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Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa 14 – The Sun is Shining


Welcome to Social Media Saturday episode number 14.


Today the Sun is shining again in north east Florida where we have been under constant rain for the last few days.

It doesn’t take long to miss the sun.

This reminds me of how I felt during summer of 2000 and 1999 when I was interning in the mid-west.

That’s when I realized why people up north are so damn mean.

There’s no sunshine.

I swear the sun makes you happy.

I started thinking about a comparison to what the sun represents on the internet and the best I could come up with is attention.

The sun is like getting attention.

The more you have the better you feel.

When you get none for a while you start feeling bad and you get “cold”.

This is how I felt for the last few days in Florida as it rained non stop.

This is probably how you feel on social media when you post stuff and no one interacts with you.


Today the sun popped back up like BAM and I was instantly all giggly and happy again like an 8 year old with a brand new toy.

Isn’t this how you feel when you notice a new share or re-tweet?

It’s ok you can admit it here you like the attention don’t you?


This made me think about what it takes to create a successful strategy on social media.

5 signs that you’re winning social media:


#1 – You’re having fun.

it should be fun.

I’m not talking about just wasting time reading the bull crap that other people post all day either.

I’m talking about having fun from your interactions with other people.

It should be something that’s as enjoyable to you as striking up a conversation with someone at a coffee shop that you then talk to other people about.


#2 – Others are having fun too.

This is the key.

If its fun to you but you’re also coming off like a jerk to everyone else then your strategy won’t work.

You may enjoy sharing tons of smug one liners that you think are funny but are people laughing with you or at you?


#3 – You have “regulars”.

Big shout out to anyone that can name two or more cast members on the old TV show “Cheers”.

If you haven’t heard, this classic TV sitcom was about some regulars that would attend this neighborhood bar.

The point is you should have developed a relationship with some regular followers who consistently re-share your posts, etc.

This is one of the MOST important signs of social media success.


#4 – Referral Traffic.

Ultimately the #1 thing that you want someone to do on social media is click the link that you are sharing.

They have to do this before they can buy anything from you, sign up for your newsletter, or click your pay per click ad.

There are wins in the mile and this is one of the biggest ones.


#5 – Recognition.

If done right you will start to notice people recognizing you from a blog post or a comment that you may have made on another blog.

This is one of the biggest ways to build your follower base that new bloggers are ignoring.

Getting recognized is easier when you use the same avatar on all platforms.

I recommend everyone use Gravatar and upload the same image for all social media platforms.


#SoMeSa News

If you don’t know what’s going on then you will have an extremely difficult time communicating with people in a relevant way on social media.

This is the reason why your comments don’t get shared and ultimately your followers will leave because you will be seen as out of touch.


Here are the important topics from the last seven days:

Verne Kopytoff -  The truth about social media for business: It’s a risk – CNNFortune

This is an interesting article but it just shows the fundamentals of the economy are far from sound in 2013. If ONE tweet can crash the damn stock market what does that tell you about the stock “market”?  Are you a buyer? Do you know how many Tweets there are in a day?

Andy GreenbergThis Is The World’s First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun (Photos) – FORBES

 I just think it’s hilarious how scared people are these days.  Hey America wake up it’s the home of the brave what are you so scared of?  You can’t get out of this life alive so you might as well enjoy your life.  Why be afraid of everything in it?

ERIC LIPTON and SOMINI SENGUPTA - Latest Product From Tech Firms: An Immigration Bill – NYTIMES

Look at these “greed is good”clowns. They don’t want to pay American engineers so what do they plan to do?  “fill thousands of vacant jobs with foreign engineers” bastards.

Chris Matyszczyk - Can Facebook lead to psychosis? One study says so – CNET

I wonder if people are afraid of what they might find if we understood our true nature and how it could be manipulated by these damn screens that we stare at all day like zombies.

Peter FerraraOverreaching Internet Sales Tax Is Obama’s Calculated Deception Of Gullible Voters – FORBES

Some people love their favorite politician or party so much that they send them money and support paying higher taxes if they say so.  The problem is they want everyone else to do the same thing they do.  I’m like, NO.

Isaiah J PooleApple Dodges Enough Taxes to Cover Much of the Sequeste – truthout.org

Look at these greedy bastards.  They make all this money but would rather scheme their way out of paying taxes instead of just cutting a check.   That’s why I called their decline last year, Karma.

Juliette GarsideFacebook loses millions of users as biggest markets peak – TheGuardianUK

Marky Z still hasn’t returned one dollar to his original IPO investors that paid $38 a share for $FB.  I’m just saying.

Eric MackAs Schmidt speaks of caution, Google Glass gets hacked – CNET

An alternate headline: Google Glass spies on that ass, lol.

Melony Roy - Twitter, Comedy Central Partner For First Ever Social Media #ComedyFest – CBS philly

This is a creative way to integrate social media into an event.

XinhuaOver 900 arrested in China for meat-related crimes -xinhuanet.com

The same reason why I don’t recommend eating red meat.  In 2013 ground beef and sausage can have who knows what in it.  I’m just saying.



Annie Pilon - 30 Ways to Tell if You’re a Social Media Success

Excellent list post don’t forget to tell Annie I sent you.


My first Google+ post over 100 comments.

Here’s an example of what happens if you’re not afraid to talk about spicy topics.  Read this post and see what happens when I asked a question.

Comment below unless you are afraid but if you are scared it’s ok but it’s better after you admit it. Then say your fearless.


YouTube Tip from Gideon Shalwick subscribe and tell him I sent you.


The number one rising web search for the last 7 days was Jeff Hanneman who was a founding member of the metal rock band Slayer.  He died on Thursday in a hospital near his home in LA, 49 years old.

NY Times reports that he may have died from a spider bite. 

This just shows you will not get out of this life alive so enjoy it while you still have time.

I have often said if you live by the sword you won’t die from a spider bite.

Jeff left a mark and created a legacy here rather you agree with his music or not.

His life underscores the importance of spending your time on what’s important.

Follow your dreams.



The number one rising news search for the last 7 days was Jason Collins the NBA player who came out as gay.

Ha haaaaaa! 

This whole “gay rights movement” is hilarious.

My question is, how in the hell can a Man become a wife?  …and who really wants their son to be gay? Seriously.

Don’t forget, I’m the old school type that still thinks Woody Allen is a freaking pedophile for marrying his adopted daughter.

What’s even more comedic to me is the comparison of Gay Rights to Civil Rights.

When people do this they are hurting their cause more than they could ever imagine.

It’s like these clownish comparisons of “barely made the team” Jason Collins to “hall of fame legend” Jackie Robinson.

Stop it people and don’t be mad at me YOUR UNCLES AND GRAND PARENTS AGREE WITH ME.  #RespectYourElders



The number one rising image for the last  7 days was Alba Quezada.

It has long been said that the most beautiful of all of god’s creation was a women.

Men, boys, girls, and women cannot and will never get enough of looking at pictures of beautiful women.

It is what it is.


The number one rising search term in the last 7 days was GTA 5.  This stands for Grand Theft Auto 5 if you didn’t know.

This “reality” violence simulator is a sign of the times that we are living in.

In 2013 there is a HUGE market of people who want to act out insane crimes on unsuspecting victims in order to “WIN”.

The point of all GTA games is to rob, steal, and kill for money.

It’s designed for adults but everyone knows mostly kids and young teens are playing these types of games.

It brings up the classical question is life imitating art or art imitating life?

I think the fact that certain scenarios are never possible in the game is very telling.

For example there are no scenes in the game where corrupt banksters get robbed.

Why do you think theses types of situations are missing but car jacking some defenseless mother at the red light is considered awesome fun?

I’m just saying.




The number one rising product searched for the last 7 days was dishwashers.

This is ironic as I walked into my kitchen this morning and the dishwasher had overflowed soap bubbles all over the kitchen like a skit on SNL.

Now that I see this is the top trending product I see that I’m not alone.

If you own a home remodeling or plumbing business now is the time to emphasize your expertise at installing dish washers.

The time is NOW to send out a mailing or run an ad that talks about this service because you now have PROOF that people are thinking about this appliance.


The Sun is Shining

One day later in Florida.  The Sun is Shining




Are you a hard worker?

If so then you will be a winner once you focus your efforts in the right places and THINK before you make moves on social media.

Start by understanding who you are and what you stand for.

Then make a conscious decision to share YOURSELF with the world.

Are you Old School, New Age, Trendie, Hippie, Conservative, Afro-Centric, etc.

Don’t self censor your thoughts instead understand RISK/REWARD and play “the game”.

If you play it too safe and focus on NOT LOSING then you will just do that, NOT LOSE and not win.




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  1. Darnell,

    Thanks for this post. I am actually having fun interacting with other people in my blog, so it means that I am winning social media. That’s great!

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