be the judge.


Half A Billion Dollars Worth Of Art Sold Last Night At The Biggest Auction In History
by Sebastian Smith Agence France Presse businessinsider.com

Yeah that’s why I registered FreedomArtwork.com back in the day.  It’s amazing how much money people are willing to pay for “fine” art.


Google Stock Hits $900 For First Time Ever
by Seth Fiegerman for Mashable

What’s cool about this story is when I click on the article on Mashable it shows me at the top who shared this article with me from Google+, that’s why I’m able to say thanks +Rami Kantari. 

Yes, I called a decline for Google this year.  I predict their stock will start a decline coming very soon.  Remember Apple was on top of the world last year?  Well I guess, it’s time to switch places for a little while $GOOG.  Why?  It’s simple, people aren’t going to invest in technology and real estate at the same time.  Right now it’s all about Real Estate.  Read why I say it’s time to sell Google stock.


Adobe publishes the 2013 Mobile Trends for Marketers report.  Thanks for sharing this with me 

This is the type of report that only the top 10% read.  If you want to obtain the results that 90% of marketers never experience you need to read this report.


The IRS wants YOU — to share everything

This sounds like something from the book 1984.  How do you feel about the IRS using your Facebook account to determine if somehow you should pay more taxes?  This is why I say we need a flat tax or no income tax at all. Who knows what to believe these days?  Obama is under fire for using the IRS to go after political foes, allegedly. If you share the wrong thing on social media does that mean someone from the IRS will come looking for you?  How do you feel about this?  Read what I wrote about Obama on inauguration day.


Square Stops Gun Sellers From Using Its Payment Technology
by Abram Brown for Forbes.com

Bullies do as bullies do.  When someone won’t do what you want them to so what do you do?  Bully them with your payment system.

This trend of taking sides and using your business to block people you disagree with is a slippery slope.  People have a right to buy and own guns in America Square heads.  What’s next on your list of items to ban?  Episodes of Seinfield that you didn’t like?  I agree with Abram Brown, this payment system was designed to help small independent businesses and now, it’s not.


13 Slides That Landed Two Founders $500,000 In 3 Months
by Alyson Shontell Senior Reporter, Business Insider

Don’t miss this presentation, I think buffer will continue to grow.  These dudes were geniuses to invent a tool that will allow you to time your social media updates.   I see a huge opportunity from a strategic stand point however I still consider live social media interaction the best way to do it.  I noticed  had a hand in this business too wow, hat dude’s all over the place.  Read my review of Guy Kawasaki’s latest book APE.



#SoMeSa Tips

GET YOUR COPY:  The “WOW” Factor: Psychological Success in Social Media


7 LinkedIn Rules You Still May Not Know Plus More by CATHY for SimplyStatedBusiness.com


5 Ways to Turn Pinterest Into A Web Traffic Hosepipe by Dominic Tarn for BloggersMakeMoney.com


Twitter Best Practices: How to Use Twitter Effectively ~ Make Twitter Work for YOU by Gail Gardner for GrowMap.com


Social Solutions Collective started a link chain party that caught the attention of basically a who’s who in the world of bloggers on Google+

Thanks again to Francisco Perez for the mention.   Read what I learned from Francisco Perez



The number one web search keyword for the last 7 days was atari breakout.

I have to admit this is freaking awesome. When you search this term in Google images it converts the interface to the classic Atari video game.  What’s up Generation X we still here, LOL!  TRY IT


The most searched news keyword for the last seven days was Angelina Jolie.  She made headlines after having her breasts removed due to the presence of a GENE that she and her doctor believes could lead to cancer.  How do you feel about this?  Do you think it’s a good idea to have cancer surgery before you actually have cancer?  Personally I’m a skeptic, I wouldn’t put it past these movie starts to say anything for free publicity for all we know she could just be getting implants just like the rest of the Hollywood actresses.




The number one image search for the last seven days was atari breakout.

I’m not surprised Google won the internet with this cool game this week.  This is also an awesome example of gamification.  I’m curious what programming language this was written in.  Let me know if you find something on this.



The number one searched You-Tube video was eurovision 2013 denmark.  I had to search this one my self as I have no idea what this is all about.

It turns out Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest won a contest.  What type, what for, why, when, where, I don’t know  - I couldn’t even care enough to look it up.

If you are familiar with this please share your take in the comments below.  I’m just shocked that this was the number one searched video on YouTube for the last seven days.



The number one product search keyword for the last seven days was amazon.de.

Why are people searching for the German version of Amazon?  I don’t know you’re guess is as good as mine.

What’s up to everyone reading this in Germany have you ever heard of a Germacian?  That’s a German Jamaican, lol.


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  1. Hi Darnell,

    Thank you for sharing this post. I love the picture you posted here. Yes, I totally agree with you. If you want someone to give you money the first thing you need to understand is they must trust you first.

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