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Last night the president of The United States presented his annual State of the Union address.  A speech that is done every year to let the county know how things are going and what’s next.  A couple of things he said stood out to me for business owners concerned with the economy and government spending.

1. Require all youth to attend high school until they are 18?  

How can the federal government do actually do this?  I thought school administration was a local issue?  So are local school boards to now report to the federal government?  What if a 16 year old drops out is he going to be arrested by some federal officers or something?


2. Stop IRAN from getting a nuclear weapon at all cost?  

Huh?  How can we operate on a budget and at any cost at the same time?  Who has to pay for the difference in cost?  Is it true that The United States borrow’s money from China? Didn’t China and Russia say they are siding with IRAN? Have we forgot about the Iraq?  Come on man.


3.  Double down on “green energy”.  

Does that mean another Solyndra?  Did you hear about this company it lost $500 million of government money it was provided with and ended up filing bankruptcy.  Does that mean we have to pay for this, again?  That’s what they call a “Double Down” at the craps table in Vegas.


Based on what I heard it seems to me that more deficit big government spending is coming what do you think?  Thanks for your comments.

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