Successful Freelance Writing Online - Review

Successful Freelance Writing Online – Review


In my opinion there are only three ways to make money online for most people.

One is to sell advertisements, and links on your website using systems like Google Adsense, also known as blogging.

Another is to sell affiliate products and earn a sales commission, also known as affiliate marketing.

The third and in my opinion EASIEST and FASTEST way to earn $1000 online is to sell the articles that you write, also known as Freelance writing.

OK, Ok, ok, I know, I know–the EASIEST way of all to make money online is to sell the stuff that you already have on eBay, granted you already have some good stuff AND a few dollars to pay for the listing fee.

However, this isn’t sustainable as eventually you will run out of good stuff to sell. 

So, it’s back to the three choices above.

The glaring question facing you NOW is, HOW.

Well I’ll tell you right up front, making money online via option #1 and #2 above are not easy or straight forward and they require a HUGE amount of effort and time and frustration and heartache too.

You have to build up trust with people before they’ll buy stuff through your affiliate links and you have to rank #1 for highly competitive search terms to really make any money from Google Adsense.  All of this takes knowledge, experience, and skill which if you don’t already have takes TIME to acquire.  As a matter of fact you can have a TON of traffic like Ana Hoffman and still not be making a huge amount of money.  This just shows how difficult it really is to make a living blogging.

So, that leaves option #3, FREELANCE WRITING.

This is what I recommend for all business owners, YOU SHOULD BE WRITING AND PUBLISHING ARTICLES.


Well, read this for an IN DEPTH explanation but in short, it separates you from your competition in a POSITIVE way that establishes you as THE knowledgeable expert in your niche.

Perfect example, the mayor of my city, Alvin Brown who was smart enough NOT to support Obama by the way even took advantage of the writing venue with a guest post for The Huffington Post.

What this does mean to you?

  1. First impression and reputation. People who had no idea who he was now know him from the ideas he shared on Huffpo.
  2. You can literally do the same thing even though he misused the word, “literally” in his article (hilariously) it just shows you don’t have to be a perfect writer to get published.

So, how do you get in on the action?

Well, my grandmother always said if you knew better you would do better, so I recommend the same for you, EDUCATE YOURSELF.

This is why I want you to check out the very popular book by Tom EwerSuccessful Freelance Writing Online.

 If you don’t know who Tom is check out the exclusive interview I published with him a few months back.


If you’re a subscriber then you know I’ve shared with you some of my most impressive accomplishments of writing and getting PAID and how I made $1000 quick writing this or writing that but one of the things that I left out is how I REALLY learned how to do it.

Tom’s book.


Yeah, it’s that good.  I read it front to back and back to front about three times and then I simply started putting the advice in action and man am I happy with the results.  


Here’s 7 reasons why I strongly recommend you read, Successful Freelance Writing Online, by Tom Ewer.


#1 – NO FILLER. 

The book is over 150 pages and not one is wasted.  Aside from the obvious legal disclosures and disclaimers every single page is packed with high quality information that reads like answers to questions that I’m sure you have if you’re serious about becoming a freelance writer.



This isn’t one of those “Save as a PDF” glorified word documents that some dude is selling as an “eBook”.  This digital book is professionally done, it looks great and it’s delivered to you in a PDF format that’s compatible with basically every device out there from Windows, to Android, to Mac, and even Linux too.



I love it when I buy something and the thing I bought is good but then it comes with other stuff that’s just as good or even better than the thing I bought.  This book is like that.  After you make your purchase you get a .zip file that when you unzip contains in addition to the book 8 other resource materials.  You get checklists, step by step guides, recommended tools, and more like Tom’s 9 Step Process to Writing a Blog post Quickly.   Remember, Content = Value & Value > Money.  Therefore if you want money create valuable content which attracts money like a moth to a light bulb. With this knowledge you can really take the wheel of your online career.



Tom’s a good writer and I’m sure if he was paid by some publisher he could have written a great book about any number of topics as is the job of a pro freelance writer.  However, as you will soon find out the industry is not all about the ability of someone to WRITE X number of words about a given topic it’s ALL ABOUT THE STORY.  This is what people are interested in and this is what separates Tom’s Book from most of the other stuff out there.

Tom isn’t talking hypothetically here, this isn’t about some theory that he subscribes to and is promoting, NO.  This is specifically what he learned and what he did as he literally (ha haaa!) left his employer behind.  It takes into account the varying points of view that I’m sure you share as you contemplate becoming a freelance writer like, “Why you don’t need to start with specific experience” and “How to establish your minimum acceptable Rate“.



There’s a chapter in this book titled “How to find clients” that is, in and of itself well worth the investment alone.  I say investment because in truth freelance writing is a business where the product is the articles that you produce.  Just like any business it has to start with some investment.  You can only get out of something what you first put into it, no matter what type of enterprise it is from a lemonade stand to a toenail washing company it all starts with an idea and some capital to get going.  If you are serious about becoming a pro freelance writer then you need to know how to find clients, this book explains how to do it.



Unlike SEOMOZ who promoted for years that it’s all about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION until they recently changed their name and TUNE when they started saying, oh yeah, it’s all about CONTENT now and by the way please just call us MOZ from now on.  Trendy advice is about as annoying as people who come over your house and don’t want to leave. 

The truth is it’s NOT about cracking the complex code of the ever changing search engine algorithms it’s all about knowing how to create high quality content that people WANT to read. The truth is the search engines if anything are being programmed to FIND THIS STUFF.  They know if they don’t deliver high quality links in their search results then people will start using another search engine, and “Google don’t play dat.”

This is what I like about this book.  As you read it you can tell that ten years from now most of these tips will still be relevant.  Obviously Facebook may not be here in 2023 but whatever takes it’s place will be thirsty for your high quality content and this book will help you learn how to write it today so you’ll still be writing then. 



I have to keep it real.  There are training courses out there that will teach you many of these same concepts but charge you more PER MONTH than this book costs.  Just think about that for a second.  

If you are struggling with finding gigs and/or earning money as a freelance writer there is a reason for this.  It’s not because all of the good gigs are taken my friend. Can you really afford to NOT know what to do any longer?  If you aren’t making money isn’t it true that you need help?

Why do you think rich people say that the most valuable commodity is information?

Why do you think people pay so much money to go to college?  Isn’t it because they believe that they will learn something that will raise their earning potential and salaries much higher than if they didn’t go?

Therefore, how much money would you like to earn per week as a freelance writer, seriously how much?  Take a second and write it down on a piece of paper, if you’re really serious tweet me a picture of it @FreedomMMC.

Now answer this.  How much money would you be willing to spend to earn this number?

Again, what Tom’s asking for his book and what you can earn from what you’ll learn from it is a very, very small investment, minuscule really for a huge potential.



Have you read this book?

Thanks for sharing your feedback below.

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  1. Kasshoggi says:

    I hit a snag in my freelance writing career when I couldn’t get into sites like Scripted and Content.co.UK despite my good writing skills.
    Now, I want to go improve my expressions to be able to bamboozle them, Lol. I will check out the book.

    P:S: Darnell, do you have any site(s) I can write for to hit 1000 dollars a month?
    Kasshoggi recently posted…The Wonders Of PapayaMy Profile

  2. To succeed in freelance writing, make sure that you’re charging what you’re worth
    Christopher James recently posted…Ultimate Attraction GuideMy Profile

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