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Why Mike Elgan is Wrong about Blogging

Mike Elgan is a very popular blogger on Google+ you should add him to your circles, he actually does share interesting stuff. However, he’s wrong about one very important thing… BLOGGING ON GOOGLE PLUS I have written about this in the

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Increased Unique Visitors, Visits, and % New Visits for the 5th week in a row [5M 005]

The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual #5. Click here for last week’s episode.   Commitment. That’s what’ it’s all about. That’s what it takes to grow your blog or website for 5 weeks straight. Most people don’t understand what commitment

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How to get High Quality Targeted Website Traffic from Google Plus

If you have spent anytime researching what it takes to make it as an online entrepreneur one of the terms you will eventually come across is “Targeted Traffic“. Everyone who is anyone in the world of pro blogging says this

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