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The State of Your Website Address

The State of Your Website Address

This is the first ever annual State of Your Website Address.

Your Online Business has a lot in common with the United States of America rather you know it or not.

This post is designed to encourage you to focus on the most important factors that will lead you towards success.


The way for a young man to rise is to improve himself in every way he can, never suspecting that anybody wishes to hinder him.

Abraham Lincoln 


Old Abe the vampire hunter himself delivered four State of the Union speeches in the 19th century (although they called it something different) but he’s most known for the Gettysburg Address.

Barack Obama will deliver his fifth State of the Union address in the 21sth century tonight and I hope he’ll be most known for what he does from this point forward because so far it’s been a huge disappointment man I can’t lie but I did predict such things. 

Some may wonder, why give a State of the Union address in the first place? well, thanks to Wikipedia I found out–it’s in the constitution:


“He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient. ”

— Article II, Section 3 – U.S. Constitution


The idea of documenting where you are now, how far you’ve come, and what you’re facing annually is a good one.

There’s a reason why public companies and accredited non profit organizations constantly publish reports on their progress.

It keeps them focused on results and it can only help you to do the same.


Here’s 3 ways to keep track of how your website ranks in competition with the other nearly 1 billion websites on the internet:


#1 – Alexa

The International Blogger Championship Tournament  uses Alexa to rank the best blogs in the world because they are the most popular ranker of websites.

Also, I can personally vouch for their ranking performance and accuracy as I noticed my rank increasing as I grew my blog for 11 weeks straight.  However, whenever I would take any time off and not #BlogSoHard I noticed my rank would slip.

The easiest way to check your Alexa rank quickly is to use the PageRank Status Chrome SEO Toolbar.


#2 – Domain Authority and Page Authority – MOZbar

One of the most popular ranking systems out there is the DA and PA ranking system by MOZ formally SEOMOZ.  This is important because I have learned that the higher your blogs DA the higher the demand for your content if you’re a freelancer.  This means more money for you.

However, I also enjoy making fun of MOZ because they used to be called SEOMOZ but then they changed their name I guess because Matt Cutts said SEO is dead or maybe they finally figured out the best way to get traffic from search engines is to ignore Google and create content for your audience?  who knows.

Anyway, the easiest way to check your domain authority and page authority is to use the Mozbar Google chrome plugin.


#3 - Quantcast

Quantcast provides demographic and mobile usage metrics about most established sites publicly. You can search your favorite URL by using their Get insights Measure Tool.

This is a very convenient and fast way to objectively check up on the competition in your niche.

Find out WHO is visiting your site with this extremely useful online app.


#4 – ComScore

Because it’s not about where you are it’s all about where you’re going.  This super premium analytics product is designed for serious small businesses and start-up companies.  If nothing but the best will do go ComScore.




As I am writing this the President of the United States Barack Obama is detailing the accomplishments of his administration and is previewing his plans for the future.

Now is also great a time to do the same for your online business.

Why not start by documenting what you feel are your top 10 accomplishments of the last year.

Need help remembering what you did? Here’s some ideas to prime the pump:

  • How many guest posts did you get published last year?
  • How many articles did you write? How many social shares did they bring?
  • How many email subscribers did you attract last year?  How many more was this than the previous year?
  • How many positive comments did you get on your blog posts?
  • How many products did you self publish last year on Amazon or iTunes.  How many 5 star ratings did you receive?
  • How many clients were completely satisfied by your service? How many would be willing to recommend you?




One of the key spectacles to watch for at the SOTU is how well the president is received in public by the joint session of congress including senators and members of the house of representatives.

I always wonder if someone will boo or yell out something stupid but I don’t think it’s happened at a SOTU address, YET.

You can use this potentially awkward moment as a reminder to network with like minded and influential individuals in your niche.

Make sure you challenge and test your relationships by working to accomplish something important together like collaborating on an ebook Diana Burrell and Linda Formichelli is a perfect example.





Meanwhile at the SOTU, Obama just made a comment about how in the future he will and I’m paraphrasing “Go around congress if he wants to” in order to do what he determines must be done.

You should do the same as the executive in chief of your online business, the dictator of your blog, the blogtator, ha haaaaaaaa!


Identify the problem with specificity.

I just like to use that word but you need to be specific on exactly what problem you want to solve this year. Avoid speaking in broad terms instead be specific.  For example, “I will increase my daily unique visitors to at least 25 per day on average.”


Explain how you plan on accomplishing this goal.

If you wanted 25 new visitors per week you could easily accomplish this by publishing one new guest post per week on a blog that yields at least 25 x 7 = 175 referral visitors.  If 1% of the people that read your blog post click through to your site you would accomplish this goal if your guest post gets viewed by at least 17,500 visitors per week.

Visualizing your goals will help you accomplish them especially if you break it down into smaller parts.  In other words, don’t worry about generating 9,000 visitors focus on generating 25 per day.


Reserve the right to make an executive decision at any time.

In order to win ultimately you have to be really good at identifying what’s NOT working and willing to make adjustments.  The theory has to be “lose a battle if needed but always win the war”; this means puling the plug on a favorite niche project that’s just not getting traction or cancelling a traffic promotion test early because you can tell it’s not working.


Now it’s over to you, how do you feel about the State of your online business?

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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