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What the Government Shutdown can teach you about Blogging


Ha haaaaaaaaaa! the Guberment shutdown.

Some people are sad.

Some people are happy.

Many people are afraid.

What to do?

Run, hide, duck?




Here’s what the United States Government Shutdown of 2013 can teach you about Blogging.


#1 – Non Essential means not needed.

When you are building your blog or getting started with internet marketing it’s easy to think that you need to be doing EVERYTHING.

I know Pat Flynn says that you need to be everywhere but you really need to be careful that you aren’t stretching yourself too thin.

For example do you really need to spend that much time on LinkedIN AND Pinterest AND Facebook AND Google+ AND YouTube AND Twitter?

Is it really essential?

The answer is self evident if you look at any of the top bloggers that I study and document for the #IBCT you will notice that many of them don’t even have profiles set up on many of these platforms, but that doesn’t stop new bloggers from thinking they need to be focused EVERYWHERE and doing EVERYTHING.

If you think about it for a second that doesn’t even make sense.

How can you be really be focused EVERYWHERE?

As a matter of fact I bet that if you try to be focused everywhere you’ll probably lose sight of what is most important.

You’ll probably focus too much on WANTS and not enough on NEEDS.

This is the lesson the U.S. Government is learning in week 40 of 2013 as they are now “partially” shutdown.

Due to the prolific idiots in Washington D.C. also known as “politicians” many government services have been 86′d, cancelled, “furloughed”, put on hold, frozen, or just plain stopped.

The truth is many of these services should have never been started.


#2 – The sky is not the limit your means are.

The US government is in trouble today because it’s obviously trying to do more than it has the means to do.

It’s answer to not having enough money to operate is to borrow more.

If you watch the talking heads on cable news you will become even more confused with the blame game Olympics that’s happening right how, however the point remains that the U.S. Government is spending more than it is taking in and this is not sustainable.

As an online entrepreneur you have to learn from this.

Affiliate marketing, a primary source of income for bloggers is all about ARBITRAGE.

You must understand that whatever effort you put out must bring back more to you in terms of traffic and sales commissions.

First it starts with traffic.

You must first take actions that will result in people clicking back to the offer on your site.

Whatever these efforts are they must be effective or “worth your while”.

Example If you spend 2 hours promoting your site via “comment posting” the question is how many visitors did you get to click through to your offer?

If the answer is NONE then you probably want to cancel this activity right?

Maybe instead of posting comments on 50 blogs for two hours you write a feature guest post and see how many visitors show up.

The same goes for paid advertising.

If you buy a banner ad on a popular blog like Gail Gardner’s GrowMap and you immediately start getting traffic and making sales then you probably want to keep this ad going right?

This is the mindset of an entrepreneur.

It’s all a numbers game.

The name of the numbers game is not SUDUKO it’s ARBITRAGE.


#3 – Responsibility prevents Embarrassment.

Do the right thing.

Shout out to Spike Lee.

Don’t be a clown blogger out here promising everyone the sun, moon, and stars when you KNOW you can’t even produce a planet.

Also, PLEASE don’t try the “copy someone else’s work” routine you’ll just get called out and clowned unmercifully.

Ultimately this foolishness will end in humiliation for you and your online career.

Believe it or not bloggers actually talk to each other about other up and coming bloggers out there who are FOS.

Don’t be one of these dudes.

Instead separate yourself from everyone else by sticking to your unique and genuine story.

See the successes in the miles that you are traveling.

Focus on incremental improvements not how you can fool everyone by creating some perception that you have already obtained overwhelming success when you KNOW you haven’t.

This is the mistake the US Government has made and now it has to cancel it’s planned trip for it’s President to Asia because basically the credit card was declined.

That aint a good look, as they say where I’m from. Especially if you’re going around telling everyone who’ll listen that you’re the “Greatest nation in the history of Earth” it sure is funny that you can’t provide for your own leader to travel. Plus I heard Atlantis was pretty cool.

This is like the mistake that many bloggers make of wanting to promote themselves as someone who has “discovered” a “get rich” system that generates boat loads of cash “AUTOMATICALLY”.

Yeah right.

Blogging is a real industry so it takes REAL WORK to get to the point that your websites can actually provide a means for you and your family to live.

To be honest with you Penelope Trunk called me out about this in our interview, ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

No, I’m not even fully there yet.

I’m still moving towards accomplishing my goal of earning enough with my blogs so that my wife doesn’t have to work.  I’m not there yet but I’m moving in that direction.

The point is don’t fake it til you make it just make it one step at a time.



#4 – Your reputation is your most valuable asset.

The U.S. government is now going the way of Greece, Spain, and Cyprus in terms of facing the real prospect of a default on it’s financial obligations.

This would be the first time that this has ever happened in the history of the country.

This news has sent shock waves across the financial markets as stocks have been down eight of the last ten days as documented by Catalina Camia for USA TODAY.

The problem this creates is it tarnishes what was an unblemished image and reputation.

Someone smart once said it takes years to earn a reputation and a moment to ruin it.

I say if you build 10,000 houses and you eat just one terd people won’t remember you as a house builder but as a terd eater.

What you do has a lasting effect so make sure you protect your reputation at all cost.

WHO you are is even bigger than where you are and what you do, never forget that. 

A good example is this post where I talk about Tom from Myspace who now has over a million followers on Google+.

It doesn’t matter where Tom goes people will follow him anywhere because they know and trust him.

This has to be your primary goal as a blogger.

Promoting your site is cool, sharing stuff on social media is fine, but building a high quality reputation has to be job #1.

Another good example of this is James Altucher who is one of my favorite writers out there.




NOW it’s over to you.  
I’d love to hear your comments on your impressions of the government shutdown especially as it relates to blogging.

***Please don’t go all partisan on me all those clowns in DC are idiots the red ones and the blue ones. 



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6 comments on “What the Government Shutdown can teach you about Blogging
  1. ambarish says:

    You come up with strange articles sometimes. You rightly said non essential means not needed. Preferences has to be decided and followed.
    ambarish recently posted…How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog.My Profile (dofollow)

  2. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    Great lesson, Darnell!

    I agree with your points.

    We don’t need to do everything or be everywhere (frankly, no one has the time to be everywhere. Plus, like you mentioned, if we spread ourselves too thin, then we forget what’s important).

    What we need to do is find where our target audience is and spend more time over there.

    Same idea can also be applied to plugins and other things. We don’t need to have all plugins, just the essential ones. We don’t need to have the flashiest website; we just need to have a clean design that improves the visitor experience.

    My principle is to experiment and find what works best (for me). And, once I find, I begin experimenting with it, find how I find get the most out of a particular strategy/method.

    I do understand and agree with your points on reputation. But, I have conflicting opinions on the topic (I believe we shouldn’t pay too much attention to what others’ think of us – isn’t that what reputation is? Instead we should pay more attention to who we really are, or what we really do. But, in the online world, what others think matters, and to an extent, same goes for offline world).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Darnell :)

    • What’s up Jeevan,

      I appreciate the feedback thanks for the kind words.

      The truth is everyone cares what other people think to some extent, however I think it’s a mistake to make decisions based on what makes someone else happy.

      You have to be true to yourself first or else you’ll create another problem for yourself in the future.

      How I see it, it’s ok to be successful man, work hard building something that you are proud of so that you can see how other people react when they see it or use it.

      Just like its ok to build something that you love but everyone else hates.

      This is like the same thing that happens to music artists when they are starting out, first they make awesome music because it’s not about the money and then after they get the money they make lame music because then it’s all about the money.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…FREELANCERS Get out of your own way!My Profile

      • Jeevan Jacob John says:

        Nothing much :D

        Agreed. We may have a “good” life, but it might not be a life that we enjoy.

        Yes, indeed. But, there are other things to consider too, like social responsibility (A lot of problems in this world can be solved, if people work together. But, people don’t, do they? Should we try to get people to work together? Should we try to solve the problems of our world? Or should we just focus on our lives?).

        Agreed. Money and power can corrupt. It is hard to resist temptation, but resistance can and will strengthen us.

        Hope you are having a fine week!

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