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Use the right tool for the job and benefit or don’t and suffer.

Here are the most valuable tools that I use to get the job done.

Blogging is what I do and these are the tools I use.

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Here’s a very important thought that I want to leave with you.

If your goal is to get professional results take it seriously or get help here’s what I mean:

An amateur Golfer can go to the driving range, hit 100 golf balls and maybe hit a handful of GOOD shots.

A professional Golfer can go to the driving range, hit 100 golf balls, and maybe hit a handful of BAD shots.

The best way to make it professionally on the internet is to become a pro by learning how to hit one good shot at a time.

I’ll share with you what I’ve found to work for me if you promise to give me a shout out when you get rich using this stuff, LOL.


In my Office:


  • ACER Aspire laptop.  Just because its the MOST laptop for the money and I consider laptops to be basically giant calculators.  You’ll be replacing them before you know it so why spend too much?  I recommend a large screen and I use a regular keyboard and mouse tray to improve ergonomics.  This is very important you don’t want to be trying to do your job while you’re in pain from carpal tunnel syndrome or something.  READ: Why I don’t like tablets.


Headset Microphone:


Web camera:



Inside my Laptop.  The software I use:

Operating System:

  • Windows 7 Ultimate.  Why fix what is not broken?  Sorry I’ll probably end up skipping Windows 8. MS needs to get their act together.


  • Microsoft Office.
    The only thing that Billy Gates hasn’t screwed up yet.  You might be shocked at how many books are written in MS WORD.  When you write guest posts it’s easier to send them in word version.  Also you need Excel and Powerpoint it will help you make your content much more visually appealing.

Image and Photo editing.

  • Photoshop has no peer, this is the industry standard and the best software to edit photos and images period.  You wonder why they say, “that image has been Photo-shopped?”

Screen-casting Software - (Record the screen)

  • Camtasia Studio. – This is the professional class product to use if you want to really impress your customers.  A++++ for benefits features and ease of use also makes very small file size videos.

Video Editing

  •  Adobe Master Suite - This is very expensive but if you pay a graphic designer that is even more costly.
  • Camtasia Studio - Cool think about this software.  It’s not only good for screen capture but you can edit video from your web cam or other sources with this software.

Audio Editing

  •  AUDACITY - The best tool to edit your mp3 or wav or any audio file.  Free tool but works great.
  • FL Studio.  I make all the beats you hear on my blogs with this software.  I found out Dr. Dre uses this too.  This is what I use to record The Most Important Podcast.



It’s true that’s why I wear a helmet for safety.

If you want step by step details of everything I use to set up and build a new website or blog make sure you REGISTER and watch the VIDEOS in the FREE website workshop.  It’s great information and it’s free.


Here are some of my favorites:


Domain Registration

  • GoDaddy – Is the Hosts for YourOnline.Biz and a number of other sites I have.  I recommend Godaddy for experienced bloggers.
  • DreamHost – Hosts RelationBoats.com.  I recommend DreamHost for newbies because it’s so easy to get your site up and running fast because wordpress is installed automatically.
Email Marketing
  • Aweber.  Don’t waste your time with the free email systems because you’ll only have to migrate eventually and this will costs you time and money.  Stick with the most popular email provider.
WordPress Themes:
WordPress Plugins: