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Your Online Business Plan – Step 2. Choosing your Niche.

2. Choosing your Niche.

Where will you fit in to the marketplace? Niche Website Success. Is the best guide I have found on helping people find the niche that will work . You have to know why you are unique and what is so special that people should listen to you. It is important you know what to consider when choosing your niche. You say you are passionate but can you generate article after article covering this topic? If not maybe its not the best niche for you. Remember, people are multi faceted like diamonds so we have expertise in many things usually.

What separates you from the crowd. What unique value do you add that will change the game? Why are you remarkable? What is such a big deal about what you are trying to do versus your competitors. If you have truly found a niche first there should be very few or really no competitors when you get started. If you research and time it just right you’ll be the only website with the angle you are offering. The market will flock to this if it is something interesting. You have to be humble in the product development area, this is where you have to be objective and be able to call it like it is. If it’s not working and you keep dumping in money how do you think it will end? The hit TV shows on television are filmed with the money saved from cancelling lame shows from previous seasons. Always go with quality first no negotiation. Make it hot.

I always recommend this website to people because it is a great example of a successful niche website. It’s about bringing people who once were in love back together. I am a huge fan of love I just think that people should really try to make it work if they can it’s a beautiful thing, it really is what you make of it people. Make it hot.

Important Niche Considerations:

a) Avoid stiff competition. Do not go into the how to make money online niche. There are way too many highly popular competitors, plus you haven’t made any money online yet. You don’t want to come off like the marketing clowns with their fantastic claims. Who do these guys really think they’re fooling? Yeah right you can learn how to make $500/day from a $5 eBook, yeah sure.

b) Go with what you are known for. Ask the people closest to you what one word would they use to describe you to other people. What skill do people call you for help with. What is an interest that you have that is very helpful for people? What do you know everything about that other people want to learn? Can you juggle? Sing? Conduct successful scientific experiments? What’s your thing?

c) Use your reputation. What expertise do you posses? Are you certified or licensed to do something that lots of people would be interested in? TruckLicense.net is a good example of this. Don’t choose this unless you are passionate about it though, it can be boring to hear someone post about, their job.

d) Learn from successful people.  Don’t spend months on something that you could have learned in one week.  Time is more valuable than money.



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