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Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa – ep. 13 – THAT’S Too Controversial?



Welcome to Social Media Saturday episode number 13.





Last week I didn’t publish a #SoMeSa report because I was busy “getting my Florida on” but I did record a video about the #1 trending topic from last week:


The video is really all about the idea of discussing controversial topics on your blog.

People ask me all the time, how do I get followers on Twitter or so many people to add me to their circles on Google+.

The only thing that I can think of that’s so different between what I do and everyone else is I talk about what’s important at all times.

I really don’t care what the topic is.

If it’s important and trending then I talk about it.



Because everyone else is too silly.




This week I had a GUN RIGHTS debate with a popular blogger the Blogging Tyrant and he basically said he was “scared”.

I have to respect the man for admitting it however I don’t agree with the strategy.


If you take a look around our world is changing more and more at a rapid pace.

Every week there are stories that are absolutely unbelievable.


Last week the story was about the bombing that happened at the finish line of the Boston marathon.

The media reports were all over the place:

  1. First it was made clear the suspect was “dark skinned.”
  2. Then it was reported that the suspect was a Saudi, then the Saudi was cleared of the crime but rumored to be deported.
  3. Then they said a white  American “home grown” terrorist did it.
  4. Then I and others heard a report on local radio 101.5 JAX,FL that said OFFICIALS had killed a MIT security guard, maybe it was a mistake but I wasn’t the only one that heard this LIVE report. I remembered thinking WTF would make officials kill the security guard?  Later that night on the news I saw where they said the suspect who killed the security guard was also a suspect for the bombings.
  5. Then they locked down Boston and announced they had killed a Russian suspect in a shootout and they had arrested the other suspect but his neck was “cut” somehow and he could not speak.
  6. Then they said the two Russian brothers did it and their motive was Islamic Jihad and something about brainwashing.
  7. Then they said officials are hunting 12 “sleeper cells”.
  8. Then the mother of the two Russians said that her children were set up. 
  9. Then it was revealed that the “AUTHORITIES” did have meetings and contact with the Russian suspects in the past.
  10. Then FOX pulled an episode of “Family Guy” where amazingly there were two bombs that go off at the finish of the Boston Marathon.


Now, if you can’t find something interesting to talk about out of this important story then you may want to check your pulse.


Consider Williams-Sonoma banning pressure cooker sales.

How do you feel about this?

Would you stop selling your product if someone used it in a crime?

Do you think this president makes sense?

Did the pressure cooker somehow commit the crime?

Is it time for a universal background check on pots?




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Facebook is still #1 but watch out teens are not liking FB like they used to. by Yahoo



70 epic Social Media Case Studies by  Andrew Warren-Payne



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#SoMeSa = Social Media Analysis you can’t find anywhere.


The number one rising web search term for the  last 7 days was nfl draft.

This should give you some idea as to how long big events stay on the mind of the masses.

Notice Boston isn’t even on the list but the new Iron Man movie is and that revealing outfit that Gwyneth Paltrow wore caught some eyes.



The number one rising news term for the last 7 days was Reese Witherspoon.

Who was arrested for wild’n out too hard apparently by the police.  Personally I always wonder what’s the deal with all these arrests.

If there is no victim how could there be a crime?

Notice how people always want to see someone famous in shame.

This is why people are looking for this news story they want to see a super star off their game as if it will make their life better, it’s pathetic.  Don’t let em get to you Reese, stay strong.


The number one rising image search for the last 7 days was lewandowski.

From Wikipedia, “Robert Lewandowski is a Polish footballer who plays for German club Borussia Dortmund.”

That’s about as much as I can care about this topic but it shows how important soccer is on the world stage.

If you are into sports apparel then this is something that you should be paying close attention to.

However, I am surprised that more people are not trying to look at images of Reese Witherspoon in cuffs or Gwyneth Paltrow wearing that extremely revealing dress.

This should put things into perspective for you in terms of what’s important in the minds of the MOST people.


The number one product search of the last seven days was boston strong.

Now this is interesting being that the Boston Marathon bombing just happened last week.

The boston strong movement is supposed to help those affected by the tragedy.

There have already been reports of people who have lost limbs and are finding out that they are not covered by Obamacare.

I hope this fund helps these people.

We’ll keep watching as we know what usually happens, people raise the money like Wyclef Jean and then they are gone til November with the cash like Wyclef Jean.

Also, if you look at the previous episode of SoMeSa it’s interesting that the #1 searched product was surveillance cameras.

The FBI has released this surveillance camera footage of the alleged Boston bombers but the video is far from damming evidence.

It just shows their two suspects walking down the sidewalk wearing backpacks, however it also shows plenty of other people walking by wearing backpacks. 



What’s the point of all of this analysis?


In order to successfully market products to the masses using social media you must first know what people are thinking about.

If you were on the fence about choosing a product to promote for next week then you should be thinking hard about IRON MAN related merchandise.

You can see that this trending topic is picking up speed.

This common sense analysis will help you increase your traffic and conversions as your content will have a higher chance of being shared on social media or found by search engines because of its relevance.

Also, you can make a stronger connection with your audience by talking about SPICY topics that you KNOW they have to have an opinion about.

I notice that most bloggers are completely comfortable talking about the real risk of CISPA, but when it comes to anything else they get scared.


It’s funny that most bloggers who mention controversial topics tend stick to whatever “the officials” want.

The Blogging Tyrant isn’t the only one either I notice Guy Kawasaki posting anti-gun stuff all the time.

These posts usually get the highest number of plus one’s and shares.

It just shows controversy works.  

Now, you don’t have to go full Alex Jones but discussing what’s happening and sharing YOUR reaction is extremely valuable because you have to be vulnerable to tell it like it is and this can bring both positive and negative feedback.

The point is this feedback will be passionate and passion is what will catapult results for your online business.

Why do you think Donald Trump is so rich?  He knows how to stay relevant by using controversy.  After the Boston bombing he was the first one to ask would the BOMBER be covered by obamacare.  An outrageous comment sure but effective HELL YEAH.

Remember social media is all about filtering out the boring part of the internet.

If you are playing it safe then you may as well not play because you WILL NEVER WIN.



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  1. Hello Darnell,

    I agree with you. In order to successfully market products to the masses using social media you must first know what people are thinking about. You need to know what is in or not.

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