Are you afraid of success? What happened at Art Walk Wednesday.

SUCCESS. Is that what I’m afraid of? +What happened at Art Walk Wednesday.

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Have you ever tried placing two magnets together on the same side?

Notice how they resist each other?

It’s like each magnet is afraid of the other one.


Even though both magnets are exactly the same.

Then, when you flip one of the magnets over they stick together tight like glue.


Is that how success works?


Question. Have you ever had a telemarketer job?

Maybe you didn’t know but there are only three types of people in the world:

Those who have received telemarketer calls, those who have worked as a telemarketer, and everyone else.


If you’ve ever tried to make a sale as a telemarketer you know you’re up against a TON of resistance right from the start.

You’re lucky if you’re even able to get someone to say hello for two seconds let alone explain WHY you’re calling them in the first place.

Kinda like the magnets on the wrong side.


However, have you ever seen an offer that was so enticing that you just had to pick up the phone and respond ASAP?

You’re like ahhh man I CAN’T miss this deal that’s that _______________ that I always wanted, AND it’s ON SALE BWAAAAAHAHAAA!.

The telemarketer on the other end of that call is like, Yaaay! happy people calling me and wanting to order stuff.

Kinda like the magnets on the right side.



Is it a destination like the way so many people describe it?

Is it somewhere that when you arrive you know it as soon as you get there, like “boom – I’m here, I finally freaking made it!”

What brings you closer to it?

What pushes you away?

How do you know if you’re on the right side of the success magnet?




I’ve come to realize in my life you have a very important choice to make.

You can either move in the direction of your dreams or you can do something else.

When you start taking actions that moves you in the right direction you will feel and start to see a difference.




NOTICE: It’s very important that you remember all of these events took place within the last 24 hours.

I had no idea WHO I would meet but I knew that I WOULD meet someone for sure and doing that was something that I knew I had to do in order to move towards the success that I NEED in my life.

There’s no way I could have ever known what was going to happen at the time I was recording the intro to this video which actually took me about ten times as long as I thought it would.

Put it like this, it was daylight when I started recording and it was dark when I finally had a take that was decent enough to keep.  Don’t ask me why but I just couldn’t talk for some reason, I kept messing up. 

I remember thinking how ironic it was that I’m making a video about encouraging people to do what is important against all odds and here I am about to say FHUK IT and cancel the whole thing.

However, thinking about that made me KNOW what I had to do, so I kept going.


Oh yeah, I didn’t find a good parking spot either.

I had to walk several blocks in the wind and rain with a sorry ass umbrella that kept flipping on me which was also hilarious.

I remembered thinking about how Puff Daddy made one of his groups walk all of those miles across New York City just to get him some cheesecake. (shout out to @brooklynbabs and @iamch0pper from the original Making the Band.)

I knew I was doing what very few would do and THAT at least meant I was moving in the right direction.

The cool thing was I KNEW that I was also going to meet other people who had done the same thing that I had.

They also could of have mailed it in on Wednesday night.

They could have chose to stay home and watch their favorite show on premium cable or zombied out on YouTube.

Instead they went the Sweet Brown route on that foolishness. They didn’t have time fo dat.

Neither did I.




Make sure you tell them I sent you.


Special Shout out to the Art Center Cooperative, Inc. Thanks for treating me like a million bucks.

Viktor Lazarev – Multimedia Artist  (904)-744-5797 | Email-lazarevv@BellSouth.net

Paul Baker – The Pen Crafter

Kate DahlbergJewelry Designer

Marsha Hatcher – Fine Artist

Zachary Gragg – ZLG Photography

Samuel Sanders – Singer Song writer



I was extremely inspired by all of the artists and business owners that I met yesterday.

But, Samuel Sanders.

This freaking dude killed it with a live performance of a song titled “Afraid Of“, off of his album available on iTunes Under The Shadow.


This song inspired me to think about the idea of not being afraid of FAILURE but actually being AFRAID of success.

I thought, “Is that what I’m afraid of?”


Am I scared of actually making it?

Have I become so USED to not being “successful” that part of me likes things about the way they are now?


On Tuesday I shared a post from Lynn Terry’s blog on Twitter with a quote that I thought was outstanding:

Success must be earned, deserved, respected and appreciated.


I like this quote because it matches my style.

I know if you earn it then you will deserve, respect and appreciate it, but HOW do you do it?



1.  Take advantage of every opportunity possible.

2.  Make what you think is not possible, possible.

3.  Go to step #1.


This basically sums up what I have been doing this year.

The 5M reports have been documenting my progress step by step so you can see the results are objective.


WAIT A MINUTE, is that why,

Ari Herzog says you get it?

You’d have to ask him.

All I can tell you is I’ve been following his blog for over a year and I’ve learned a TON about blogging from his site.

However, I had to admit that seeing someone that you highly regard mention you like this can make a grown man blush.

…even if you are Mr. #BlogSoHard


This is what I mean when I say you can feel it.


I definitely feel excited seeing Ari’s article.

Just like I feel inspired listening to “Afraid Of and looking at the amazing artwork of Viktor Lazarev and Marsha Hatcher.

I feel anxious to create something important by the awesome skills of Paul Baker and Kate Dahlberg.


I went out to that Art walk yesterday knowing that I would meet NEW people who believed in themselves and I was right.


I just didn’t know I would be one of them.


Want results? Get the Plugin.

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4 comments on “SUCCESS. Is that what I’m afraid of? +What happened at Art Walk Wednesday.
  1. Cherry Tiu says:


    This is such a nice article. I believe that all of us wants to be successful, but in order to be successful; we also need to experience failure.

    Cherry Tiu recently posted…Guide to Universal and Programmable RemotesMy Profile (dofollow)

  2. Wade Harman says:

    Success is failure fixed over and over. To be truly successful, one has known what it’s like to fail.
    Wade Harman recently posted…The 7 Step Daily Twitter Marketing PlanMy Profile

  3. Ari Herzog says:

    You didn’t have to blush but you humble me that you did. You merely called me because I asked you to call, that’s all. Yeah I’m downplaying it but I’m also being realistic.

    Have a great weekend, Darnell.
    Ari Herzog recently posted…Darnell Gets It. Thanks @FreedomMMCMy Profile

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