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What I learned from Steve Scott – Q&A with the Six-Figure Affiliate Blogger

It’s true.

On the Internet you can be anyone you want to be.

So who are you?

“Choose your shoes.”

This is one thought that I try to keep in my head when it comes to business.

If everyday is a blank canvas then I want to paint the best looking picture for myself.  By the way, I always imagine something that looks very similar to one of those Corona commercials on the beach, lol.

What I mean is you choose the lifestyle you want to live by the shoes you choose to wear.  

So, do you want the Oxford dress shoes or the flip flops?


What if the money was exactly the same?  Which would you choose?  

I wonder if this is why they say the devil wears Prada? :)


One of the things I’ve noticed the most successful Internet entrepreneurs have in common is they all choose flip flops.   I could be wrong but none of the top bloggers or Internet marketers that I study seem to come off as the three-piece suite type.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re not dead serious about taking care of business and providing for their families.

Recently I had the pleasure to interview STEVE SCOTT.

I’m exited to have the opportunity to publish this exclusive on YourOnline.biz I hope that it helps you understand the mindset of the extremely successful.

Steve is known as the six-figure affiliate marketer because he makes over $100k/year and has been doing so for a while.  This isn’t about a lucky week or a successful promotion here and there.  This is about building a real online business that provides the means to enjoy life in grand fashion.

…Enough of me, let’s get to the interview:


1.  What do you hate the most about the making money online industry?  What annoys or aggravates you the most that people would not expect.

  • My least favorite aspect is the lies that ‘Internet gurus’ tell. It makes my job harder because many folks come to my site/books thinking it’s easy to make money.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell them that it takes months – even years – to build a long-term business.

2.  Name one thing that you ended up doing that you never expected you would have to do to become successful.

  • Writing.  It has never been my favorite activity.  But now I’ve had to rely almost 100% on my ability to write.  So it’s something I have to work at on a daily basis.

3.  If you could go back to one year before you launched your very first site what one thing would you change?

  • If it was one year before I started, I would start one year EARLIER.  Really, everything I learned was from making a bunch of mistakes.  My only regret is I didn’t begin sooner.

4.  You have written 5 books with an average rating of 4.5 stars in Amazon.  In one or two words can you describe your reaction when you finally see a review that is not 5 stars?

  • “Argh.”  It’s not a great feeling to get a negative review.  But it’s part of doing business on Amazon.  I don’t mind constructive reviews.  I just hate it when people give a 1-star without a legitimate reason why.

5.  Your online business success has enabled you to travel to the world so you have been exposed to different cultures.  Name one thing that you noticed people have in common where ever you go.

  • The need for a “something more.”  People in every culture want to do more with their lives, but often they allow self-limiting beliefs to hold them back.

6.  If you were George Lucas would you have sold lucasfilms to Disney?  Who do you think got the better deal  Disney or George?

  • Definitely.  “Star Wars” is like any big business – Eventually it has grow beyond the creativity of a single person.  Personally, I think both got a good deal.  Lucas got to pass the torch to a group of people who can do exciting things.  And Disney got a franchise with a proven track record of success.


 Thanks Steve for taking the time to do the Interview.  I know I learned a lot, I appreciate it.



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Now its your turn.

Did any of Steve’s answers surprise you?  Which one?

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  1. Eric Evans says:

    Hey Darnell,

    This is such a great post. Thank you very much for sharing this and for introducing Steve Scott.

    Eric Evans recently posted…LG Electronics 50LA6200 50-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Four Pairs of 3D GlassesMy Profile (dofollow)

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