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Your Online Business Plan – Step 5. Follow up.

5. Follow up.

If you build it they will come is not exactly how it works. Its more like if you don’t build it they can’t come. You have to understand what your online business will offer its viewers. Increase value with content updates, free stuff, subscriber bonuses, and finally sales offers. Passive or direct.

I recommend a passive approach because it is more realistic most people don’t respond positively to high pressure sales, this is why car dealerships advertise “no pressure sales”. Pop up ads are like those people who used to spray cologne and perfume on people as they walked through department stores. Its presumptuous to think that its ok to spray someone with cologne just because they walked into a store. This is the impression I get from pop up ads but there are so many marketers who swear by them and promise they work for them. Its up to you but just know that people are not going to buy anything from you in the beginning they don’t even know who you are. This is why its important to get to know them before you offer them stuff to buy.

Telling people you haven’t met what your doing is a form of follow up. You should think of your website as a big tent and you want to make it nice and large enough to fit everyone under it. The goal is to get the your unique message out to as many people in your topic as possible. Yes you need to stay in your topic area if you can this will increase your impact; if your topic is skateboard trucks then your conversion rate will be higher around young males than cougar women.

#Important follow up considerations. Below I list the means of how to go about your online business follow up. However, It is extremely important to review what you are doing periodically. Look for incremental ways to improve and take action. Don’t get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done just make incremental improvements. Have you ever noticed how successful brands eventually change their logos and renovate their buildings. This is the same idea, keep your eye on your online business keep it fresh. Make it hot.

a) Email Marketing.

Use FeedBurner for free then go to Aweber for professional results. If you have the budget start off with Aweber and skip the upgrade step. What ever you do make sure you don’t try to sell stuff to your email subscribers more than once every 5 emails you send them. A good method is to send five content updates then one product offer and one follow up email. Then repeat the 5 content emails again. Space all emails by no less than 3 days. Send emails to arrive at 7-9am.

The emails can be scheduled with wordpress/feedburner or you can use aweber to send out emails automatically. What every you do make sure your emails are uniquely written and not just canned bland buy now offers. I think this is what turns people off to email marketing. Keep all your content fresh, staying in tune with the seasons is a good way to do this. Refresh your content for the seasons and cross reference content with current events this will draw more interest.

b) Social Media.

Create accounts for your domain name in each of the most popular networks. Create a link in your profile back to your main website. Now create a use for each individual network so that value is added. Don’t just post everything from your website onto all of your social media accounts. Find a purpose for each if you can. Build the discussion. Also follow up in a consistent way whenever you get activity. Some people send thank you tweets after someone follows them. I will re-tweet something interesting you have tweeted if you follow @FreedomMMC. Follow me and you’ll likely get a re-tweet this is what I do on twitter. The goal is to find your own way to thank those who are supporting you. It will grow your connection.

Twitter: Use for daily updates and postings about what is happening n the news right now.

Facebook: Tell compelling stories about accomplishments and difficulties that you experienced and overcame.

Google+: Ask people for their opinion, get free reviews of your website, be the first to provide funny feedback.

You-Tube: Find your inner director. You can get very creative here the sky is the limit. Review, comments

Pinterest: Take pictures and post with comments. Use your own creations though there is a copyright concern on this site so only post your original content.

#Remember to create real conversations. Don’t blast spam, poop in poop out.

c) Web 2.0 properties

Claim as many of these properties as you can. Set them up to receive content from your main website via RSS. I recommend posting only summaries of your articles that way people who are reading can follow on to your main site for the rest of the article. The goal is always to get the reader back to your main website. You can also include email subscription forms as well. Once they confirm their email they will be redirected to your main website.


d) Collaboration

Guest Posting. Write unique articles specifically for another websites audience. This is the hottest way to get traffic right now on the internet. It makes lots of sense when you think about it. Lets say your website is about custom motorcycle helmets and you find a blog about motorcycles. Wouldn’t it make sense to write a cool article about motorcycles and submit to the motorcycle website? When its posted you will get a link back to your motorcycle helmet website and these readers are definitely interested in your niche. This is how you make real progress on the internet.

Comment Posting. Add something of value to the conversation. If you do this right it can work like a mini guest post. What has worked best for me is to post comments with questions related to the article. I’m usually interested in what motivated the writer. However your approach remember the goal is to instigate lively conversation related to the topic. If you do this effectively you will be remembered and this will help you if you come back and submit a guest post.

???Unknown??????. Use your creativity to come up with new unique never before heard of ideas. I created the #IBCT because I had never heard about any blog championship tournament and I though it would be cool. I also wanted to figure out who was the best blogger in the world. It turned out to be a good way to interact with some of the most successful online marketers in the world. It was a tremendous amount of work but it worked.


e) Article Marketing

I understand there are plenty of people on warriorforum.com who say article marketing is dead. Regardless, I recommend you post the articles that did not get published by your guest posts submissions to the top article directories. This is a good way to win even when it appears you lost. Whenever you submit a guest post and it is not published just take it and submit it to the top article directories. Each article submission will provide a link or two back to your website. This is a good way to turn a negative into a positive. Its also good for your SEO. What was a disappointing result is now good content for your article directory account and another link to your website.


Getting to the Money.


 Ask for the Sale.

And know what is possible.  People underestimate the power of knowing what you want and asking for it.  You have to understand that people aren’t going to give you money right away.  You have to focus at first on making a really nice impression and providing value.  Follow up per your plan and ask for the sale without overwelming your leads.  Nobody wants to be pestered to buy something and everyone knows you don’t get pestered to buy the stuff that’s actually cool, ie iPhone.


Here is another GEM  Steve Pavillia dropped on Google plus.  I agree with it personally from my own experience:

“Don’t try to make more money; that doesn’t work well. Focus on providing more value, and money will conspire to reach you.”


This is so true in everything related to business fundamentals.  If you were selling lemonade then how much more could you easily charged by increasing the value of your lemonade.  You could improve your cups or straws or ice or flavor.  These things alone increase the actual value of what you have.  The money then has a higher chance of being made because money follows value.

If you want to sell a house everyone knows that you will have a higher chance to sell and get higher offers based on the amenities your property has.  Does your house have central heat and air?   What about a pool or a hot tub?  Granite counter tops, stainless appliances, all these things add value.

So the trick is figuring out how to provide more value here’s some tips:

  1. Use polls or pose questions in your posts.  Ask your visitors what they want then give it to them.
  2. Customize your content.  Steer your content, ads, affiliate offers in the direction of their interests.  Based on the performance of your blog.  What content is most popular?  Move in this direction.

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    1. Add reviews to your website with AutherHreview
    2. Get with a training class until you are comfortable

    DROPPED GEM: How I pay my bills online.
    a. Provide what people are already looking for.
    b. Publish free and paid ebooks
    c. Place PPC ads in your content & header
    d. be meticulous and tenacious about quality and conssitency

    Coming Soon: How to publish an eBook that Sells
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