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Stop Working for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ for free

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Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever noticed people on social media posting great content non stop for FREE?

Like Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have enough money?  Well I guess he’ll be back to where he started if that stock keeps sliding like it has been.  


Watching the employment numbers and the facts about how people are doing financially in this country its clear that people are not aware of the fundamentals of MONEY which starts with VALUE.

3 Important things you need to know about Value:

  1. You can create an infinite amount of it.  Writing is great example of this.  People uploading their artwork is another.  All of these creations that come from your mind are proof that you have a VAULT of value inside your HEAD.  Isn’t it time to unlock it?
  2. You can use your value or someone else can.  The creations that come from your head in the expression of a funny TWIT or an instagram moment that you upload all result in increased value for the system that you upload it to.  Instagram and Twitter may benefit but what about you?
  3. Continual Creations = Compound Interest.  This is something that I may have a difficult time explaining.  Comment below if this explanation is not clear to you.  Basically what you don’t realize is the more you create consistently over time the more TOTAL creations you’ll have as time passes.  The new value grows and builds on top of the old value. This is how someone like George Lucas wakes up in the morning with a portfolio of Movies worth Billions.  This is also how bloggers make a living off of their OLD articles and content.

MY ADVISE:  Don’t leave your chips at the table, get your money.

I’m not sure how you rock when your in Vegas but I never leave my chips at the table I don’t give a damn what the situation is If I leave the table my chips leave too.

This is my question for you Social Media Power Users out there:

You have hundreds or thousands of followers and fans on social media but how it it helping you pay your bills?

Here is a strategy that you can implement right away to begin building and extracting the VALUE that YOU created:

  1. Purchase a Domain and set up a blog.  You can go attend the Free Website Workshop to get step by step instructions on how to set up a fully functioning blog for FREE.  YOU created the content WHO should get the value from it if not YOU?
  2. Move all your stuff over.  Go through all of your posts and find out what was most popular and move those posts over to your blog.  Basically rewrite/remix the posts on your new website.  You can post an announcement to your readers that you have a blog now and that the conversation has been moved there.  You can enable facebook commenting on your posts if you want to maintain your FB relationships and embed Twitter updates, etc.
  3. Broadcast or publish content from your blog and share it on social media.  Now the relationship has changed.  You’ll still post the same great content that you always have, but now instead of posting it on TWITTER or FACEBOOK first you will upload the content to YOUR blog and then SHARE your content on social media.   You can also challenge your readers to share your blog posts with their followers and now you can get real momentum and BUZZ for a website and content YOU own.

IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES?  Have you ever heard of the theory of six degrees of separation?  Everyone is connected to everyone and on social media even more so.  Here’s what’s possible when you control YOUR content online:

  1. You publish a NEW post on your blog
  2. You share your post on Twitter
  3. a Twitter follower re-tweets your post
  4. the Retweet is read and your post shared on facebook
  5. a Facebook user likes your post
  6. a Facebook follower shares the post to their G+ circles
  7. a G+ user reads your post and posts a comment on your blog post
  8. you reply to their comment on your blog post
  9. The G+ reader posts a link on their blog to your post

SEE WHAT I MEAN? It just keeps going and going and going but it starts with YOU!


I’m Just trying to help people accomplish their goals online and share what has worked for me.

To get the best in life you have to first give yourself the best options.  Set your self up for SUCCESS.  You are not a loser you are a winner who has been successful at identifying what won’t work.  Someone has to do that too.  Now go on don’t quit it’s your dream.  Live it.


Don’t forget to checkout the FREE WEBSITE WORKSHOP its the easiest way to get your content going for your benefit and fast.  The sooner you work for your cause the sooner you can tell your boss to get lost.


I got love for all of my subscribers and followers online.  I’m not trying to be controversial but I wonder who is showing me more love the Retweeters or the followers at FreedomMMC?  What do you think?  Anyway here’s some shout outs to my online twitter peeps.  Follow me or retweet my posts and I’ll probably put you on blast too:

Big shout out to all my recent @FreedomMMC re-tweeters preciate’ it yo!

Extra large shout-out with extra cheese and toppings to all the followers @FreedomMMC.  I can’t put you on blast if you don’t follow me so thanks for the opportunity:

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