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Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa – ep. 10 – Happy Easter



Welcome to Social Media Saturday episode number 10.


Happy Easter.

It’s the 13th week of 2013 how’s that for timing?


In the video below I discuss a topic that I’m sure many online marketers are dealing with.



  • Some marketers embrace the religious aspects.
  • Some promote the chocolate bunnies.
  • Some pass on it all together and act like nothing is happening.


What is your strategy?


In my experience if you don’t have something going for Easter you are missing a huge opportunity.

Just like I said last week the spring is the beginning of the sales season, smart entrepreneurs already know this.

Easter is like Christmas in the spring.


Think about that for a second.

Do you think it makes sense to miss out on an opportunity ‘LIKE” Christmas to grow your online business?


Wait, how do I connect with people on social media about religious trending topics?


There’s really only three ways to do it:

  1. Traditional.

    • Maintain the legacy that was passed down to your family from their elders and talk about it.
  2. New Age.
    • Promote your business with the chocolate bunnies and chicken eggs.
  3. Hybrid.


Why will this work?

#1 - Seth Godin was right.  All you need to make it are 4,000.  You are not alone.  You don’t need to convince everyone to follow your path.  Instead, you should be looking to connect with the people out there who already relate with and understand you.


#2 – Wade Harman was right about the psychology in social media.

This is why I tell people there’s more risk in being politically correct than there is in saying something someone may not like.

You may not realize it but some people love the people who make them mad the most.  Think about how many people tune in to liberal or conservative talk radio just so they can fume over what they hear.



Looks like everyone is playing games.

Either on Xbox with the brand new first person shooter game bioshock infinite or with powerball and euromillions people want to play when they searched Google for the last seven days.




When people searched the news for the last seven days they were looking for stories about Amanda Knox and Jesse James.

Amanda Knox is the young American women that was acquitted of killing her roommate and now she will be retried, WOW.

Jesse James got married, again.

Speaking of marriage I’m surprised Gay Marriage wasn’t trending being that it was in the news so much.  This post was the most sense-able discussion that I found on Google+.  It’s crazy how people react if you don’t agree with them.  Should there be a limit to how many times you can get married?


Any time the #1 web search is a product you can expect the #1 product search to also be a product.

This BioShock Infinite game must be pretty freaking good.  People are searching for it relentlessly.

No surprise that jelly beans and egg dye kit are the most searched the week of Easter.

It’s interesting to see the TOP searches. Nike #1 before the term shoes. Hmmmmm.

I wonder what brand an apparel marketer on Ebay should target?


See what I mean?

The most searched images for the last seven days are all related to religious events.

This is why I started the Holiday Insiders club.

Your online business can leverage important events like international holidays.

The best way to know the future is to plan.

That people are searching for the term HOT and GIRLS is not surprising.  


You Tube Searched

Whenever a popular video game is released like BioShock Infinite the number one video will usually be a trailer or a screen capture by someone who has purchased the game and uploaded a video of their actual game play.

Rather you’re into video games or not.

This is an awesome example of a successful product launch.


 What’s your favorite fad dance of all time?



Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa NEWS



    40 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers plus Infographic




Brian Edmondson Instagram Marketing for Online Entrepreneurs



In Facebook news Start-up says 80% of its Facebook ad clicks came from bots.

How do you feel about your return on advertising with Facebook?

Here was an interesting discussion that Steven Hughes started.  Is Social Media Over Rated?



That’s it for this episode of Social Media Saturday, now its over to you.

What is your favorite meme cliche dance of all time?

How do you use religious holidays?

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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