Adrienne Smith Exclusive Interview

What I learned from Adrienne Smith – Q&A with the founder of AdrienneSmith.net

This is the sixth edition of the What I learned  interview series.

Don’t miss the last interview with Tom Ewer the founder of Leaving Work Behind.
This week I’m pleased to feature Adrienne Smith the founder of AdrienneSmith.net:



I found Adrienne’s website when I was researching blogs for the #IBCT.

I wanted to share her story not only because it’s inspirational but also because I think she sets a great example of how to blog.


Here’s some quick stats about her site,


  • Domain Registered: Jun 2009

  • Alexa Traffic rank: 44,514

  • Twitter followers: 6550

  • Facebook page likes: 605

  • Google+ users have her in circles: 2,240


Some bloggers, they just don’t get it.  The point of your blog is to connect with people and build relationships.

When it comes to building connections with your audience Adrienne Smith is the master.


One of the cool side effects of doing all of this research for the #IBCT is that it provides perspective.

I was able to document just how much Adrienne’s blog has grown over the last few months.

When I added her site to my spreadsheet her blog’s Alexa ranking was 63,890.

In only a few months she has increased her position by 19,376 positions or about 30%, WOW.

If you have ever read her blog you should understand why this has happened so quickly.

When Adrienne Smith writes, an avalanche of comments and social shares follows.

NO, these aren’t the anonymous use a keyword as your name spam comments either.  

Her comments come from real people, her posts draw reactions from tons of recognizable bloggers and power users that you may even follow yourself.


Alright, that’s enough of me, let’s go to the interview with Adrienne Smith the founder of AdrienneSmith.net


Darnell:   This summer will mark the 4th year anniversary for your blog AdrienneSmith.net. Can you name something that you were doing in your first 4 weeks of blogging that you still do today?


Adrienne:  Yeah, consistently writing post. Back then when I started I wrote a post three times a week come rain, shine or no traffic in those days. Almost 2 years ago I backed that off to twice a week but I’m still consistent and have never missed a post.


Darnell:  As a self described “non-techie” over the years which skill have you developed most that you lacked when you started out?


Adrienne: Gosh, I would have to say everything to be honest with you. I was an executive assistant in corporate America so I definitely could type, write professional correspondence and search the internet. Now I’ve always loved to learn but I honestly knew none of the skills it takes to build a business online let along blogging.


Darnell:  Finish this sentence:

When I had no readers I worried about ___________ now that I have readers I worry about _________.


Adrienne:  When I had no readers I worried about ever making it online now that I have readers I worry about still having enough time for everyone.


Darnell:  Can you name something positive that your blog has brought into your life that ordinarily would have never happened?


Adrienne:  I actually have several positive things that have happened to me but the two that stick out the most is that I’ve met some of the most amazing people through my blog that I now call really good friends. I’ve also learned just how many people I’ve been able to help and how much it means to them. That’s really why I blog!


Darnell:  What is the biggest mistake you notice small business owners making with their websites? (other than not having one.)


Adrienne:  Consistency with their actions whether that’s writing content, getting traffic to their sites, building relationships with their prospects, etc. Most people complain about not seeing results but it’s only because they aren’t being consistent.




Darnell:  FAV CELL PHONE: iPhone, Android, or other

Adrienne:  Don’t laugh but I’m not a big cell phone user. I still have a flip phone and just learned how to text last September.


Darnell:  FAV Social Media Platform: FB, G+, TW

Adrienne:  It use to be Facebook but now I have to say Twitter. Google+ is gaining some ground though!


Darnell:  T or F: The Dow Jones Industrial Average will finish 2013 at an all time high.

Adrienne:  If I could predict the future I probably wouldn’t be where I am today!


What I learned from Adrienne Smith the founder of AdrienneSmith.net:

#1 – Consistency is the path to professional success.

I’ve always said the difference between professionals and amateurs  is consistency.

    • An amateur golfer may hit one or two good shots out of 100.
    • A pro golfer might hit one or two bad shots out of 100.

If your online business isn’t hitting right it’s probably time to talk to a pro.


#2 – Focus on what’s important.

Adrienne isn’t one of those people wasting time playing Angry Birds or Farmville.  She’s too busy growing her blog which will in turn provide for her lifestyle.

Her values are obviously centered around things that actually are important like family.  Here is a post that should tell you everything you need to know about the type of person Adrienne is.


#3 – If you really want to earn, LEARN.

There is no free lunch.

You can’t take a shortcut and find success.

There isn’t a pill that you can swallow that will cause you to spontaneously know everything you need to in order to be successful.

If you want to learn how to build a responsive email list you have to actually learn how to do it first.

I’ve said this over and over again that the number one skill I learned in High School that helps me today is TYPING.

I took a typing class as an elective in High School because I was learning computers so I got my QWERTY on.

I can’t say how much this has helped me with my blogging, business, and basically everything related to a computer.

Imagine how long it takes to write a 1500 word article if you can type 60 words a minute?

These are the advantages you can give yourself.

It’s true.  If you knew better you would, do better.


Special thanks to Adrienne Smith!

I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me Adrienne I learned a ton, THANK YOU!



That’s it for this episode.

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9 comments on “What I learned from Adrienne Smith – Q&A with the founder of AdrienneSmith.net
  1. Dee Ann Rice says:

    Darnell,Adrienne really does do everything right and that is why she is so successful.I think the most important thing she does that others fail to do though is she is consistent and not just consistent some of the time but all of the time. She never fails to meet a deadline that she has set and she has a lot of them.I love Adrienne\’s blog and really enjoyed reading your interview with her.Dee Ann Rice
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted…Blogging CommunitiesMy Profile

  2. Deepak Mehra says:


    Well, I am not a newbie anymore but still your tips were really worth readin
    I will surly use these tips for my twitter marketing campaign. Thanks for these tips.

    Deepak Mehra recently posted…Accounting Management SoftwareMy Profile

  3. Whoa, that was a great interview, and of course Adrienne always gives great interviews. There are a lot of lessons folks could learn from her, and I’ve come kicking and scratching into learning the lesson of types of comments I’ll accept on my blog because of her. Great stuff, both of you!
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Changing How I Accept Comments On This BlogMy Profile (dofollow)

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Darnell – Adrienne is an awesome person!

    She knows how to develop relationships right from the heart.

    I appreciate your work and support over the last couple of years, Adrienne.

    Your work has been consistent and you continually pour yourself into the work you do online.

    It’s inspirational and you deserve all the success in the world.

    I am a fan – cheers to you, miss! : )
    Mark recently posted…Exceptional Bloggers Move People with Their WordsMy Profile

  5. Adrienne says:

    Thank you Darnell for this opportunity and I’m truly touched with this interview.

    I love helping people learn and I know when I started I was so tired of people telling me what to do but not showing or explaining. Big difference here. That’s what I provide over at my place which is why my content is well received.

    Thank you again for this opportunity and I really appreciate you sharing my information with your readers.

    Have a fabulous week.

    Adrienne recently posted…How Windows Live Writer Can Save You TimeMy Profile (dofollow)

    • Ha haaaa!

      No, thank you for setting a good example Adrienne.

      As a corporate america graduate I know the power of doing things the right way.

      When I started blogging I noticed an echo chamber of unbelievable promises and impossible to prove claims being passed around like mono in high school.

      So, I started documenting the best blogs that I noticed doing things the right way.

      I used to email this list to clients as examples of what is possible with a blog.
      Then it dawned on me that I should share it publicly so I created the #IBCT

      It’s bloggers like you that motivated me to do this. Thanks a Million.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…The 5 ways your blog should be saying Thank You.My Profile

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