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Your Online Business Plan – Step 3. Building content.

3. Building content.

Hello world check out what I’ve baked in the oven. At this point just do your thing as straight and honest as you can. Know that you are not a ten year vet so don’t worry about too much just create and be inspired. As time goes by learn about split testing and how to measure the statistics of your content. To start you want to focus on your passion and how it is a benefit to other people. Why should I want to visit your website? What will I gain from visiting? What is your paln to make your weaknesses strengths? Fair or unfair it can and has to be done.

Sally Hogshead is a shinning example of this. I love to see people overcome the foolishness and negativity. The best revenge is success.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Your content is an extension of you. Its like sitting next to someone on the bus or a flight and having an interesting conversation. What do you have to say and why is it interesting? People have problems, please stop before you start if you want to post about your problems. Don’t start any blog or website talking about the difficulties in your life. Talk about solutions, ideas, dreams, goals, etc. This is where the long term money is, yeah you can probably make some money doing some spammy bull-crap for a short time, but because everyone hates spam and bots, over time you will loose. Especially compared to a natural growing and maturing website. Think long term.

Design is very important. Many professional bloggers I have found use thesis as a very popular professional blogging platform. It has many features that have become standard in the world of internet marketing. thesisawesome is the #1 premium upgrade of the thesis platform that has gained tons of popularity with professional internet marketers worldwide. People want options in design. This is important but don’t over do it. I always advise my clients if you have $1000 to spend don’t spend more than $500 on your website design. Spend the balance on promotion for your website. This is the hardest point to get across to people getting started. They have it hard coded in their minds that they need some flashy intro movie with stuff flying and moving all over the place. You can do this but the only person that will win is the designer you’re paying to build your website. You would come out much better investing that money in other places to benefit your online business.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  Is one area that you don’t need to spend too much time on.  Some people spend all their time on SEO trying to game the system instead of building great content.  Long term even the most scientifically optimized SEO tactics won’t work so focus on natural organic content.  Google and all search engines can separate over tweeked websites from those that people really are looking for.  You want to be the genuine destination so keep it real.

Where to put your keyword is all you really need to know about SEO.  Once you choose your keyword try to use it when you can in the following places:

  • Page URL, Page Title,  Heading tags (H1, H2, H3)
  • First Sentence, Last Sentence
  • Alt image tag
  • Anchor text Link to internal page, Anchor text Link to an External Authority site
  • Used on pages with 400+ words of content.

Use this as a guide only.  If you did this on every page your website would be silly looking just know these are the places that the search engines look for keywords so if your keyword is placed in these locations then it will potentially have a higher chance of getting found, just use common sense.


About Writing:  Recently Brian Clark from copyblogger dropped this GEM of advise on building/writing great content.  This is something that people just overlook. In order to excel at anything you must work at it.  Consistency is the key.  Instead of browsing the internet.  Get writing.  The more you write the better you will get at it.   Your readers will notice.  Thanks for the tip Brian I told you I’d share it with my online “peeps” ;-)


Important Site build considerations:

a) Hire a pro or DIY?  I like to compare this to home renovation.  Some people have no problem with do it yourself projects some people struggle and never even get the work done.  You need to be honest with your self and get help if you need it.  Technology is very frustrating if you don’t know what your doing.

b) Use proven tools with support.  Products like SBI are extremely popular with professional and beginner online entrepreneurs.  Site build it comes with everything you need to start a new performing website right out of the box.  How successful and popular is this tool? Well professionals like Lisa Irby have been using it for years, it’s also one of the top 500 websites in the world.  This should tell you how effective this product really is.  If you want a turn key solution with everything you need to be successful included from A to Z use Site build it.

Important Design Considerations:

a) Keep it simple. The most sophisticated design is a simple one. You should put the most emphasis on capturing emails as this will be the source of your regular website traffic. Grow your own audience. Don’t think people care enough to wait for your fancy images to load. Use a simple design that loads fast.

More people these days are choosing an all in one design and marketing platform Ken Evoy’s website is in the top 700 in the world for a reason. Find out why>>>

b) Capture leads. What ever you do make sure you build your website subscriber list. This is the life blood of your traffic. People approach website promotion the wrong way. You must cultivate your base audience. What ever you do make sure capturing email addresses is priority #1.

c) Place ads in the header. Adsense, affiliate banners, or ads you have sold direct yourself. You can also link to your ebook or product you have developed. If you use Adsense this will help you earn money off of clicks. Remember, the website should earn you money.

d) Use design themes.  Don’t spend extra money on a custom site unless you really have the budget.  You want your website to make money not just cost you. Here are the most popular and recommended design themes:

Important Content Considerations:

a) Write eBooks, Reports, and Special Offers. Condense the best ten tips or features you have to offer or you have found effective and offer it to your subscribers. You can also write reports on how something is going in your niche. Info-graphics are an excellent way to tell a story quickly and in an interesting way they just don’t do that well on SEO.

b) Interview key individuals. You can call individuals in your niche an ask ten questions then take notes and post it online. Include pictures about the person you are interviewing and provide details on why they are important for your readers. You will be surprised the impact this will have on the person you interview. They will now have motivation to refer people to you because you mentioned them. This is motivation this is how it works.

c) Video. The future is video. Know that people are lazy and don’t really want to read all your posts. People want to  watch a video if it is interesting and gets right to the point. You will only get better the more you record.

d) Podcasting.  This is like radio it works because people can listen and do something else productive.  This is a strength that podcasts have over videos.  They don’t need all of your attention to be effective just your ears.  If you can make your podcast interesting with original music then people will really follow it.  iTunes is the most popular podcast service its amazing how many of the top bloggers now have podcasts. Scared to do video?  You may be made for radio.


How a mall can help you build for success.

Multi-splash pages are good for split testing as well as creating multiple entrances to your website.  Think about a Mall they have multiple entrances.  They have entrances at the large department stores.  They have entrances near the food courts and in other places situated by certain stores.  Here’s how you can do the same with your website.

1. Create a page for each primary keyword and a corresponding landing or splash page.

Website.com/Keyword1  example  TruckLicense.net/GetCDL

# Duplicate as needed and measure compare the performance and tweak as needed.

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    I recommend: Mojo, Woothemes
    Used by A rated #IBCT Bloggers: Thesis + ThesisAwesome
    Professional: Site Build it

    + Dropped GEM:
    To Get Subscribers I used Multiple Landing pages

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