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Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa – ep. 9 – IS IT ME OR THE MODERATOR?

Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa - by Darnell Jackson

Welcome to Social Media Saturday episode number 9.


Happy Spring.


This is the first social media report since the spring started a few days ago and I have to say it feels great.

Just like it always does.

Man, what’s a better season than the spring?


Experienced business owners know the spring is the start of the real sales season.

There’s nothing more lame than sales in January and February.

Everybody’s cold and nobody want’s to do nothing but say, NO to everything.


That’s why it’s so important to leverage your online business.

The one store that will be open no matter what the weather brings to your neighborhood is your website.


Social Media Saturday is designed to help you review the current trends and identify the opportunities.

For example.

In the last episode I wondered why “beer dispenser” was a trending topic for product searches worldwide.

Now, I know why.


St Patrick’s Day was March 17th


See, what I mean?

There are huge opportunities to be found by reviewing the trending topics weekly.


Knowing what we’ve just learned about “beer dispensers” lets review the most popular keywords from the last seven days.

somesa9-web search


The most popular rising web searches for the past seven days was ncaa bracket and lil wayne.

The top two searches was Facebook and Google. I don’t think this will change anytime soon.


I want to remind you again that it’s 100% true what I said on my about page.

I did make money with Lil Wayne, it just shows that anything is possible, I will be writing a post soon detailing the entire story.



It’s march madness so it’s easy to understand why ncaa bracket is the number one rising search term.

If you’re not a basketball fan why not follow the tournament that selects the best blogger in the world?

If you are then you should be leveraging basketball and hoops as part of your content marketing strategy.

Connecting in a personal real way is what matters the most.


The most popular rising product searches for the past seven days was eyelet dress and hummingbird feeder.


It’s spring time, women are looking for dresses, that means they will be happy.

Happy women means one thing, happy dudes.

I like being happy.

If you are in the wedding business then you should be happy too and using this information to know what is popular before you meet with your clients.

Imagine how you could impress them by explaining how you know what will be in style for their wedding based on objective data.


Seeing hummingbird feeder as the number one product that people were searching for is very encouraging.

It shows that people aren’t just 100% selfish dirty bastards after all, right?

Instead of searching for something for themselves like beer glasses, people wanted to find a way to attract and feed beautiful hummingbirds, there’s nothing wrong with that. 

See, the spring is just a GOOD thing.



The two top product searches was Samsung and iphone.

Iphone used to be on top for a while and now that it has switched to Samsung.

This ought to tell you something about how well the recent Galaxy S4 launch went.

Judging by the search popularity it made a big enough impact.

Next up Apple is rumored to make a watch.  Would you buy that?

Also, I notice that blackberry’s latest product isn’t even on the radar screen.

What does that tell you about how well their upcoming launch will go?




The most popular rising News searches for the past seven days was Cyprus and Lil Wayne.

Don’t miss my video below where I explain my unique solution to this banker problem in  Europe.

The people have been hosed for days since the banks there closed.

It’s surreal, now they are talking about taking money out of people’s bank accounts to pay for a new government bailout.

Business owners should pay very close attention to what’s happening here.

Do you trust your money in the bank more or less than you used to?


The most popular rising image searches for the past seven days was lindey vonn and easter.

This gives you perspective on how long ahead of time people start thinking about major holidays like Easter.

This was the #2 rising search of the last seven days with Easter 8 days away.

So, if you are planning a special event or  trying to coordinate a holiday sale this gives you a idea on how long to plan your marketing ahead of time.

Do you want your advertisements to hit before people start talking about the holiday?

Doesn’t it make more sense to start talking about the holiday WITH your customers?

The two top image searches was hot and wallpaper.

It was HOT here in Florida for a few days but I’m not sure why this term was so popular for image search, what do you think? 

Seeing wallpaper as a popular trending image topic makes sense with it being the spring.

People are motivated to renovate their homes and businesses, sorry dudes this means the honey do list will grow like a freshly watered Chia pet.

However, if you have  home repair business then you may want to start emphasizing your wallpaper installation services.


People are searching for it silly.




This is the first episode of #SoMeSa where the new category YouTube has been added to Google’s search trends explorer.

The most popular rising YouTube searches for the past seven days was beyonce bow down and cumbia papal.

Seeing that Beyonce’s latest single was the #1 rising trending topic isn’t surprising at all.

What was surprising was seeing Rush Limbaugh get involved somehow.

This is either an example of brilliant marketing or exceeding stupidity I can’t quite put my finger on it. 

The song was controversial and it even got a response from popular R&B artist Keyshia Cole who said the song sets a bad example for women.

I think as far setting an example goes Beyonce should look at what she wears on stage.

To be as successful as she is, let me just say it like this. If she took anymore off she would be standing there what, naked?  

Also, she wants to disarm Americans with her PSAs and her gun buybacks.

People, ESPECIALLY women need firearms to protect themselves in this crazy world so, I’m on Keyshia Cole’s side on this one.



The most popular YouTube search was harlem shake and minecraft.

The harlem shake meme proves that old memes can be reborn and remixed.

It’s ironic that P.Diddy, the dude who got famous for remixing other peoples songs finally got an original meme to be popular and then it gets remixed.


Everyone has got in on this latest fad from Jim Cramer to the Miami Heat.

This proves that you can use memes to connect with your audience in fun and personable ways but you have to move quickly before they get too old.

How long do you think it will be before the new harlem shake fad wears out?

How many people do you think have never heard of the original harlem shake?



Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa NEWS

NEWS:  Twitter turns 7 years old.

Mat Honan asked an excellent question, “What Was Your First Tweet?”


NEWS:  JPMorgan chase has glitch zero’s out customers balance accounts:

Yeah if you think the Cyprus situation can’t happen here you better think again.


Social Media Saturday #Tips

The best advise to improve your social media presense for the last 7 days.

Got a tip? Share it below thanks.



Link to my original question.  Link to follow up thread by Scott R.

Now add your two cents.  Do you think it was me or the moderator.  Was Scott right?


Sarah Hill is the 35th most followed person on Google+ wrote this excellent article: 5 Ways Google+ and Google Hangouts Can Benefit You as an Entrepreneur

Beth Hayden wrote an excellent article 12 Ways to Connect, Create, and Collaborate Using Google Hangouts




Winson Yeung wrote a excellent article How To Polish Your Social Media Marketing Strategy




Ana Hoffman is a very popular blogger who I’ve learned a ton from and who’s blog was selected for this years #IBCT tournament.

Don’t miss her article 10 Killer Tips on How to Get More Facebook Fans James Bond Style



Don’t miss Lisa Irby’s latest video on creating trailers in YouTube.  I always hear about the latest YouTube features from her first check it out.


Thanks for checking out this episode of Social Media Saturday.

Don’t forget the week doesn’t end it just renews again make sure you are prepared my friend.



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  1. Alex says:

    Nice breakdown Darnell.
    Re: the Europe banking crisis, checkout Bitcoin. It’s an app based monetary unit that has almost doubled its worth (they are like shares in that the ‘value’ of one Bitcoin is variable depending on the market) because every savvy European is pulling their cash out of the bank and sticking it in the app based system.

    Interesting stuff.


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