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You are invited – RSVP Only

People are hilarious.

Have you ever told someone something important but it doesn’t quite sink in until they hear the exact same statement from someone else?

It’s like a light comes on like “ding”.  Now they get it.

This is why I decided to hire a professional announcer.

There are times like now when I need to deliver a very important message and it has to be communicated in a way that’s clear and concise.  You know professionally.

In these times what do think I should do?  My thought, Hire an announcer.

Not that it wouldn’t be cool to have a professional announcer around, it might be cool you know like I’m Arsenio Hall or something.

I made the decision because this message really is, that important.  I also want you to be the judge because I’m curious.  How much of a difference does the messenger have on the message?


  • I could just tell people that in order to make extra money you don’t have to stand on the side of the road holding a cash-for-gold sign.
  • I could record a YouTube video right now and say to the camera, “Hey, This is Darnell Here.  There is a better way.  You don’t have to dress up in a gorilla suit for money.”
  • I could tell people how they can make money online without having to get a second or a third job.
  • I could explain how I created an online system that pays my bills.
  • I could say that for a limited time only I will actually teach you how to use it.  I could say “You are invited to Join.”

However, when people hear the exact same message from someone else it makes all the difference.

Isn’t this why celebrities get those huge endorsement deals?

Well I’d like you to meet my announcer, Mark C.  He is something like a celebrity.  His voice has definitely been heard by many millions of people worldwide.