Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa – ep. 8 – Chorão.

Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa – ep. 8 – Chorão.

Chorão Rest in peace

Welcome to Social Media Saturday episode number 8.


For the first time a few weeks Social Media Sam™ is sad due to the loss of life.

This past week it was reported that Brazilian musician Chorão whose real name is Alexandre Magno Abrão, was found dead in his apartment last night in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Personally I have never heard of this musician before but I enjoy music and I can tell by the reaction of this news that he had a huge impact on peoples lives.

It makes it much more sad to hear rumors that he died  from an apparent drug overdose.

  • If someone made this up then it’s very disrespectful to imaging that someone would tell these types of horrible lies.
  • If it’s true then it’s just a very sad ending to an extremely talented life.

My thoughts and prayers go to the family.

> Moment of silence <


> Back to #SoMeSa <




The number one Web Search for the last seven days was Chorão

The number one Image Search for the last seven days was Chorão.

The number one News Search for the last seven days was Chorão.

I’m surprised, shocked really that a musician’s death would trump the death of Venezuela’s President  Hugo Chavez and the resignation of the Pope.

I must be really living under a rock, or is it just me?

Seriously, what would you expected to be the #1 trending topic for week 10 2013?

Not to mention “Queen” Elizabeth apparently got very sick this past week and spent time in the hospital.

I’m not sure if it was from the reports of Horse Meat that has been found circulating the food supply in Europe or not.

Also, that the sequestration or sequester meme isn’t one of the top searched terms of the last 7 days should tell you something about perspective and scale.

The things that are important here in the US are not important EVERYWHERE, we just tend to think they are.


The number one Product Search for the last seven days was Beer Dispenser.

Some people like beer some people like wine.  I’m a  beer man myself, what about you?.


I guess it’s getting closer to spring break, I’m not sure why so many people are searching for an easy way to pour beer.  What do you think?

Here’s my favorite beer quote:

Beer.  Proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.

-Very Smart man and  probably Homer Simpson


SoMeSa Tip #1 – Google+ VIDEO RANT:  You Mad bro?

Google Plus news:




SoMeSa Tip #2 – Twitter:

11 Steps To Building Your Brand On Twitter by John Paul Aguiar

How to Be a Successful Host – on Twitter! by Debbie Swanson


SoMeSa Tip #3 – FaceBook:

Facebook news:

Facebook Tips:

 3 Effective Techniques To Kick-Start Your Social Media Following by Kiesha Easley

7 Tips to Boost Your Presence on Facebook by Aaron Lee



SoMeSa Tip #4 – Pinterest:

You have to bookmark this awesome Pinterest series from problogger:

Heavyweight Help: The Complete Guide to Getting Started on Pinterest by Jamie M Swanson



Now it’s over to you:

Why do you think people so mad on social media?

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