What I learned from Spencer Haws Q&A with the founder of NichePursuits.com

What I learned from Spencer Haws Q&A with the founder of NichePursuits.com

This week I’m pleased to feature Spencer Haws the founder of NichePursuits.com

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This is the twelfth edition of the What I learned interview series.


Spencer Haws


Personally, I’m a HUGE fan of  objective analysis and PROOF.

ANYONE can claim they did this or that but VERY FEW can actually prove it.

Even less are willing to show you EXACTLY what they did to get results in the first place.

This is why I want you to meet Spencer Haws.

Here some quick stats:



  • Domain Registered: Nov 2010

  • Alexa Traffic rank: 12,962

  • Facebook likes: 2,096

  • Twitter followers: 1,652

  • Google+ circles: 407


I first discovered Spencer’s site when I was researching blogs for the #IBCT.

What caught my eye was a recent case study where he built a niche site from scratch and shared step by step how he went from concept to establishing a brand new income stream.

When people say you can’t make money online one of the first names that comes to my mind is Spencer Haws.

I guess it’s like they say what ever you sincerely believe is TRUE at least it is for YOU:

  • If you believe you will fail then, you’re probably right.
  • If you believe you will succeed well, you’re probably right too.

I’m sharing his story because I want you to believe.

I want you to succeed.


Ok, alright, enough of me.  

Lets go to the interview with Spencer Haws the founder of NichePursuits.com


This fall will mark the 3rd anniversary for your site NichePursuits.com. What has changed the most about your online strategy in 3 years?

I agree that a lot has changed over the past few years.

The primary strategy has actually remained the same when it comes to niche websites. The strategy is to find a low competition keyword that is easy to rank for and then build a site targeting that keyword.

However, with the Panda and Penguin updates; Google has made some changes in how they rank sites. So, now I focus more on quality sites that can truly help the searcher and my link building strategies are a little bit different.


I noticed that you actually earned a MBA as a backup plan to your online career. What do your recommend for high school students that are considering internet marketing instead of college due to the job market/debt?

Yes, I earned my MBA. I’m not sure I would call it plan A or plan B. I wanted a business, but an MBA was more realistic. I always wanted to own a business, but back in college, I really didn’t know what that would be. So, it was really until after I completed my MBA that I started making any real money online.

I don’t think I would encourage any high school student to skip out on college in order to pursue internet marketing. Get an education if you don’t already have a successful business. The reality is that most people will never make any money online or start a successful business. So, I would highly recommend high school students to pick a career and pursue that through a college education.

However, I would also encourage students and others to start businesses while in school or on the side. If these business ideas take off, then by all means feel free to quit college or your job. I’m a huge proponent of businesses, but people should be smart about when to “quit” their jobs or schooling. If you are not making enough money to support yourself, then you should have a job or be in school.


Now that you are earning a full time salary from your websites can you remember what you thought of to stay motivated when you were making NO money?

I’ve always had an inner desire to run my own business.

A big part of the motivation for me was the lack of fulfillment from my job. I wasn’t happy there and really didn’t enjoy the work. This motivated me to find something else.

I also knew that I didn’t just want another job though.

This lack of desire to be at my current job, and my passion to be on my own both motivated me to build a true business asset that I own.


True Or False. SEO is dead. Why?

SEO is alive and well.

Type something into Google, did you get some results? Then SEO is alive.

As soon as websites stop ranking in Google, then you will know its dead. (I’m being sarcastic here…SEO will be around for as long as search engines are around).

I build new sites all the time and they rank well in Google.


As an ex Banker how do you feel about Bitcoin?

I’m actually fascinated by Bitcoin…great question! I first read about Bitcoin several months in Wired Magazine. I find it quite intriguing that an anonymous programmer was able to develop an online currency and its becoming more and more used. I don’t want to get too political, but the US dollar is currently a fiat currency (no assets really backing it). And the supply of US dollars is also continuously growing based on actions taken by the government. Both of these present problems for the US dollar.

Bitcoin on the other hand is fixed in its supply, which makes it less susceptible to inflation. I can’t address all the pros and cons, but there are some cons that may or may not make it viable for the long term. Anyway, I like the idea of Bitcoin and hope a free market currency does well. Whether or not it becomes widely accepted is yet to be seen, but I really like the idea of it.



What I learned from Spencer Haws the founder of NichePursuits.com


#1 – Plan for success use strategy.

Don’t quit your day job, yet.  

It might not accelerate your success but instead cause you HUGE problems if your site isn’t making enough money to keep the lights on.

It’s just as important to be strategic in the decisions you make with your career as it is when you are promoting your site.

I couldn’t agree with Spencer more, I started my first company 10 years ago working in corporate America.

When everyone else was wasting time “shooting the breeze” at work I was busy running my business “on the side”, lol.


#2 – If you’re looking for motivation look in the Mirror.

It’s time for a self evaluation.

What are your REAL motivations?

Be honest.

This will determine your results as much as anything else.

Spencer created this step by step niche site case study because he wanted to demonstrate how to create an affiliate site from scratch.

Not that HE doesn’t already know how to do this he already has tons of other affiliate sites that earn money every month.

He did this to help YOU learn in the best way possible by providing a REAL live example.

Again, what are YOUR motivations?

Are you really trying to help your audience or just make money off of them?



#3 – For professional results use pro tools.

SEO is not dead.

However, as Spencer alluded to in the first answer the search engine game has changed.

This means you can’t just throw some crappy one page site together and expect it will get ranked on page one.

It takes effort, it starts with research.

Amateurs make a huge mistake when they pick the WRONG keyword for their site.

Pro’s like Spencer use professional keyword tools to help them identify which keywords are worth targeting.

Just think he registered the domain for this knife niche this year and it’s already making money.

Remember, the only difference between professionals and amateurs is results.



I want to thank Spencer Haws for taking the time to do this interview.

I know you could have built another niche site QUICK and make some MORE money but instead you shared knowledge and I really appreciate it. THANKS A BILLION.


That’s it for this episode.

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7 comments on “What I learned from Spencer Haws Q&A with the founder of NichePursuits.com
  1. Eric Evans says:


    This is such a great interview. Thank you very much for introducing Spencer Haws. Yes, I also agree. The primary strategy has actually remained the same when it comes to niche websites is to find a low competition keyword that is easy to rank for and then build a site targeting that keyword.

    Eric Evans recently posted…Alienware AX51-6152BK Desktop (Black)My Profile (dofollow)

  2. I actually discovered Spencer today. Very impressed with how far he has gone.
    Gosh, I love this ” If you’re looking for motivation look in the Mirror.”
    Thanks for sharing bro. Loved it!
    Oluwaseun Babajide recently posted…Interview with John Lee Dumas of EntrepreneurOnFire.comMy Profile

  3. It’s always cool seeing someone who’s found a way to make their living online like this. I like the way he responded to the questions as well. First time I’m hearing about Bitcoin; the “old guy” in me is wary, but the younger guy in me says I need to learn more.

    Nice job to both of you.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…An Interview With Roger Madison, Founder Of iZaniaMy Profile (dofollow)

  4. Spencer says:

    Thanks Darnell for the interview! You had some great questions here, and I hope your readers find some value from what I’ve shared. Thanks again!
    Spencer recently posted…NSP Update 7: Rankings, Earnings, and Strategy ReviewMy Profile

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