Why Multi Level Marketing "schemes" like Empower Network are useless.

Why I don’t recommend Multi Level Marketing or stupid ass “schemes” like Empower Network

I’m sure you were probably wondering why I don’t recommend MLM’s or stupid ass “schemes” like Empower Network.

This post will explain the many reasons why but this question could best be answered in 6 words:

I want you to be successful.


I don’t want you to be a freaking clown that doesn’t even know they’re part of a circus.

I want you to literally transform your life into YOUR dreams, not someone else’s.



#1 – Creek Fish Mentality.

In the Bush era when I was still renovating houses I used to talk to my crew about the concept of the creek fish and the difference between them and the fish in the ocean.

A typical creek fish would say,

“Oh man you better not leave the creek and go swimming out there too far, IT’S DANGEROUS, THERE’S SHARKS!”

As if the alligators in the creek hadn’t been feeding on them for years.

However, eventually a bold confident creek fish would take that risk to go see the sea and return with the news of what’s possible.

THIS courageous creek fish would say,

“There’s more to life than just this old creek.”

Other fish would soon follow while the vast majority and elder creek fish frowned at the idea of this “OCEAN” and vowed to stay in the creek for ever.

They called the fish who believe in the OCEAN “myth” crazy fish. 

Then, before you know it SOME developer shows up and decides to drain the creek to build a parking lot .


The point is there’s just as much risk staying in your comfort zone as it is striving to accomplish GREATNESS through adversity.

You have to BELIEVE to be successful either way what’s the difference? Difficulty?  Oh you want it be easy?

This is what I call it “Creek Fish Mentality”.

Don’t ask me why but tons of people REALLY believe that they will find success with MLM programs but not from selling their own products or services.  Why do you think this is?

  • Maybe it’s the glossy over extra shinny websites and the auto play videos.
  • Maybe it’s meetings and the presentations and guest speaker line ups.

Who knows.



#2 – Scheme’s aren’t businesses they’re SCHEMES.

WordPress is a popular content management system because of it’s use of a database to manage content.

The text you are reading on this screen is actually stored in a database, not a HTML file like the old days.

How the database is organized for it’s INTENDED PURPOSE is called it’s SCHEMA.

All databases have different uses and therefore different SCHEMAS.

A SCHEMA is a database’s SCHEME.


Multi Level Marketing SCHEMES are also designed to accomplish an INTENDED PURPOSE.

Just like WordPress cleverly displays content from a database without you knowing.

MLM’s make their participants CUSTOMERS first and then unpaid EMPLOYEES second without you knowing.

Why does this work?

It’s their SCHEME.

It’s not that complicated really.

This reminds me of a story that Jeremy Shoemaker shared from his book The ShoeMoney Story from his young and dumb years when he created a scheme to get money from buying and returning electronic products.

It worked like a charm until it didn’t why did it come to a stop one day? 

It’ wasn’t a real business it was a scheme.

SCHEMES require someone to be SCHEMED.

Someone has to be the SCHEMEE and someone else the SCHEMER.

Why do you think they call it a PONZI “__________”?

Somebody has to get DUPED for it to work.

Real business on the other hand make money from selling products and services at a markup over their cost.

They don’t have to HIDE their methods of making money from their customers or their employees.

As a matter of fact the most successful business publicly share this information to anyone who wants to review their company’s performance.

Business know that the best way to win the future is to be the best today.

Schemes serve an intended purpose that’s UNKNOWN to all but a VERY FEW.

If you’re in a MLM SCHEME and don’t know who the SCHEMEE is guess what?  



#3 – You Can’t fool an honest man.

This is why there is such a HIGH turnover rate with MLM prenuers’ if you will.

In order to be “successful” their participants have to constantly find fresh batches of people who “don’t know better.”

MLM “team leaders” like to let new members BELIEVE that they’ll get repeat business but actually they have to keep searching for first time customers constantly like a throwback vacuum cleaner salesmen or risk aggravating their handful of clients by asking them to buy MORE stuff AGAIN.

This is the OPPOSITE of how a successful business operates.

If you are selling a product or a service that people really want shouldn’t they be searching for it?

If people are searching for it don’t you think it would be for sale on Amazon or in Walmart by now?

This is why I say,

You can’t fool an honest man.


The truth is people who get conned want to be conned.

They want to accept lies as truth.

They want to duped by believing in what is obviously UNBELIEVABLE.


Recently a small business owner who I’ve known for over 10 years lost over $10,000 in one of these schemes.

The whole premise was the same story:

  1. Put YOUR money in first, Hurry up and buy.
  2. Convince other people you know to “invest”.
  3. You’ll DOUBLE your money FAST.

Honest people don’t want to double their money fast.

They just want to protect the money that they have already earned and saved.

Bernie Madoff would have NEVER stolen all those billions of dollars unless he offered his idiotic customers a return that HE and THEY knew was NOT POSSIBLE.

The truth is the perpetrator and victim are both guilty of the same deed, GREED.

This is what lies at the very heart of these SCHEMES.



#4 – Part time jobs pay better.

Let’s face it.

If you’re into MLM, an entrepreneur YOU are not.

You’re a worker.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong being a worker you just need to know where you stand, it’s important.

Even though you tell people it’s a business, what you’re really doing is working for a company that’s paying you a commission.

Have you ever calculated how many hours you’ve invested versus how much money you’re earned?

If it’s less than minimum wage then you should seriously consider getting a part time job instead of stressing out over a stupid ass MLM program that you DON’T OWN like Empower Network.

Just think if you spend 3 hours per day on MLM that’s 15 hours a week.  Are you earning $150/week from participating in your MLM “business”?

You could be working part time somewhere.

Why not work a part time job, save up money and then invest it into a real business that’s 100% YOURS?

You know one that does something useful that attracts customers like the extremely talented people I met at Art Walk Wednesday.

One than you can pass on to your children and their children and actually build a legacy.



#5 – It does to your reputation what a terd does to a punch bowl.

Nothing is more sad than seeing people with college degrees promoting MLM products.

Surely they must have thought when they were signing up,

Damn, I went to college to do this BS?


But that doesn’t stop them from calling me up even if it’s my own beloved family members hitting me up like,

“Hey, cuz what’s up man, uh yeah man you know I got the new GEVITY heath program shake smoothie situation.  You know it’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”


I’m like wha?  Dude I just go to the health store to get vitamins if I want them, what?  Why you think I want to buy vitamins from you cousin, I know you man; you don’t know JACK about vitamins, what have those people been telling you in them meetings?

Then they lose their sales pitch and the situation gets more awkward.

What’s crazy is after time passes they’ll pop back up with a BRAND NEW MLM program.

This time it’s not GEVITY it’s a purple drink that uses some rare fruit that only MLM companies know about.

I’m like damn cuz, why don’t you just use your SKILLS to get paid?  It’s not like your NOT talented?


People under estimate the damage that making these decisions can have to your reputation.

Jumping around from one pyramid scheme “business” to the next is noted by all of the same people who you will need to support you.

The thing about it is people never forget what you tried to pull on them the last time.

Just like nasty ass Giovanna Plowman will never ever do anything that could offset what she did to get her 15 minutes of fame in 2013.

The same goes for your neighbor who you don’t even look at the same after they keep trying to sell you on some bull crap “system” every month.

You’re like come one man. What do you think I am a sucker?


Your reputation is more valuable than any scheme.

Move in the direction of YOUR dreams.


Want results? Get the Plugin.

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12 comments on “Why I don’t recommend Multi Level Marketing or stupid ass “schemes” like Empower Network
  1. James Bond says:

    MLM is a great concept to become the rich in short interval of time.

    As it’s not so easy as it looks.In the starting you have to do about 5-10 times more work except other person but after a few years struggle ur life will come so easy as every wishes to live that kind of life.

  2. James Fliker says:

    Great marketing tips for new blogger like me. thanks for sharing such a amazing post.
    James Fliker recently posted…Dil Dhadakne Do first day earnings| friday audience responseMy Profile

  3. I love how you term those schemes are ‘Stupid ass’ because in fact they are stupid ass. I wonder how people fall for them

  4. Sunny says:

    Very informative article about mlm schemes. I tried Shaklee products many years ago and it didn’t work. They wanted you to go about ‘recruiting’ your family and friends and even then, you made little $. I will have to admit that I did really like their products. I used a few of the nutritionals and did feel better than I ever felt. I did like the products, but the main problem was they were too pricey and it was structured so that you must be making lots of money to buy them. So after becoming discouraged, I just wanted to buy some of their health products at times, but couldn’t as they were way too high! I got discouraged real quick! They are scams!

  5. Oliver Sheltie says:

    Your arguments are valid, but they would have much more weight if you learned English. ie. it’s its

  6. Daryl says:

    I’m with you there buddy. I HATE MLM schemes.

    I’ve had several friends come to me and try to get me to join. My biggest issue is, the fact that they try to sell it as an “easy job” when it takes a LOT of hard work to make any money. You’re better off selling something that YOU are actually interested in and love than hawking vitamins or whatever they have in their catalog.
    Daryl recently posted…February and March Freelance Writing Income ReportsMy Profile

  7. Tom King says:

    Great job! Loved the \\\”Keep Calm\\\” poster. Looking forward to more great content from you.

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