Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa - ep. 12 - One Spark & Crowd Funding

Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa – ep. 12 – Crowd funding & #OneSpark2013


Welcome to Social Media Saturday episode number 12.


One concept that I will always harp about on this blog is strategy.

It’s amazing to me how few people consider this when it comes to social media.

If you are not getting the results that you want from Twitter, Google+, and Facebook chances are you are not being strategic.


This all starts with knowing what the hell is going on.

Having awareness of what’s happening that’s important to your customers is critical.

Watching the news alone won’t get it.

It takes time and effort to analyze and understand the trends and then use this information to make strategic plans for your business.

That’s why I say the best way to know the future is to PLAN.


One Spark. is an excellent example of this.

Starting this coming week the interwebs will start buzzing about One Spark.

Some people will begin to wonder who, wha, where did this all come from?

It will seem like this whole movement came out of no where.

However, it’s been in the making for a while.

It just shows what happens when you focus on strategy.

One Spark

Why should you care about One Spark?


#1 – Inspiration.

Yeah you may think you have some cool ideas.

Wait until you see what your neighbors have been working on in THEIR garages.

If you aren’t inspired to finally turn off that damn idiot box and start working on something important then there may be no hope for you.

Check out the full list below it’s very difficult to pick out a favorite but why not try anyway?

Click here to see the amazing projects for OneSpark 2013 then comment below with your favorite three.


#2 – Innovation.

They say when people are up against it that’s when they really get creative and serious about finding solutions.

Doubt is the father of invention.
-Galilei, Galileo

Necessity is the mother of invention

If you are trying to accomplish more than you have the means, maybe you should consider innovation.

Maybe you should REALLY get outside of the box and think?


You’ll never get the square peg to fit into the round hole, but you can get someone taller to reach to that top shelf if you are short.

Get it?

That’s the common sense innovative type of thinking behind kickstarter which actually inspired One Spark.

It works because:

  • People want to be successful but they don’t want to beg stingy stinking banks for money.
  • Other’s want to help ambitious people succeed but they only have $5 or $100 extra bucks to contribute.

It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone involved.

The creator keeps full ownership of their ideas and avoids getting swindled out of their intellectual property by some vulture capitalist who think like a Shark and eats people’s dreams like fish.

The investors don’t have to worry about some highly risky idea losing their retirement savings.  They only put up a small amount of money and then they get to watch the results by following the original creators online.

QR Code on the side of the sculpture



#SoMeSa Special Report:  Darnell Speaks on Crowd Funding





Facebook’s in the news this week again for their ad featuring a screaming goat.

It just shows even the #1 site on Google’s top 1000 has to look outside of Facebook for advertising.

I noticed the same thing with social media world that took place this past week in San Diego.

Even though this special event had basically a who’s who on the list of the top bloggers and social media pros they still ran advertisements heavily on Google Adsense.

I didn’t save any screen shots but maybe you noticed some ads from last week and earlier.

It just shows advertising is still very important if you want success.

Ranking #1 for search terms is good and retweets is nice but in the end if you want sales, it’s all about advertising and conversion.




#1 TWITTER MARKETING GUIDE:   The 2013 Twitter Marketing Guide was published by Neil Patel’s kissmetrics.

You don’t want to miss this report.


#2 How to Get More Twitter Followers & Keep Them - NICK Shared his take on Derick Halpern’s post and links to 5 other posts on twitter that you want to read.


#SoMeSa LinkedIN Tips:

#1 Ari Herzog is someone who I would strongly recommend you listen to when he talks about LinkedIn.

He has over 500 high quality connections on a social network that very few people have figured out.

If you are a professional don’t miss this post.


#2 Ivan Ho’s wrote a guest post for the comment luv blog.

Check it out:  Ways to Utilize LinkedIn to Get More Followers.



Social Media Analysis You can’t find anywhere.




The #1 rising searched term on the web for the last 7 days was Annette Funicello.

In the video above I asked who this person was as I didn’t know.

My wife had to school me pretty quick on this extremely talented entertainer who found fame with Disney.

I guess I didn’t’ watch enough television growing up.

The fact that she was searched for more in the last 7 days than Margaret Thatcher should tell you something.

Margaret Thatcher was in charge of bombs and ended up dying the same week as Annette Funicello who’s specialty was making people smile and have fun.

Moral of the story.  In the end people most remember those who made them feel good.


The number one searched news keyword for the last 7 days was also Annette Funicello.

It just shows the connection that people have growing up watching television is very strong.

Much stronger than the relationships that people make with the “authorities” and “officials” on television.

Moral of the story:  If you want to be remembered MOST, Be real, not official.




The number one searched image keyword for the last 7 days was Sabia Boulahrouz.

In the video above I said I didn’t know who or what this was, It could have been a product or anything, I had no clue.

If you do a quick image search on Google then you will see why it’s popular.

Sabia Boulahrouz apears to be a model and human beings are addicted to looking at beautiful women.

The truth is there’s nothing new about this, in fact it’s always been this way.

It’s even written in scripture about THE MEN OF RENOWN.

They were so impressed with WOMEN than they came down from heaven to “get a better look”.



At first the #1 searched keyword on YouTube for the last 7 days was accidental racist but when I checked the results this morning it was psy gentleman.

This should give you an idea of just how popular this new song has become in 24 hours.

The image above was captured Saturday night.

By Sunday morning accidental racist was off the list and psy gentleman is the #1 rising keyword searched on YouTube.

This song is the follow up to the over exposed Gangnam Style hit which took off like a rocket.

We’ll see how long before everyone tries to imitate PSY’s latest DANCE.




The #1 rising product keyword searched for the last 7 days is surveillance camera.

If you own a business or home this should tell you something about what your peers are thinking about:


If you offer services or sell products this should give you an idea of what people have on their mind.

They are more concerned with personal safety and protection of their stuff right now than they have been at any other time of this year.

Internet marketers earn passive income with this information by promoting surveillance cameras on their blog and to their email list and earning a sales commission as an affiliate.

It just shows the power of knowing what’s going on and taking advantage.





Now it’s over to you.

Have you ever heard of one spark before?

What surprised you the most about the most popular search keywords for the last 7 days?

How do you feel about me publishing Social Media Saturday on Sunday?

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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