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The Back Linking Strategy That Really Works

I assume that by reading this you have already read the two previous articles related to this topic Why I Canned The Unique Article Wizard and A Back Linking Strategy That Really Works – (RE: UAW Pt.2). In the VIP I try to explain in great detail exactly what I have found that works so that you can save time and not have to test everything all year like I did.  Time is the most valuable resource after all. Google has full control over the evaluation of a link to a website and people need to know this. This means only they know how much each link is valued and how many links you will need to rank higher than another website.  Here’s an image from wikipedia to illustrate how Google’s link algorithm works:

Here’s what you need to know from this diagram:

  1. Links from big websites count much more than links from small insignificant sites.  How much more?  Only Google knows.
  2. The goal is to make your website “B” in the diagram.  You want links from small, medium, and large active websites.


What Google Wants:

Google is after the same things that all webmasters are or should be after.  They just want more unique visitors.  There are over 640 million websites and Google is competing with every single one of them.  That’s why they are now starting to offer content in search results.  It’s almost like they want steal some of Wikipedia’s shine.  Search Bob Marley and you’ll see Google displaying a short bio on the legendary reggae singer, why do you think they are doing this? Google also wants to keep people using its search engine, it doesn’t want to become complacent and irrelevant like AOL.  Those clowns tried to trick everyone into not browsing the real WEB and to just stay inside of AOL, yeah that worked about a month.  (They also ran a con game trying to keep people from canceling their service but that’s another story.)I mention this because it is important to understand the history of where the web has been so that you can position yourself to succeed where the web is going.

Tools for the job.

Any decent contractor knows you have to use the right tools for the job to get results you can be proud of.  When it comes to building links back to your website I strongly recommend you use these tools.  They are not all free but they are all well worth the cost.  Put it like this if you were going to paint the house you could use a broom to dust off dirt before you start painting but it won’t look nearly as good as if you used a pressure washer.  FACT:  Painting a house and getting your website ranked take serious effort my advice get the pressure washer.

  1. CommentLuv Premium –  $
  2. Your Online Business Search – Free



  1. Build Your Online Link Mountain:  There is a list of websites that you should have created an account for and claimed as a territory for your brand. Setup these websites with links back to your main website first. Claim your territory.  You want to have a presence for your brand where ever there is action worth checking out.  Don’t worry about all of the 200+ social media websites focus on the handful that most people use.   Life’s short we’re trying to get successful FAST.
  2. Write MINI Guest Posts. Use Your Online Business Search to submit high quality mini guests posts as “comments”to popular websites.  No, I’m not talking about sending the blog owner an email and hoping s/he replies and sending a follow up etc.  I’m talking about using the comments section as an opportunity to write a mini guest post.  This is a short paragraph or a few sentences that stands out and accomplishes the following results:
    1. They Lure Replies. The best comments are those that require thought and a reply.  The worst comments are those that don’t.  Asking a relevant question is a great way to do this.  Comparing the topic to a similar situation and asking for feedback is another.
    2. The Lure Clicks.Click bait is a popular term because it works.  When you use CommentLuv you will be able to promote your recent posts or even pages that you want people to see. The titles that you choose are the LINK BAIT.  People will click once you leave a comment that catches their eyes.  Example:  What I learned from the butt naked underwear campaign.   How I over came my fear of bedtime monsters at 33.  
    3. They Build notoriety and recognition.  When you do this right you will get recognized. Successful people respect consistency it won’t happen over night but ONE day you will notice people know who you are.  This is a great way to network.  Not only are you getting a link back to your site you are also introducing yourself to another BLOGGER and their AUDIENCE.  Both of these things is extremely valuable.
  3. Submit Regular Guest Posts.  Using Your Online Business Search write a guest post that adheres to the blogs rules and regulations.  Send a guest post to the smaller blogs to get your feet wet then as time passes send guest posts to bigger and bigger blogs until you are writing for problogger or one of the other top blogs in the #IBCT.  I’ll tell you up front that I have gained results myself without submitting ANY guest posts.  I have been fortunate in that respect however I am now focused on growing to the next level for 2013 so you will see some guest posts coming soon.
  4. Share you activities on Google+.  I’m not saying I’m just saying.  Google self promotes.  There is no better way to put it.  I have noticed time and time again they will return You-Tube, Blogger.com posts, and even now I’m noticing GooglePlus posts in search results.  This means you need to get your content in the main stream.  Once you have published an article or posted a comment make sure you share a link on GooglePlus.  I can’t tell you that this has a scientific effect I’m just say it works.  I get traffic every month to my sites from Googleplus.  This is how I do it.



  • Use Your Online Business Search and the CommentLuv search engine.  Another cool feature about this premium plugin is you get access to the search engine of all the blogs currently using CommentLuv.  Use the instructions from Your Online Business Search to get the best results from the CommentLuv search engine.
  • Network systematically and habitually to reach your goal.  Unlike the television which only wants you to sit down and do nothing.  When you create a habitual system of promoting your websites with the idea of networking in mind you will be blown away with the results.  Just remember consistency is the key.  People are more interested in talking to someone they feel comes around often.  You know how “regulars” are treated at local places.  This should be your goal, become a regular. 
OK that’s enough of me.  Post any questions you may have below and I’ll follow up with the quickness.  Thanks
Darnell Jackson
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