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Tom Ewer’s Paid to Blog Jobs – Reviewed

How you feel when You get paid for writing

How you feel when You get paid as a Freelance Writer

So here’s the deal on Monday Tom Ewer, the founder of one of my favorite blogs LeavingWorkBehind and the author of the book Successful Freelance Writing launched his latest product for freelance writers, Paid To Blog Jobs.

Even though I’m a big fan of Tom’s work I’m also a huge skeptic of anything I read on the internet (unless it involves alien conspiracy theory’s which we all know are 100% true).

So, before I gave his product my endorsement I decided I would give it a test and post my opinion in the old school blogging style.

That means I would write my thoughts and reactions to his product exactly as they happened moment by moment.



13 Aug @ 9:17 am

I signed up just now and I wanted to report how things went for me and how much money I made from landing gigs using Toms new site.

I wanted to document how things went for me on this new site in real time so that you can get an accurate view of what’s possible.

My primary objective was to generate a return on my investment I figured if it cost me $30 a month then surely I could find a couple new clients out of the deal to cover the cost.

I thought, “Who wouldn’t want to trade $30 for any amount greater than $30?”

13 Aug @ 9:35 am

I will update this post as time passes and then publish this review as soon as I have obtained my return on investment no matter how long it takes.

I am about to submit my first pitch now to some gig in the “BEAUTY, TECH, AND GAMING” niche, I’ll report how it goes as well as other opportunities I’m pitching.

13 Aug @ 3:35 pm

Looks like I’m done sending pitches, bitches (don’t judge me blame the internet or Dave Chappelle).

On my first day I submitted pitches to all the listings that I felt matched my expertise in the last 30 days going back all the way to listings posted on Jul, 13.

13 Aug @ 4:21 pm

I just got a call in response to one of my pitches from a prospect in California.

We spoke briefly about his company and his plans to grow using high quality content.

The result of the call was him saying that he will pay me to write for his online business.

13 Aug @ 5:07 pm

I just sent the new client a quote we agreed he would pay half to start and half when it is complete.

I’m writing this as it happens right now it’s about 5pm and I’m waiting on the Paypal invoice to be paid.

Once it is paid I will have obtained a return on my original $30 investment.

…and then BINGO was his name YO!





You can get paid to blog using his paid to blog jobs site it will help you, it damn sure helped me.

Now honestly I’ll say that your results may not be the same as mine because you’re obviously not the badass writer that I am ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Just having fun.

Seriously though, what I mean is many of you reading this are far better writers than I am and it’s not even close trust me I read all your emails and I check your writing samples and many of you are really good with a pen or qwerty keyboard that is.

However, if you don’t apply yourself or invest in your career you won’t make a damn dollar.

That’s why I recommend Tom Ewer’s newest site Paid To Blog Jobs, I give it one big thumbs up!


I give it one big thumbs UP!




Ha haaaaaaaaa! no there’s no catch there’s just more to the site.  I didn’t even look into any of the other sections of the site such as:

  • In-depth Pitching Guides complete with template emails
  • Unlimited Pitch Review Service

So, there’s still more to discover in the site.  Maybe I’ll submit one of my pitches and see what they say.



Thanks for reading.

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6 comments on “Tom Ewer’s Paid to Blog Jobs – Reviewed
  1. Pinar Tarhan says:

    Hi Darnell,

    I decided to try out Tom’s blogging jobs after your review. It’s been only a couple of days, and while I’m impressed by the quantity of the jobs available, I am a bit disappointed by some of the fees offered by them. I wouldn’t think he would post jobs paying below a certain amount. That said, I found a couple of gigs I’m interested in and will see how they turn out.

    I also loved his in-depth guides on how to pitch, and his list for blogs offering guest post spots is also quite decent.

    Just wanted to share my experience so far. How about you? Have you applied for more gigs? Will you continue to subscribe?
    Pinar Tarhan recently posted…Hunting for The Right Premium WordPress ThemeMy Profile

  2. I’ve always wanted to be a paid blogger. Still looking for jobs.
    Paola Fuentes recently posted…Oral Sexo Ellos a EllasMy Profile

  3. Kathleen says:

    Awesome! Thanks for cluing us in. Always appreciate a thorough review of sites like this.

    Hmmm. Apparently, your site does’t like us speed readers. Made me come back and spend more time on the page before submitting my comment. :/
    Kathleen recently posted…New Writing Opportunity: SearchInfluence.comMy Profile

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