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Why I Canned The Unique Article Wizard

In order to be successful you have to measure twice and cut once.  When I read the home page of the unique article wizard it was very impressive sounding but not too good to be true so I was interested.  It didn’t seem like an impossibility to have an article directory of a few thousand websites managed by UAW.  Plus the extremely popular blogger Pat Flynn recommended it on his back-link strategy that works post.  I think the post is outstanding and definitely worked at some point but these days so much has changed.  I think Pat should consider updating the post for 2012.

One of the biggest changes is that the unique article wizard no longer verifies the same articles they are charging you to submit.  Basically, you just have to trust them.  This is laughable.  Do you think its  a good idea to trust that someone to post 100+ articles for your website?  Does that even sound right?  You can imagine how it looked written in an email I received after complaining about it.   They told me something about security and that I should buy another product MajesticSEO in order to verify the backlinks I bought from them.  I’m reading this like are you serious?  You think I’m going to pay another company another monthly fee in order to know if your product works?  Yeah, UAW was cancelled in 5 minutes of reading this garbage.

I purchased it after watching the video on pats website, on that version it showed you every single URL, I thought this was cool.  Soon as I buy it, I find out not only am I not getting the thousands of links they advertise but also I’m not getting proof.  That’s crazy.  I want people to know that they can save their money and do better than paying for products like this.

I wrote and submitted 5 articles to UAW.  Below is the best looking website I found they submitted them to. I could only find 3 websites out of the 100+ they claim they submitted.  So I’m just supposed to hope the others are there right?  Why would they not confirm what they are doing?  If I can verify it with majesticseo why not just tell me straight up?







Also I read on warrior forum about the topic of article marketing.  You may be interested to go to warriorforum.com and search the topic.  Many of the veteran marketers there have long stopped “article marketing” and only syndicate using the top article directories like these below:




Thanks for you comments and feedback.

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12 comments on “Why I Canned The Unique Article Wizard
  1. Mike B says:

    I used UAW for a few years, until I sold my site. UAW made up for about 70% of my marketing strategy and I was receiving about 1 million page views per year… Thanks UAW. I also spent hours per day using this software like a King, as I perfected it and used their tools to the utmost, fullest potential. Before UAW, I was spending $1500 per month on an SEO company that did work for Honda, Toys R Us, Etc.. And well, they just sucked. I did not like their results. To “can” something you hardly used after signing up and cancelling after 5 minutes is the same as you telling everyone you’re going to do “this” and “that” but you never seem to follow through… People just stop caring about what you have to say after a while. Sorry for being “mean”, but it’s true. So few people ever want to put in the time and effort, which is why I’ve always said, it’s easy to win against others…

  2. jo says:

    Thanks Darnell for this useful information. You are absolutely right. It’s better to establish your banklinks the clean way with no blackhat methods whatsoever to avoid getting slapped by Google.

  3. Rob S says:

    I used to write UAWs occasionally for 2 clients. One went out of business following the Penguin update. The other suffered badly. My other clients were totally unaffected.
    Rob S recently posted…How to make way more money as a freelance writerMy Profile

    • Thanks Rob, yeah I just wrote about another blog that was hit that I know used UAW.

      liked below
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…Is Google Blogger Blocking? Why your keyword is (not provided)My Profile

    • mark says:

      That’s your problem dude. You shouldn’t have used the tool to put links to your money site. This is the first rule. Patt Flin uses it to link to the 1st tier. So, next time, think before you talk and do something then accuse the others (people advice, tools, etc).

      • Ha haaaa! I guess you don’t read too well mark.

        I canned UAW because they would not provide PROOF for the hundreds of links that they claimed they were building.
        If you want to pay them $67 a month for some trashy links that you can’t even verify go right ahead.

        Now that time has passed even Pat has realized that this UAW strategy doesn’t work anymore.
        Now he’s creating a brand NEW link building strategy for his 2013 niche site duel.

        I don’t recommend people follow old or new gimmicky techniques it’s better to focus on fundamentals not tricks and schemes that eventually will get shut down like UAW.

        READ what I learned from Lisa Irby and maybe you can see what I mean. Look at what she was recommending YEARS ago it’s still accurate today.
        Darnell Jackson recently posted…What I learned from Lisa Irby Q&A with the founder of 2CreateAWebSite.comMy Profile

      • Rob S says:

        “Dude”, I wrote the UAWs and sent them to the clients. They submitted them. 2 clients. Doubtful they made the same mistake.
        Rob S recently posted…Man Without a Plan: my serendipitous writing careerMy Profile

  4. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the info. I was looking for information in regard to is UAW still works after recent Google updates. I is difficult to find a good backlinking strategy these days.

    Take care,

    Jeremy recently posted…Google Slapped? SEO for 2012My Profile

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