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Your Online Business Plan – Step 4. Connect with people.

4. Connect with people.

Social media is a given at this point but I always recommend not over doing it because you do not own twitter, or Facebook or even You-Tube for that matter. You don’t want to get in a position of dependence on any platform this is the lesson learned from many an internet marketer smacked down by a change in Goolge’s search algorithm. How many stories are there of people who’s website ranked #1 and then there was a change and now they are not ranked so their traffic and income is gone.

If you are dead broke then you have no option, get started on social media with affiliate links but if you can buy a domain and start collecting email addresses. This is where the money is. The top bloggers capture leads with great tools like Opt in skin. These tools are the latest in lead generation technology and marketing techniques. Now personally I’m not into pop up ads but the professionals who use Popup Domination swear by it and the performance and product sales speaks for itself. Glen Allsopp’s Opt in Skin is a super cool product that takes your email capture process to another level. You want options in how your contact form looks, displays and captures? Opt in Skin has it times a thousand. This product is one that will pay for itself as it will make the idea of submitting an email address an attractive one to your visitors.

Traffic.  You must build an email list in order to maintain consistent traffic long term.  Competition or a change in search engine algorithms could cause your rankings for a keyword to change.  This can be costly, make it a point to always build your email list.  Make sure it is in place right away so when you get spikes in traffic from the methods below you can keep them coming back as you contact your subscribers directly.  It’s not how much money you make its about how much you keep.  Its not how many visitors you have its how many come back.


Free Traffic

  1. Classified posts example Craigslist ads.
  2. Guest post articles on other blogs.
  3. Adding quality comments on other blogs.
  4. Social media networks.
    1. Twitter.  Post and re-post regularly.  John Paul has the best Twitter guide I’ve seen.  Dude has over 100k followers with no BS, bots, scams, or tactics.
    2. Google+.  Guy K’s book is the most popular on mastering Google plus.  He actually gave me a free copy I read it and it is definitely worth buying.  If you want to dominate Google plus learn from the Guy in more circles than anyone.
    3. Facebook.  I recommend Fassail’s FaceBook Marketing Guide.  Best guide on the web recommended by #IBCT champ and Problogger Hesham Zebida.
    4. Stumble Upon, Linked-In, Tumbr, etc.
  5. YouTube – Use the youtube keyword tool.  Thanks Lisa Irby. Post videos with one title to lure subscribers then change it later to optimize the latest trends. Post video responses of popular videos within 48 hours of the day the video comes out.  Always embed published videos on pages,  furst on main page, then secondary and web 2.0 properties.  Ask people to rate the video using annotations if needed.  Create playlists and use keywords in the names of the playlists, they can be found in search results.
  6. Secondary web site properties and web 2.0 websites
  7. Article directory submission.  Create articles around 300 words long or the minimum that the top article directories websites will accept.  You’ll get twice the backlinks writing two 300 word articles than one 600 word article.  Do not use your keywords in the title as this will create competition for your website that you really want to rank #1.  Instead use sensational title’s that will draw readers.  Try to catch people’s eye.  Use two links in your resource box point one to your home page and the other to a CALL-TO-ACTION or other link on your website.


 Paid Traffic.

  1. Understand the BIG picture of commercial content marketing.  *chart above by LUMA Partners.
  2. Google Adwords campaign
  3. Purchase ads direct on websites or use websites like buysellads.com
  4. Article Syndication.
  5. Sponsored Tweets – pay for your site to be retweeted
  6. Social media ads #1 Youtube #2 Facebook #3 Twitter
  7. Offline promotion.  Run television print, radio, tv ads.
  8. Develop product and submit to clickbank marketplace
  9. Place a job ad on problgger.net.  Example: Hire a writer for $25/article then publish these articles as guest posts.  You can also post a job for an unpaid guest writer. Example.
  10. Guerrilla marketing.  Get creative and follow applicable laws as best as you can based on your understanding.  Use “Bandit signs” or road signs, Bumper stickers, flyers, business cards, etc.
  11. Host a Contest.  If planned carefully this can result in dramatic traffic and engagement.  Your contest will cost you some money though the better the prize the more enticing to visitors.


Important considerations for making connections:

a) Encourage comments on your website. There are different levels of success that you will encounter in your growth. You will start with nothing then get  a few visitors then a few subscribers then eventually some of your followers will comment on your posts. This is a very big indicator of success. If people are willing to post comments then you know they are engaged so you want to keep moving in that direction. It will be obvious which posts are most popular so continue these ideas. Make additional follow up posts, interview people in the field on the topic, use your creativity. Make it hot using tools like commentluv to encourage a lively discussion and give your visitors comments a link automatically as a reward for joining the discussion.

b) Share posts on social media. Don’t forget your subscribers! You want to save some exclusive content and bonuses only for them. However you can post public items to your blog that you can then share on on the social media accounts. This can be done automatically from wordpress to your twitter and facebook accounts. [Plugin Link.] Also use social sharing tools on your posts so that readers can share your articles. Some people may share or like a post and not leave a comment on your website.

c) Keep it natural. Don’t give in to the urge to start posting like crazy it will not make your twitter or facebook account connect the way you want it to. Think about your website like a jewlery store. Does it do any good to have every person in the mall come into your store? You should put the most focus on WHO you are attracting. Remember if your website is designed for middle age adults then your content and marketing strategy should reflect that. Always choose quality over quantity and focus on your target audience. This will grow your base and build trust with your readers.

d) Pre-launch.  The goal is to have people looking out for your website before its available.  People want most what they can’t have.  This is basically what Hollywood does with movie marketing.  So connect with people while you are developing your site and tell people the launch is coming soon.  Then when you launch send an email to your subscribers first so they can give you your first website clicks.  This same strategy works for product releases also.  All the best internet marketers use this technique.  It what Hollywood does promoting its movies we love.


Get Media Attention

Build relationships with the biggest brands in your niche.

  1. Go to the places where the conversations are already happening and add value with your unique perspective and point of view.
  2. Focus on writing excellent headlines
  3. Want Help?  Seek out to help people in the industry even if they don’t ask you.
    1. http://www.helpareporter.com/
    2. http://reporterconnection.com/



Connection & Link Building F.A.Q.s:

  1. Focus on content building not link building.  Building links back to your website just for the sake of a link is a good way to get punished by the next Google Panda or Penguin search-engine algorithm update.  What’ animal will they name the next one?  Check out this article I agree with Kevin Gibbons, Content marketing is a better strategy.
  2. How Many Links should I build?  In short you need more backlinks than your competition has.  Quality counts more than quantity though.  However, starting in 2013 I recommend you think about earning links instead of just building links.  You can earn an unlimited number of links without any penalty from Google while “building” too many links could get you penalized.  Check this out this presentation:
  3. Count your links. Use webmaster tools to verify your progress.  This is why quality matters so much.  Links from crappy spam sites won’t get found by webmaster tools.
  4. What’s the easiest way to connect with people?
    1. Build an email subscriber list.
    2. Use the Commentluv plugin.
    3. Create eBooks out of your content.
    4. Create DVD’s from your videos.Use  Kunaki.com to distribute.
    5. Create an Amazon kindle, ibook versions of your ebook.
    6. Monitor Keywords on the social networks. (YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest) Use this as a motivation for article titles or replies to ongoing discussion.



Recently Steve Pavlina dropped this GEM of advise on getting quality traffic to your website on Google+.  I first came across Steve’s blog when I reviewed his website stevepavlina.com for the IBCT.  Check out what he said:

Posting content on a site with no traffic is not good marketing. If you have no traffic, post your content on other sites. Go where the traffic is.

Before I had much web traffic, I had my first dozen or so articles published in a software newsletter that went out to about 1000 developers. Later I added an archives page to my games website, so people could find all the articles in one place.

Once those archives started getting some decent traffic, I started my blog.

From writing my first article to starting my blog took 5 years, but it wasn’t a full-time pursuit. After that I posted all new content on my blog since I had already built a small following for my work by posting it elsewhere first.

If you start a new blog and only post your content there, who’s going to see it? You need to put your content where some eyeballs are. Once people are interested in hearing more from you, then you can refer them to your website and post all your new content there.

If you have no traffic, I’d recommend posting about 50% of your content on your own site and 50% of it off site (with a link back to your main site).

I also used this strategy to build traffic to my games website more than a decade ago. I uploaded free demos to hundreds of software and game download sites. They had the traffic; I didn’t. Those free demos referred people back to my website, and soon I had plenty of traffic coming in. To this day, some of those old game demos from the 90s are still sending me fresh traffic.

Plant some seeds! Don’t be selfish with your content.

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