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Your Online Business Plan

You are not going to make it very far without a plan.  It doesn’t matter who you are, where you go, or what you try to do.  Winging it will not work out in the end, only careful planning will.  Even the wedding crashers had a plan. Never underestimate the power of doing something right the first time.  Without a plan you can fall victim to an over-extended learning curve or spin your wheels for who knows how long.  This is why people quit.

Understand the 5 P’s.  If you don’t know, they are Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.  With a plan you have a reason to believe you will be successful when you launch your website.  This is the biggest difference between those who make it and those who fail online.  Without a plan you are basically hoping for the best.  This is not a winning strategy.   You may as well wait at the house for someone to show up with a bag of money.

Your Online Business Plan:

  • Is an art and a science.  The science side is the objective process like the framework provided below which includes specific detailed steps.  However you are unique so the artistic side of your online business plan is, you.  After all that is what makes you special. It is the way you choose to implement these techniques that reflect who you truly are.  This is why people will come back.
  • Is unique.  You should have a separate plan for each of your online businesses.  The frame work is the same but the final execution and operation of each site has to be unique, therefor so should your plan.
  • Is not a silver bullet.  Alone your online business plan will not make you successful.  You will do that.  Don’t think that any instructions or information can accmplish anything.  It is you who makes the difference.  You are who will make it happen.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have doubts or need help.
  • Is your secret weapon.  You may be the type that never wants to stop for directions when you may be lost.  If you are that type then you will have a really tough time making it online.  If you seek out information when you are in doubt and look to find the best ways of doing things then you will make it.  It’s just a matter of time, just continue to work the plan.   Keep it fresh, make it hot.

Your Online Business Tools:

Are what you will rely on in order to make it online and get professional results.  Eventually you will learn the concept of using the right tool for the job.  In the five sections below you will see links and banners to the tools I recommend as the best in the business.  Get them use them thrive.  It’s taken me months to put this stuff together and I do this everyday.

Your Online Business Skills:

Ultimately will be a result of your personal trial and error and tenacity.  If you are willing to experiment and evaluate your results then you will make it online without a doubt.  In the sections below I provide links to premium online training that you can grab for less than $30.  The same training classes that many of the top bloggers in the #IBCT attended before making it big online themselves.  The only way I can put it to you is its hard to know what YOU don’t know.

*How to Start Your Online Biz the Right way:

1.  Create your business entity FIRST if possible. In order to be in business you have to create the business.  Then register your domain name and setup your website.   

a. Establish PO box or use another private mailing address service like Mailbox etc.

b. Register your business entity.  I recommend Legal Zoom for your business entity registration.  It’s easy, its legal, and it works, fast.  Doing business in your personal name can be risky.  I strongly recommend starting a business as soon as you can.  It’s much better to be safe than sorry.

c. Contact IRS request EIN#

d. Get a professional business plan for your new company I recommend Paloalto’s business plan software.  If you ever need to apply for a small business loan one of the first docs you’ll be asked for is your business plan.  This software will help you make a lasting impression when it counts most.

2.  Create bank accounts in the name of your new business.  Small banks and credit unions offer benefits to members that big banks can’t match I always lean towards the small banks, it is your money ya know.   Seems like only the small banks remember that these days.

3.  Register Your Domain name and Setup a Hosting account.  Your Online Business can’t thrive and grow until it is Online ya know?



*How to Start Your Online Biz with what what you have and from where you are, TODAY.

  1. UNDERSTAND ,VALUE > MONEY.  By default it has to be.  You don’t buy anything for $1 unless you think the item you are buying is worth MORE than $1.  So if you want a dollar offer people waaaaay more value than any of your competitors can.  If you want MONEY all you have to do is create VALUE.  Your blog is your laboratory to create whatever you want, get to creating.
  2. INVEST YOUR TIME WISELY.  If you don’t have money recognize how valuable your time really is.  It is your ONLY way to create money for yourself.  Spend it EXTREMELY wisely you may have to sell your television and your XBOX but you need money right? Get to creating, mind your business.
  3. SAVE AND INVEST YOUR MONEY WISELY.  Instead of going out to eat or that concert save money and invest it so that you will KNOW what to do.  I know how you feel the anxious feeling you may have I remember because I had it too.  Its true the most unnerving part about anything is uncertainty.  This is what YOBP is all about, saving you time.  What I recommend and what worked for me is whenever you get a few dollars instead of blowing it invest it in gaining the knowledge that you will need to succeed.

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago the second best time is today” -AFRICAN PROVERB


2 comments on “Your Online Business Plan
  1. Tina Goodrich says:

    You’ve sparked my interest. I’m just waiting for you to tell me how much I have to pay up front to get going.

    I AM a writer – BA from School of Journalism from the University of Montana. I have the skills to write.

    I’ve been making a living as a piano teacher for several years. Time to start living my life though – making more money and spending and providing for my family.


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