What I learned from Raju PP founder of TechPP

What I learned from Raju PP the founder of TechPP.com

This week I’m pleased to feature Raju PP the founder of TechPP.com in ANOTHER guest post by Aakash Rohilla.

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This is the nineteenth edition of the interview series:


Here are some stats about his main blog.




by Aakash Rohilla

It’s my pleasure to Interview Raju PP who is Founder and Owner of Tech PP.

Tech PP is a technology blog which is very popular on the web. It cover topics like- Gadgets Reviews, Software, News, Web Apps and much more.

Tech PP receives millions of page views every month from different parts of the world and has been featured in Chip Magazine and blogs like- TechCrunch, Techmeme, CNET, GigaOM, Engadget and others.

Raju PP is a full time Professional Blogger from Bangalore, India. He holds an Engineering Degree and has worked with IT Companies in past. He has been featured in Exhibit Magazine and Economic Times.

Raju is very active on Social Media and maybe that’s why HT Brunch Magazine listed him as the most influential Indian on Social Media in the field of Technology.

Q – Can you please tell a little bit about yourself to our readers?

Hi! My name is Raju. I’m a tech blogger based out of Bangalore, India. I manage and run TechPP.com. I’ve been blogging since 2004, but turned full-time blogger in 2009.

Q – How did you came to know about Blogging and which thing motivated you to start your own blog?

Unlike most of the young bloggers these days, I was pretty late to get into the blogging world. I was about to graduate when I came across a personal blog of my friend. It was simple, straightforward and sounded fun. I jumped in right away and started writing random stuff on a blogspot hosted blog. Fun turned into passion, and later, hobby turned into profession.

Q – You are a Premium Google Adsense publisher? Other than Google Adsense what your Online Income Sources?

Not sure if there are any ‘premium’ Adsense publishers anymore, but yes, I’m approved to customize the ads by Google. Other than Adsense, I use TribalFusion for CPM ads, and that’s it.

Q – You are a Professional Blogger. Have you ever regretted after quitting your job?

Not at all. I feel blessed for being able to pursue my passion. Not everyone is lucky enough to live their dream and get paid too.

Q – How much time you spend online in a day and how much is dedicated to Writing Stuffs?

I’m online for over 16 hours a day. It used to sound cool before, but not anymore. But internet is my life and I can’t stay away for more than an hour or so. I’m not a compulsive writer, so there is nothing like ‘dedicated time for writing’. Whenever an idea crosses my mind, or if I see something cool, I go about blogging it.

Q – Who was your motivation when you started? How you keep yourself motivated all the time?

No one in particular to be honest. But a lot of people have inspired me through my career of 5 years, to become a better blogger and build a worthy blog

Q – Your blog is very popular. Have you ever used any special SEO Technique to achieve it?

Popularity and traffic aren’t closely related. There are blogs more popular than mine, but not getting as much traffic, and vice versa. Like every other web-admin, I keep trying to figure out how to make search engine bots know and understand my site better, and that’s about it.

Q – Which premium digital tools you are using like- WordPress Themes, Plugins, Analytics – GetClicky, Crazy Egg, Web Hosting, Online Storage and others?

It’s been a while since I moved to custom WordPress themes to get the flexibility and features I need. That includes some custom plugins too. And yes, I use GetClicky and love it for the accurate visitor tracking. Recently I moved to Presslabs, a dedicated WordPress host, and have been extremely happy with their service.

Q – Which Smartphone you are using right now?

I use a Nexus 4 and an iPhone 5.

Q – PC or Mac? What you like most?

Mac. Not that I’ve anything against Windows, but ever since I moved to Mac, haven’t felt the need to come back to Windows.

Q – List some gadgets (frequently used) you currently own?

  • New Trent 12000 mAh external battery pack
  • Pebble Smart Watch
  • Macbook Air (13” late-2011)

Many more, but none of them are frequently used, hence don’t deserve a mention here!

Thank You! so much for your time Raju. I hope our readers will like this interview and will learn something new from you.




That’s it for this episode.

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9 comments on “What I learned from Raju PP the founder of TechPP.com
  1. Asha Gupta says:

    Great interview, i always like to read such inspiring stories. TechPP has done quite well on Google.
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  2. Shubham says:

    It’s very inspiring to know that more and more Engineers are now considering professional blogging as a full time option
    Shubham recently posted…Testing 2:Using Windows Live WriterMy Profile

  3. You are always welcome Darnell. I just started digging into your older blog posts.
    Samantha Vermillion recently posted…Bihar Teacher Eligibility Test 2013 BTET Admit Card http://www.Biharboard.netMy Profile (dofollow)

  4. Eric Evans says:


    Thank you for sharing this great interview with Raju. It is really amazing that he holds an Engineering Degree and has worked with IT Companies in past.


  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the awesome interview. Very inspirational interview indeed. TechPP is one of the most successful Indian blogs.
    Samantha Vermillion recently posted…Acer DA241HL Specifications, Review and PriceMy Profile

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