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The Black Friday Strategy for Success

Here we go again.

It’s another holiday in America, and that means one thing.  Shopping.

As people frantically panic to rush into their favorite retailer I want to ask you to consider one thing:


How are you planning to be successful this Black Friday?

Have you identified what success means to you?

What would make a successful Black Friday for you?

  • Getting that one gift that everyone is talking about?

    Mark Heim reports AL.com

  • Getting that laptop or flat screen for 50% off?
  • Beating the crowd by getting there early?

What about ending the holiday season with More Money than you started it with?


This is what I call a Strategy for Success.


But, how can you end the holiday season with more money than you started with?

Well, isn’t that what all the retailers are planning on doing?

Have you seen the crowds at these places when they finally open up?  It’s like a fire drill in reverse or something.

I was just watching the news this morning and CNN was reporting that people are already camped out at Best Buy and have been there since SUNDAY(Nov 18th).  Imagine seriously sleeping on the sidewalk in a tent at Best Buy because you want to be the first in line to SPEND MONEY.


  • What makes it ironic is Best Buy is struggling so bad Financially that they probably won’t even be open by Black Friday 2013 as their sales have been tanking seriously.
  • What makes it even more ironic still is Americans are doing even worse than Best Buy.  People aren’t working like they used to be and incomes aren’t growing they are shrinking.

With that said, why do you think people are still focused on spending their money and not making more?

From the lines at these places you would think these retailers were selling treasure maps or something that Indiana Jones would search for, like some ancient artifacts or something.

But, no just a bunch of junk that you can always get on Amazon and probably for a better price and they even deliver it to your front door.

I’m not looking to judge anyone I’m just not going to budge when it comes to the core principles and strategies of success.

I want to invite you to join me at turning the tables on the status-quo this holiday season.

I’m starting a new tradition of success. Will you join me? ===========> Click Here for Details.

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