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Video – Could Zimmerman be sent to #StopKony?

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Fascination works.  Special shout out to the article I noticed from these two geniuses who talk about a product people love to drink that really tastes like kerosene mixed with battery acid.  Can you guess it?  Well anyway its true but it happens everyday.  Your online business will thrive faster once you understand and implement this concept.

People are fascinating and therefore are attracted to what is just like them.  It is true the day you are born the world was changed forever and will never be the same.  Do you ever notice that people have a tendency to stare at each other in public?  What are we looking at?  I think we have a natural instinct to see if something around us may be at least interesting to look at or watch.  Don’t we talk to others about what we saw?  Its like, “Hey man, you won’t believe this lady I saw today at the market, man she was…”

Your online business needs a spark to attract people.  You don’t need a sensational product or service you just have to see and understand what is special about it.  People understand and appreciate sincere enthusiasm in service.  Its not what you do but how you do it.  Quality will always trump quantity, no Donald.

How do you think Amazon was able to put so many bookstores out of business?  Their service was the one doubt that people had and it turned out to be the strength of the company.  Have you ever tried to contact Amazon?  Every time I ever had to email or call them about a purchase they have resolved my issue immediately and the rep seemed happy to do it.  Watch interviews about the founder Jeff Bezos and you’ll find out this was his PLAN all along.

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Your online business can do the same.  You must first understand and plan how you will be fascinating.  Fishermen know the most sparkly looking lures catch the eye of the biggest fish.  Why do you think this works?  How are you going to catch the eye of your customers or supporters?  Controversy is one technique that PETA has used to get free publicity for their organization.  Its funny to me that they don’t protest leather as animal clothing, but that’s another topic.

Once you have your customer’s attention what message will you deliver that will keep them coming back?  Think about the brands that you prefer.  Why do you like them over the competition?  I notice that when given a choice people prefer what they really want most.  Will you drive past the competition to find the restaurant you prefer?  Or will you just go to what is most convenient?


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