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What I learned from BG Mahesh the founder of Oneindia.in


This week I’m pleased to feature BG Mahesh the founder of Oneindia.in in an exclusive guest post interview by Vijesh Cormaty

This is the twenty-eight edition of the what I learned interview series.


Here’s some stats about this extremely impressive site:



Domain Registration Date – 17-Feb-2005

Alexa Rank – 576

Google+ followers – 194,044

Twitter Followers – 11,600

Facebook likes – 5,495

- Unique visitors (cookies): 2M India, 7.3M Worldwide
- Pageviews: 40M India, 62M Worldwide
- Total Visits: 6.2M India, 12M Worldwide


There is no one in India who has the habit of reading News had never visited Oneindia.in, one of the top most visited web portal in India.

This website is strong in delivering News in Hindi and many south Indian languages.

Brief introduction of Oneindia.in: Oneindia.in is a part of Greynium an independent online media business which is based in Banglore, founded by BG Mahesh and Sriram Hebbar.

BG Mahesh, known for Mahesh.com, was the CEO of IndiaInfo until December 2005. IndiaInfo was acquired by the Dainik Bhaskar Group, apparently in 2007.

Later he started OneIndia portals which provide content in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, and a claimed reach of over 7 million monthly unique visitors.
Latest awards: Greynium Receives ‘Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2013′ Award

Today we have an opportunity to know some inside facts of Greynium from its founder and Managing Director BG Mahesh who is an inspiration for all upcoming entrepreneurs.



Hello Mahesh, it is a privilege for us to get an interview of yours. You have made known almost everything about you in the about me page of your site Mahesh.com. It was like reading an English lesson; especially Job search after MS was interesting. But still introduce yourself to our audience in few words?

BG Mahesh
Hardcore techie. Loved content from early school days so decided to be one of the few techies who started a content based portal in early 1990s. Now we have language flavour to our portals (even though I can read only Hindi)

Starting a website in 1999 that too during the days of slow internet connection was a big deal even the internet users were very less but still how did you manage to start?

BG Mahesh It worked out because I had good sincere colleagues. All of them took it up on themselves to increase the focus and bring the company on track.


Say about Greynium how you started and who inspired you or is there any person behind this start-up? You have also sold this company to Netcore, do you feel it was a good move?

BG Mahesh
Netcore has majority in Greynium.

We were good in publishing content but were weak in sales. Netcore management played a big role in improving our sales. Clearly don’t want to throw

Greynium in a mess and it also becomes much harder to succeed unless you have a lot of money to experiment so our deal with Netcore is never a bad move.

You are good at FAQ’s, now we won’t ask for any FAQ’s but some tips for entrepreneurs who are about to start their own startup?

BG Mahesh
Identify a problem faced by people in their daily life. Solve it. It will do well


OneIndia.in is one of the most successful web portals among all your portals running under Greynium.

It is also among top 20 most visited Indian sites?

How big is your team and how did you manage to take it to such a position?

BG Mahesh
Our management team has been small – just me and Sriram (our CEO).

We always wanted to have few more in the management to decrease the load on the two of us but never got to do it for some reason or the other.

We have reached this position at Oneindia because we made sure every team member knows what we have to achieve. If each member worked towards their goal as a collective effort the result looks very good.

Your concentration on regional languages is an awesome move though there are many web portals still OneIndia stands unique because of this language effect.

Why did you choose to include regional languages for OneIndia?

BG Mahesh
Majority of India is non-English speaking.

Yes, the percentage of English literate is increasing but non-English is far higher.

Wanted to offer something BIG for that big chunk of people. Clearly we are the first to have verticals in Indian languages.

How do you define success for an entrepreneur?

BG Mahesh
To me if your venture has brought a change in the daily life of people you have succeeded. But in today’s world only valuation is used as a scale to measure your success.
We at Oneindia believe we have served many non-English speaking people on the Internet.


What are you favorite gadgets?

Is there any gadget or electronic device without which you would feel that you cannot live?

BG Mahesh
I use both iOS and Android because my job requires that.

I like the iPad a lot.

Trying not to get attached to any device, need to lead a life without a screen for few hours a day.


If you were given a chance to meet a tech guy for a whole day who would it be?

BG Mahesh
May sound abnormal, to be frank I don’t have such a wish list. I tend to like those who are able to express their thoughts through their blog. I would like to have the opportunity to meet Marc Anderseen (http://blog.pmarca.com/)


What are your future plans? Are you planning for any new start-up?

BG Mahesh
No, no new start-up as of now. My concentration is only on Oneindia.in.




Things to learn from BG Mahesh as an entrepreneur:

  • Do things which no one has ever thought of or has ever experimented before. Sometimes experiments turn fruitful, like Thomas Alva Edison who in spite of failing thousand times has tasted success with his electric bulb.
  • Solving problems of others is the sure success step of any start-up.
  • Sometimes we should let some sensible people in as they might create some difference in the service we provide and it might sometimes stand as a top product.
  • Hiring staff is not at all the criteria but imbibing our ideology on the product in them is what matters to make a safe path to a company’s success.

Finally, thanks for BG Mahesh for spending his valuable time in answering these questions which does help some upcoming entrepreneurs.


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    Wonderful interview Vijesh! It’s really great to hear from the founder of a top 1000 Alexa sites.
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